Subject: Bob's lookin out for rescue folk

From: Rev.Geo <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2001 3:18 PM
Message-ID: <YD7o7.7364$>

Just heard this morining that 5 fire fighters were found in an SUV, all alive,
and they walked away after being buried for two days. Here's to hoping that all
our New York SubGenii got away OK. Here in Clevelandia, we've had multiple bomb
threats from inane fucks who think it's funny to make hundreds of kids evacuate
schools, and to make federal buildings empty out up to six times a day. PRABOB
for these idiots to be on the wrong end of a speeding beer truck or the painful
end of a roto-rooter anal probe. Hope y'all are doing well...


Rev. Geo

"Madness exacts a heavy toll, please have exact change."

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