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From: "Byron Werner" <hotwire@d2.com>

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 17:37:25 -0700

Now, I know everybody wants to do something to help out in this current situation. Here's a couple of things that occurred to me that might be helpful:

Go to an Arab-American owned business and be as courteous and friendly as you possibly can. Buy some stuff. Buy a lot of stuff. Show them that just because SOME Americans might be racist bastards, we ALL aren't. And don't limit it to Arab-American businesses, either. Many, many groups will get smeared with the racist brush: everyone from the Greeks to the Sri Lankans will be suspected of being "one of THEM" and will see their business drastically fall off.

Go to the movies, theaters, and amusement parks. While we all enjoy and count on these businesses being there when we're ready for some entertainment, these businesses will be taking a bath financially for quite a while. Help 'em out. Keep 'em going. It's not like it's gonna hurt you.

This goes for the Airlines, too. Don't be afraid to fly. You wanna let some jerk with a BOXCUTTER destroy our airlines? We all have to help to keep these businesses afloat.

Spend money. Keep our economy afloat. Don't let panic and fear cripple our economy. Keep the lifelines flowing for the families of America. Everyone's gotta earn a living. Help 'em out.

These may seem trite, but in a very personal way, this is a way you can directly PARTICIPATE in the Healing.


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