Subject: Wanna have some fun?

From: (Legume)
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Date: Mon, Sep 24, 2001 3:48 PM
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Rev. Ivan Stang wrote:

> In article <Xns91262C31CFA2CortezLegume18465086@>, Legume
><> wrote:
>> Go over to and llok for the posts from
>> "Mr.Snuggles".
>> There's a great "America and God VS the athiests" patriotic flame war
>> about to begin there.
> Bring us back the hides and display 'em here!

Here's a lovely sample from "Mr.Snuggles", who no doubt paid his 30 bucks.

Subject: Re: Prayer for our Country-Please Read
From: (Mr.Snuggles)

Compliments of Forte Inc. wrote:

> Now I guess its time to put in my 2 cents worth: To be brief this
> country (USA) was founded on a strong belief in God .

America wasn't FOUNDED at all. It was STOLEN.

Further, America was discovered during a time when there was a strong
belief that the Earth was flat. That wasn't true, either. There's a big
difference between what you've been taught and what's true.

Just because some bunch of primitive superstitious screwheads believed some
dorky fairy tale 230-odd years ago doesn't make them RIGHT. People back
then were mostly ignorant, illiterate, and superstitious.

They believed tomatoes were poisonous and that black people were farm
animals to be bought and sold. They believed that their "God" supported
their slaughter of the Native Americans under the American expansionist
ideology of Manifest Destiny, which said that it was the God-given right of
all United States citizens to take land, including land occupied by
Mexicans and Indians.

>the right to be
> free and worship as we please,

Well, right there you shoot yourself in the foot. You have the right to "be
free and worship as you please", but if I don't believe in God I'm a
"narrow minded JACKASS". Well FUCK YOU, JUNIOR, I AM an American, and I
served in the United States Army as a light weapons infantryman.

What have YOU done for your country other than EMBARRASS yourself publicly
with your stupid "I believe in Santa" bullshit?

>So for a narrow minded JACKASS to
> state "Its time to stop playing with your invisible from the sky", is
> the ramblings of a "dumass"

That's "Dumbass".
> Look at your money, "In God We Trust", this whole nation is founded on
> a belief in GOD.

So fucking what?

>In closing if we as Americans don't beleive in God,
> we're no better than the bastards that carried out the attact.

It was the terrorists' belief in God that made them attack us in the first
place. It was their endless fight for the HOLY LAND that started this shit
in the first place. And being Christian doesn't make you BETTER. The NAZIS
were Christians, the Spanish Inquisition was committed by Christians, shit,
if every drop of blood ever spilled for your bloodthirsty God were to flow
over the land today, it would be as deep as horse's heads.

Your two cents worth isn't even worth that much, sonny. Turn off your TV,
read a fucking history book, and stop believing everything you're told.

If there's ANYONE here who's not a good American, it's YOU. A GOOD American
does what's right and just, and exercises his freedom to QUESTION AUTHORITY
when it seems like someone in power is doing something wrong. The reason
that people worldwide HATE Americans so much is because of ignorant yahoos
like YOU suck up every LIE you're told without question.

Now go rejoin the herd before you scratch your nose on the barbed wire.


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