ARISE! Now Showing in DivX; London Devival

 Rev. Stang

To commemorate ARISE!'s rebirth on DVD, we are immediately shooting ourselves in the foot and posting it for free on alt.binaries.monter-movies.

We are also posting a near-DVD quality MPEG movie (SVCD compliant) of the LONDON 2003 DEVIVAL short film, edited by Rev. ERRor -- to commemorate:

which is being held THIS WEEKEND, Saturday March 6!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  it's not It's alt.binaries.MONTER-movies. No S in MONTER. It's carried by the large Usenet newsgroup services like Giganews and Newsguy. Might or might not be carried by your local ISP, but it can be carried, if you ask for it from "support."

We decided to take over that old, abandoned movies newsgroup because it was a stash for bulldada movies and badfilm in the first place, and because that retarded, mistaken spelling of "monster" is a CLEAR MESSAGE FROM "BOB" that this is the right newsgroup for us to use.

We're not using our usual stash for pictures and sound, alt.binaries.slack, because there are so many little wheeny whiny crybaby pussy-wussy boys on alt.binaries.slack who HATE movies to be posted there -- presumably they still don't know or want to know how to download a free newsreader program from I'm assuming they still use browsers like Netscape or Explorer to view Usenet newsgroups. (No offense to the self-blinding, pig-ignorant sissy-wissy SubGenius boys who can't handle the same technology that TINY HUMAN INFANTS master easily. I really don't mean to put anybody down.)

Of course, if you're not on some kind of fast DSL or cable Internet connection, these movies would take you a couple of days each to download, so for you this is all moot. And that's another reason we post the giant files outside of alt.binaries.slack. We DO have mercy on those who can but mewl and puke. And that's also one reason why ARISE is available on VHS or DVD (or VCD!) from

The version of ARISE! that I posted is a DivX avi movie, about 580 mb in size (fits on a CDR), 88 minutes long including the X-Day ad at the end  and the Church Commercial as a "preview." All the most common movie players for Windows or Mac will play it. The player might have to automatically fetch a codec from

There are LONG and DETAILED HOW-TO INSTRUCTIONS for movie-newsgroup newbies in the "NFO" text file that I posted with ARISE. (You'll have to scroll down past the ASCII Dobbsheads and movie description.)


I also posted my old claymation porno short, "Reproduction Cycle Among Lower Life Forms Under the Rocks of Mars," a classroom documentary from the future which shows what the Spirit and Opportunity landers are filming RIGHT NOW with their electron micro-cameras, but not sharing with us. This is a 12 minute film, turned into a VCD-compliant MPEG. (It's also Part One of the feature-length compilation, "PRE-DOBBS STANGFILMS," which is also on DVD.)

More about the London Devival Sat. May 6