Drill Ride Board

X-Day Drill Ride Board Rolling Along

From: DynaSoar@YGRI.net (Doktor DynaSoar)
Date: 12 Jun 1997 04:09:05 -0400
Organization: Yetii Genetii Research InstiToot
X-SubGenius: yes
X-Slack: $1, "Bob", PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214
X-Day: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 07:00:00
X-No-Archive: yes


Lots of names up there, lots of folks hooked up with each other,
lots of folks still needing it.

If you're going, check it out. If you're driving, see if there's anyone
even a state away from your path and see if they can get themselves to
where you're driving. If they can't handle a couple hours by bus for
"Bob", no need to feed them faith, right?

I'm getting phone calls also. Not all these people have e-mail, so
obviously some are not hip to the jive which is alt.slack. Don't let
that stop you. Spend a quarter or two on a phone call to help a fellow
yeti, you cheapskate. And all you people without net access, call me and
give me your number so I can put it up on the ride board. But since you
can't read this, nyah nyah, you're a poopie head. HAH.

All drivers: use the board to hook up with other drivers along the
routes so you can caravan. You scoff now. Some who do it will have
breakdowns and will have help right there. Other will not do it and will
have no help when they break down. NHGH promises this. You are warned.

I haven't heard from anyone flying other than Sven. Unless I do so very
soon, there won't be time to collect 10 names and feed them to US Air
for group discounts. Sure, a travel agent can do better. NOW. You wait
much longer and they can't, and I can't reserve these prices much
longer. Not prices so much as discount off of whatever the lowest fair
going is. At this point we need all 10 names because Sven is coming from
Japan and these are domestic group discount prices.

I've never promised to arrange anything. I've done some anyway. I still
don't promise to. Don't wait for me and don't count on me. Get your own
damn self to the web site and start making connections. Go on, git.

(@ @)\DynaSoar\___, Doktor DynaSoar Iridium, Scienfictiontologist
ll ll Yetii Genetii Research InstiToot, Somedamnwhere, VA
Clench of The One True Pipe Dream, ElectroChurch of the SubGenius
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