BobCo MahJongg

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Kill Time and "Bob" with one tile.
Play BobCo MahJongg and while away your
Slack Time meditating on the iconography
that is BobCo!

For those of you that have never played
MahJongg, it is a simple yet addictive
escape from reality. You'll find youself
saying, "Ok, one more game then that's it.
Ok, ONE more game and THAT'S IT!"

BobJongg.jpg is a screen capture that shows
the beauty and luster of the BobCo MahJongg

bobco.tls is the actual BobCo MahJongg
Tile Set.

To use the BobCo MahJongg Tile Set:

Download the FREE "Moraff's MoreJongg" from:

After you install and open the game, use
the "Tilesets" menu to locate the bobco.tls
tile set in whatever folder you put it.

There are several backgrounds available, or
you can use any screen size image. (!?)

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