Beliefnet SubGenius Group Up

From: nu-monet <>

Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, May 1, 2000 1:12 PM

We are in.

I got bragging rites.

Go ahead, tell me off.


Subject: Re: Beliefnet SubGenius Group Up
From: nu-monet <>

Name: PopeBlack wrote:
> >
> damn you beat me too it.

You are now *obligated* to post the info about your
soon-to-be-held SPECTACULAR. If for no other reason
than to rub it in the faces of those heathens.

Subject: phooeey!
From: nu-monet <>

Aw, cmon. Ain't anybody religious no more?

Clearly, alt.slack has gone to hell.

Which happens periodically.

Or, you can visit the home of the Phoenix SubGenius Clench #1:

Subject: Re: phooeey!
From: "negative zero" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, May 18, 2000 1:05 AM
Message-ID: <8fvtpm$jd6$>

> Ain't anybody religious no more?
> Clearly, alt.slack has gone to hell.

"Hell" is a creation of religion. Think of us as "Bob's" missionaries,
trying to bring a little slack to those poor overworked hellbeasts, demons,
and goblins. Or, think of it as going home for the holidays. I believe that
Hell has a Yeti embassy, as well as an **adorable** gift shop. (They've got
Satan beanie-babies, AND "Hell froze over" snowglobes!) It'll be great. Buck
up, kiddo.

(Btw, that'll be $10, sir.)

> Which happens periodically.

Things are sure to "heat up" in the coming months, don't worry. It'll be a
"hotbed" of "fervent" religious discussion, with more than a few
"flamewars". Just you wait.

- negative zero

Subject: Re: phooeey!
From: nu-monet <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack

I want to create a new and improved SubGenius Hell, a real
nasty one, with me in charge. I figure on making my new
Hell an unbelievably NICE place.
Nothing sharp or dangerous, no loud noises or sudden
movements, no arguments, hatred, greed, spicy food, alcohol,
tobacco or drugs, TeeVee or movies, or public speaking.
Love without lust, cooperation not competition, matte
pastels and really fresh marshmallows. Nerf paddleball.
No math ever. Lots of encounter groups with even less
to talk about. Deamon police in non-threatening outfits
who ask you, "How do you feel?", before giving you a
gentle hug.
No garbage.

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