He's right, it's scary. You do need to stand back to see it.

A sign from "Bob?""

>Lord and Lady,

>Call me wacko, stupid, dumb, but "Bob" jumped out at me while reading this post. I don't know if it was due to my screen colors or my font settings and size, but I see "Bob" in this post. A funny mix of characters and whitespace. I'll mask out some of the text so it will be easier to see.

>>New Products
>>Two new products one completed one almost finished.
>>rs: "Bob" on a psyc
>>d, and a Static Stic
>>d that sticks to a w
>>f and used again. B
>>e will hold up to ra
>>ckers. These are ea
>>ins: Not a lot of i
>>with "Bob" and "Achi
>>ound $5. Not yet av
>>ere is rumor of a bl
>>ed "Bob". I have th
>>ack to perfect the "
>>I think that's all for now...... except for some TRUTH! 

>Do you see the pipe and face? Maybe you have to stand back a little bit to view it. Surely you see it, the pipe is where the lower "Bob" is located. Tell me you see it and what I see is not some flash back from all the hallucigen I have done.

>Rev. Micheal

Rev. J.C. "Steve" Bevilacqua
Business Manager, Sleazy Promoter
The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
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