Gallery O Slack in Alpha World

From: Zachary Carleton <>

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 10:40:46 -0600

The program is Alpha World.

The coordinates are 0N 27999W facing north.

If you have Alpha World, there's now a place in Alpha World just for
you. It's under construction, but looks alot better than the last time I
mentioned it here in alt.slack. I'm taking what art I can afford to fit
on my server, and copying it from Stang's site to my server, so when one
accesses the Gallery O Slack, it won't tax SubSITE.

If you DON'T have Alpha World, go to and
download it. System requirements and all that jiz are at the above URL.
And best of all, it's free!

Something for nothing. And now a whole gallery full of slack just for
SubGenii. Finally the grand art of SubGeniuses will be presented in a
format that the Conspiracy would not allow in real life. It's up on
display and hung like in a museum. They're even framed. It's a bootiful

"J. R. 'Bob' Dobbs faked his own death and went into hiding
to get away from people like me!"
- the Impossibly Reverend Judy Graham
"Brag Of The Bobbie"
Doktor Zachary Carleton - True Bobbie and Clone for "Bob" <--still under contstruction

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