Better Sex for Mutants: New SubGenius Message Board

Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998
From: Modemac <>
Organization: First Online Church of "Bob"

The forged posting attacks on alt.slack have made it somewhat more difficult than usual for a casual reader to browse through the chaos that is alt.slack. Because the effort of sorting the forged spam junk from the genuine Yeti junk may require some actual WORK, a few SubGenii have taken to lurking rather than Ranting.

I predict that newsgroup attacks of this sort will become more commonplace in the near future. Usenet is evolving, and as usual the Church of the SubGenius remains on the CUTTING EDGE of the chilling winds of change. The forgery attacks on alt.slack have merely served as an example for the similar attacks taking part in other controversial newsgroups, such as news.groups, alt.religion.scientology,, the* newsgroups, and others.

As the seething morass of Usenet evolves and changes over time, we will see the birth of many new forms of "alternate" message fora, for the posting of Slackful messages of all sorts. Web-based message boards are already exceedingly popular in some areas, for instance. In addition, I predict that "private" news servers, with more tightly controlled access, will be made available to users.

In an effort to jump on the bandwagon of change (and make it somewhat easier for SubGenii to proposition each other for sexual favors of all sort), a new Message Board for mutants has been unearthed. Point your Web browser at:

And help jump-start a new SPAM-FREE area.

The new message board is frame-free, and it can be used with text-based Web browsers such as Lynx.

Reverend Modemac ( First Online Church of ?

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