Puzzling Evidence Show Now Live via RealAudio

The "More than an Hour, Less than a Show" Show aka the "Puzzling Evidence Show" Show aka "The Show that Dare Not Speak About the Church of the SubGenius Show" Show aka "THE SHOW" is now... online. Listen in live via RealAudio.

2:00 AM - 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time Friday MORNING (get the Red Bull!)

KPFA Home Page:

Programing (includes Over the Edge, the Negativland Radio Show): http://www.kpfa.org/2_0_prog.htm

Listen and/or Pledge Page:

Listeners are presented with two choices of where to click, two choices that appear to be one choice. To the casual observer, there is a choice of "Click here to listen to KPFA" - however, the code is written so one choice is "Click here to listen to" and the other is "KPFA." The "KPFA" choice does not work. The "Click here to listen to" does work. Repeat: the "Click here to listen to" choice DOES work. Click on "Click here to listen." DO NOT click on "KPFA." Duh.

KPFA RealAudio Stream

- O.

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