Tuna Noodle Surprise

To the following I can only add my heartiest "yup." I have tried it, and I fear that my life will never be the same....

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Subj: Tuna Noodle Surprise
Date: 96-09-25 08:25:52 EDT
yo all ...

from Irene at WFMU.

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If you need a humor break, call the following number: (704) 377-4444. When the recording comes on, hit extension 1955. Then listen. The voice you'll hear belongs to a guy who reads the school lunch menu for kids in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he is completely out of his gourd. A true blue loon. But be patient. For the first minute or so, he sounds relatively normal. Then, all of a sudden, he starts reading the items on the school menu--French fries, green beans, hot dogs--and the effect is deeply disturbing. So disturbing that the guy is becoming a cult figure in New York media circles.

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And you can get t-shirt ordering info if you dial extension 1952!

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