From: dynasor@infi.net (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
Newsgroups: alt.slack,alt.discordia
Date: 20 Jan 1997 08:31:08 GMT

To all who see these greetings, Welcome.

Before the time of the Sleeping for the Elder Gods, there
was a war between them and the Rebel Gods. In those times,
which were heady with passion and excitement, two of these
Rebel Gods got together and married. As often happens in
pairings borne of the heat of the moment, it didn't last.
Come the Elder Gods time of Sleep, and the ruckus died down,
these two Rebel Gods divorced.

These two were Eris and JHVH-1.

There remains today a faction of those who worship Eris,
the Discordians, and those worship JHVH-1 (well, not so
much worship as recognize him as the threat he is), the

All Erisians and Dobbsians, we are the family that was
broken up by this divorce -- we are spiritual kin.

In as much as the Saucers of Removal are due to arrive
on July 5, 1998, and the SubGenii shall be Ruptured to
the saucers to dwell with the Sex "Godesses", time is
short for us to mend that rift which was forced on us
by the petty jealousies of our spiritual parents, the
Holy Misfits.

Every year on the pre-anniversary of the Smite of the
Stark Fist of JHVH-1, the SubGenii gather to practice their
last moments. These activities, called the X-Day Drills,
occur at Brushwood, a law-safe, clothes-optional,
pagan-ritual kind of campground/orgy festival site in
Sherman, NY (far west end of the state, 1/2 hour from
Erie, PA).

What we propose is to make this year's drill, the FINAL
drill, the too long delayed Family Re-Union between the
Discordians and SubGenii.

We hereby invite all Discordians to join us for The Last
Annual X-Day Drill And Goodbye Earth Party, on July 4, 5 and
6, at Brushwood. Entry fee is $25, and camping fee is $10
per day. The place is truly idyllic, free of head and body
hassles by CONspiracy forces such as cops and rules, and
used to hosting such things as all night naked pagan
ethnobotanically and psychopharmaceutically enhanced
drumming and dancing circles. They really, really like us

This is a dead serious offer. We propose that we gether at
least this one time to finally and formally remove our
differences and attend to the Slack we are due as the
offspring of these two Rebel Gods' psychic couplings.

This is not a maybe thing. It will go on. The site is
confirmed for that date. If you want to see the results
of last year's Drill, see the review (with pictures and N00D
GIFZ!) on http://www.subgenius.com

I will be acting as the ride board. Air travellers can fly
into Pittsburgh or Cleveland and arrange rides through me
with others attending.

Full details are available through slack@metronet.com
These are skimpy at the moment beyond what I've set out
here, so don't get pissed at Jesus (yes, that's his e-mail
address; no prayers please, he's busy in the mail room) if
there's not much more to tell yet.

Please consider it. We're expecting around 100 SubGenii
from all over the country, coast to coast. We'd love to
include the children of Eris in our spiritual frenzy
besotted orgy of anti-ecclesiasticism.

Make plans early. It's a long weekend anyway. It's the
LAST CHANCE WE HAVE. And, best of all, it's a chance for
those so inclined to preach, wail, speak in tounges,
play instruments well or atrociously, and create a
Joyful Noise To Scare The Lord, all recorded for posterity
on tape, film and disk.

We'd just really like to see you before we leave.

Hoping to see you there,

Doktor DynaSoar Iridium
Clench of the One True Pipe Dream
Church of Scienfictiontology
Church of the SubGenius Electric
dynasor@infi.net / dmcclain@runet.edu

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