Mixing Church Air and Frop

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petehip@cogsci.ed.ac.uk (Peter Hipwell) wrote:

: Cancel your lone sum, dead soles, pour souls for sail! SEIZE YOURS!
: Koan jeepers for NERONISM. Touch the forbidden circuits of the DEATH
: WALLAH! Tremble as the meat boffin partners TAX CONTROL and kinder
: BIZ-MARX the ZEROGENOUS ONES. Flagelluuminous Anti-matter NeuroTics
: with freshly defenestrated spooktaculars: gnosis, feats, ayes, harms,
: lunge, arts, ease, brawns, schtum mocks, legends: build a new corps
: flagrant delecti of d-ruling ShagOths! Psintillate to our SINANE
: process: get possession now of the monstroozing jacdrippers with the
: PulSluPluSty BAZOOMASS! Insert your WAKKERS into GooDrill allah mode
: and PROFFER IT! Gnaw on ploughshare and ROGINOID. Poor soles
: DE-CRYPTED into the FLEISCH gourdones with no SNORTAGE. FickUlla
: screepinge tombles the slops as the BeaSting reaches for Cnidgasm in a
: WHOIPING landblubber hearthquak of CUM SPIRITUUUULULATION. You'll quit
: them Whordes of eNBeGrgy daems when you feel the fill of our hot
: NECROPULATING muscinulating coaggulants DEAD ROTTEN with
: sulphorificii and brimprong: these are pornoluxia THANATOYS, bringing
: the new FROTT AGE of YETISYNOVIAL FLUIDITY. Elbow the JONES and get a
: COUGH JOB from the lunging WRACK of SPIRIT BREATH. Elastic teeth and
: ciliated ducks arse optional. CASH only. Does not apply to PLUGS,

Hey Pete! Wanna IRC?


You'd only have to stay up 'til 3:00 a.m. on Monday.


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But MY NEWSGROUP alt.foot.fat-free LIVES!
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