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Subject: You're A Peein' Update
From: "Rev. Bevilacqua" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Thu, Jul 20, 2000 7:34 PM

You're-a-peein' Tour 2000

The high Pope of unpredictability has done it! Well almost. A SubGenius European Tour is in the works and it appears by slobs or by Dobbs it will happen.

As of today this tour is scheduled for end of November through beginning of December. Pope Black Unlimited, booking agent of the stars, has struck a deal with a tour agency in Germany and he can get a tour bus and hotel rooms for a 2 to 3 week tour if 50 people can be enticed to ride through the hills of Europe with their Yetisyn brethren for 3 weeks visiting 15 cities. The estimated cost (bus and hotels) is $1100. If you are interested please email

If this does not pan out the show will go on. The bus only a good idea to get a lot of Subs throughout Europe on the cheep. So, tour bus or no, we are planning to make a great tour spreading the word of "Bob", well at least Stang will be there for sure. But there are rumors of myself, and possible the Duke and Vagina Jones as well appearing on the wrong side of the earth. You are invited, come see Europe and follow the show like some Dead-head throwbacks! Or if you're already in Europe come to the show.

This tour is a production of Black Unlimited. To get on the Europe mail list and keep informed about this tour email

And speaking of Europe I think it is safe to say DokStock 2001 Amsterdam, the official SubGenius field trip is a definite. We are still in the stages of booking hotels and deciding dates, but it's not early to start saving those pennys. This 6 night event takes place end of March beginning of April. Once the DokStok website is updated I will post it here and you can get all the up to date info there.

Keep watching for updates

Rev. JC "Steve" Bevilacqua Business Manager Church of the SubGenius Send $1 to: PO Box 140306 - Dallas, TX 75214 toll free order line 1(888)669-2323 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Name: PopeBlack <>

This is going to happen HELL OR HIGH WATER!!!! I've already got us booked into some places to play. Amsterdam, Kiel, and Heidelburg are definates. It's just a matter of time before I GET THE OTHER SHOWS BOOKED.

By Bob support me on this one. This will be the best bus tour since those hippies went across America in the sixties, or was it seventies, hell ask Stang he's old enough to remember. In any case git yer asses over here and go on the BOBDAMN TOUR!!!!

I'll keep everyone posted on the whole thing.

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His Divine Grace, The Second Luckiest Man Alive!
Pope David Lee Black


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