Robert Dobbs for U.S. Senate

Dear Fellow Americans:

I am a Republican candidate for US Senate of Wisconsin in the 2000 election, seeking the Republican nomination to run against incumbent Senator Herb Kohl. I have a vision for Wisconsin and my country. This vision is to see the development of decent paying jobs, returning the rights of parents and protecting individual rights, promoting free enterprise, and protecting our personal freedoms that are guaranteed under the constitution. We need to bring back what made our country great, if we want our society and country to survive - strong family values, strong beliefs whatever our religion, and unity no matter what ethnicity we are. Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely, Robert Dobbs

My promises to Wisconsin

1. I will only serve two terms, due to my belief in term limits.

2. I will not accept, nor will I vote for, any congressional pay increases. Members of Congress need to understand what it takes to live on a reasonable salary like the rest of hard working Americans.

3. I will not enroll in the Congressional Pension System. Why should the hard working taxpayers support a retirement program that is much better than any program available to them? Politicians do not need a retirement system supported by tax dollars and politicians need to live by the laws they pass.

4. I will serve the people of Wisconsin and the nation with the dignity and respect they so deserve.

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