<FIST> delays appearance of page up to several years
<RANT> doubles or trebbles length of otherwise meaningful page
<DOBBHEAD> makes Dobbshead appear on the page
<ONEDOLLAR> push-debits client
<NISSYGURPUS> replaces 'obscene' words for net-nanny browsers
<PAYCHECK> deflects subgenius browsers
<JFK> generates an endless number of links
<FROP> freezes computer, but nicely
<UFO> prevents page from being downloaded, printed, or otherwise documented
<BROW> similar to <HR> in HTML
<CON> seizes the smallest part of the computer - where the power comes in
<X970705> end of document
<DEAN> canadian tag: incompatable
<BLACK> outmoded tag: incompatable
<BUCKGWELA> self-exiled tag: incompatable
<BHOAP> good
<HHOAP> bad
<SHOW> interactive form
<PAIN> increases the high-pitch whine that's always there
<LRH> spawns the 'lawsuit' browser
<ETC> fills in the rest of the code when you're tired
<BOB></BOB> opens/closes SGML document
<GBROGAFRAN> mystery tag


Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite, The SubGenius Answer Man SubGenius since 1982 -

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