"Bob" Sighting -- Phlactagons

(text of a letter sent to The SubGenius Foundation)

Sin-Cerely, Mr. Iguana

A long lost prophecy can now be revealed... It was a few months ago that I was given a sign by "Bob" himself or so it told me....It was'nt long after I exited the McDonalds when I almost ran into an ancient bagman. I thought nothing of this at first, until the ye olde beggar looked up at me, by the dogs! it was the old salesman himself, "Bob"!!!! I instincively reached for my wallet to try and get a deal on immortality, but before I could do a thing he stole a medium diet coke from the old aged female pink standing next to me! As the clearly fropped out Dobbs ran out of sight I heard him yell a single screechy phrase with a voice full of dread and forboding presence... "phlactagons!!" My brother, it was a horrifying sight, Dobbs miserably afraid of something, the mysterious "phlactagons"...I have yet to decipher the word, but it sounds as if he might have been choking on something or the other, but perhaps it was more....

Dear Stang,
When the pig runs slower, let the arrow fly.

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