Hey, I just looked at SubSITE on my TV!

Jesus got a temp job for WebTV demoing their new box in electronics stores. It's a web browser service designed for Joe Lunchpail who can't afford a computer. It's $300 and sits between your phone line and your TV, puts websites on TV. Has a remote control "mouse" and a wireless keyboard. 28.8 modem. Puts up a real nice display, with odd details like DISSOLVES between web pages. However it's touted as being faster than a normal Net connection, but it ain't. SubSITE loaded exactly as fast as it does on Netscape off my Mac. I think these things will catch on with the affluent where PCs didn't... old ladies can get movie tickets from websites now. (It even has a slot where you slide your credit card for online transactions.) Unfortunately my TV has a dinky screen. Jesus said that at the demo class he put SubSITE up on a real BIG screen TV there and it looked KILLER. He also realized for the first time just what large displays SubSITE has of titties, the word FUCK and GOD DAMN and so on. This was in a store full of people and he kept having to hit the BACK key real fast so as not to get his ass FIRED the FIRST DAY.


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