alt.slack hits the top 25

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 13:16:08 -0800
Organization: Dead Spammers Society

I've just signed up with the big old news service, Zippo, and discovered
alt.slack's popularity is revealed in the Zippo stats page...

Top 25 Non-Restricted Newsgroup Access of Oct 31, 1997

2 alt.religion.scientology
4 soc.sexuality.spanking
6 rec.arts.disney.parks
25 alt.slack

Okay, so alt.slack is way behind soc.sexuality.spanking...but whaddya

(Source is, though this page
along with Zippo's other stat pages are irritatingly inaccessible
for non-subscribers.)


From: (Popess Lilith von Fraumench)

In article <>, wrote:

:Lisa rochwarg wrote:
:> Right up there with Disney and Scientology. Congrats!!

No, Disney + Scientology=ZONpower!

It depends on how you mix it. I shake, never stir. REELY HARD. I put a
jigger of Mickey Mouse and a jigger of Thetans in a martini shaker, along
with twelve ounces of Colt 45, toss the shaker in the back of a pickup with
bad suspension, and go driving up and down my favorite rocky mountain
trails at top speed. Sometimes I shoot at the shaker with a shotgun just
for spice. While driving. Top speed, natch.

But you got to be careful--if you go down the wrong trail it tastes like
flat gurupee afterwards.


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