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Thea: What is it like in cleveland Ivan?

whyaskwhyb: i'm all wiggly like

magdalen: my theory is it's the G8 protestor anarchists

greenterro: hello ivan

magdalen: no one nation would dare to do this

magdalen: only people who have no one to protect would do this

temujin9: mags: too coordinated, I think

jeek: confirmed: F16 shot down a commercial airliner heading towards Washington

whyaskwhyb: mags: palestinians don't really have a nation, right?

Lilith: Peter Jenkin's Canadian accent is REALLY obvious right now....

magdalen: temujin9: they have a vast online network, at G8 they had an army of five hundred with sophisticated communications

temujin9: OTOH, it'd be a great reason to crack down on the internet. That's how the G8 anarchists have been organizing.

whyaskwhyb: jets have been scrambled to intercept a plane heading towards DC

magdalen: IvanStang: I'm glad you're here! Now we can lean on your wisdom as our tribal elder.

temujin9: mags: t9 works for prefacing

Lilith: Yasser condems the attack....

Lilith: DAD! *hugs*

whyaskwhyb: hey Stang this would have been a GREAT DAY to NOT TURN ON YER TV

greenterro: right



temujin9: wawb: didn't get that chance. got off the internet, and my mom called with the news

magdalen: t9: mirc auto-completes nicknames if you push tab

MSakamoto: they're evacuating buildings in london, too

magdalen: I hope revsex is ok, he's right there

temujin9: magdalen: oh, hey. neat feature.

whyaskwhyb: my kids go to school at 6:30 so we get up pretty early

whyaskwhyb: mags: my BROTHER lives 6 BLOCKS from the WTC

temujin9: Hell, I know *lots* of people living in NYC. Don't think any are near the trade center, but who knows.

Thea: I have sent Bud for my child.

greenterro: hear from him?

magdalen: whyaskwhybot: it's horrible, I'm so sorry.

Modemac: WAW: Have you spoken to him?

whyaskwhyb: all lines are either down blocked or jammed to capacity

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magdalen: but the chances are that he's ok, just can't get through to you because the lines are tied up

IvanStang: The government has just announced that as a result of this concerted attack by diverse subversive groups, martial law has been declared and members of the following groups are now being rounded up for re-education in prepared internment camps: Hamas, the NRA, Working Assetts, Greenpeace, Earth First, Mad Magazine, The Onion, The SubGenius Foundation... REALAmericans will be identified by their refusal to complain.

Thea: Oh the plan went down almost in Ohio

whyaskwhyb: hes aflight attendant for Delta as well, I hope to fuck he was out of town today

Lilith pees on Dubya's leg

magdalen holds whyaskwhybot

temujin9: IvanStang: Fuck you.

LouMinatti: Reagan would have had the middle east blanketed with nukes by now

magdalen: it's going to be ok

Lilith: CALM DOWN.

magdalen cringes

Thea: it has to be ok

magdalen: well, ok, it might not, but someone has to say that

Modemac: Ivan: Don't forget the "re education" camps for all Arab born Americans.

MSakamoto gives mags a big hug

greenterror is very confused with all this....

Lilith: OK, they are now saying there was no car bomb at the State Dept.

whyaskwhyb: he's ok I know it

temujin9: IvanStang: That wasn't funny. Okay, it was, but I thought you were serious when I started reading.

Thea: I would hate to be a brown person in america today

whyaskwhyb: he fukking better be

greenterror is taking a break from hate.

magdalen: what the hell are they blaming the palestinians for!!

whyaskwhyb: or I'll kick his fucking ass

magdalen: there is no WAY it was palestine

Lilith: You should've heard Stang making fun of Mount Carmel.

greenterro: later

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Modemac: Mags: Because TV tells us that Muslim terrorists are always behind everything. Remember the day when Oklahoma was bombed.

temujin9: Lilith: Mt. Carmel?

magdalen: shit dude, dubya is using this as an excuse to pick his favorite enemy for the war he's been wanting

Thea: My son is home thank the ghods

magdalen: that guy is SO going to hell

IvanStang: That enemy possibly being US.

Lilith: Tem: Waco. Branch Davidians.

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whyaskwhyb: look, I'll make fun of it too but LATER I want to know where my brother is first

IvanStang: This is a great way to start a crackdown on anybody that's giving you trouble.

magdalen: IvanStang: my theory is that this was done by spoiled rich kids, mostly american, the same people that protested at G8

Modemac: WAW: Does your brother usually work today?

whyaskwhyb: thats a damn good theory too

magdalen: well, that's my other theory -- Dubya did this himself

Modemac: WAW: Is the airport farther away from the world trade center?

Thea: I can remain more calm now that my son is here.

LouMinatti: the next to go will be disney world.

Modemac: WAW: If so, then your brother is most likely safe.

magdalen: I was just telling the Lord yesterday, there won't BE any 2004 election, there'll be martial law instead

Lilith: But "Texas Uber Alles" just doesn't SCAN right!

whyaskwhyb: he usually works allkinds of really stupid fucked up hours whenever they call him to wherever they send him

Lilith: Jello will be PISSED.

IvanStang: I AVOID the news but the A.C.E. guy Jeff called me and told me to check it out -- first thing I thought was, "FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB: DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB." Then I got very sick feeling on account of all the people being fucked up, which is exactly why I avoid the news.

Modemac: WAW: Okay, so is the airport further away than his home?

whyaskwhyb: that little fucker better get his ass out of bed and CALL ME

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mqphive: hahaha

magdalen: whyaskwhybot: the lines are tied up, but I'm sure he'll call any time they get free again

mqphive: lol @ all the people that came in here when the planes hit


whyaskwhyb: 1

whyaskwhyb: 2

magdalen: shut up maphive, this isn't just a heroin dream

whyaskwhyb: 3

mqphive: lol

mqphive: i think its leet

whyaskwhyb: go sniff glue fuckface

mqphive: and what does heroin have to do with it

magdalen: well that's because you've fried your brain

temujin9: whyaskwhybot: call him. doubt it will work

mqphive: im not even on heroin

IvanStang: Whyaskwhy, your brother might well be out there helping to render aid and clear rubble.

whyaskwhyb: lines jammed/blocked/down

mqphive: you are some hateful motherfuckers in here for real

temujin9: is maphive being dumb again?

Lilith: Man, this commentator is ANNOYING.

mqphive: i dont even know you freaks , and yall wanna curse me ?

mqphive: yall is burnt up for real

Lilith: Nobody was expecting it because we were expecing a Hollywood style attack.

Lilith: Instead, we got DUH 101.

Modemac: Stang: More likely, all civilians are being evacuated. Maybe evenm the ones who want to help.

temujin9: whyaskwhybot: I bet all circuits into/out of NYC are jammed

whyaskwhyb: yes now shut your fucking drug addled mouth

mqphive: fuck you

Lilith is sure that SExmort is OK.

Modemac: He's in Queens. Is Queens close to Manhattan?

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mqphive: if you dont like me , you dont like me - bringing the fact that i do drugs into the equaytion is moronic

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whyaskwhyb: sorry

MSakamoto: don't apologize

MSakamoto: it was either going to be you or me

whyaskwhyb: hundreds of people burnt fromhead to toe

temujin9: whyaskwhybot: I was about to too

whyaskwhyb: from the gas flash I guess

Modemac: The hijackers wre obviously suicides -- this means there's no scapegoat to pin it on. So that means we'll probably bomb some country.

Rev_Dr_Lon: they said that the plane that hit the pentagon was supposed to hit the white house but was shot down by aa missles

whyaskwhyb: modemac: we were talking about that, it needs to be externalized to a tangible target

whyaskwhyb: I'm guessing Libya

Modemac: They're already tossing Bin Laden's name around, of course.

whyaskwhyb: not many pesky neighbors

Modemac: Which means they might blame the Taliban for it.

MSakamoto: mannix just asked about sexmortis

MSakamoto: any news?

whyaskwhyb: how do you bomb the palestinians into the stone age?

Modemac: How close is Queens to the WTC?

temujin9: whyaskwhybot: by giving them stone tools?

temujin9: okay, tasteless, I know...

MSakamoto: a united airlines plane just crashed into camp david

whyaskwhyb: they already GOT THOSE

IvanStang: Hundreds burnt and thousand more to learn about... and god only knows what insane repercussions there'll be... I HATE the news. I hate REALITY sometimes. It's hard to keep telling oneself, "Funny Little Monkeys..." Sometimes you just can't find anything funny about them.

MSakamoto: confimed by faa ... flight 983, i think they said


whyaskwhyb: FUCKING HUMANS

whyaskwhyb: FUCKING HUMANS

Lilith: The luck plane has crashed into the World Taint Center.

MSakamoto: today is the anniversary of the camp david accords

whyaskwhyb: FUCKING HUMANS

IvanStang: Lil !!!

Lilith: DADDY!

IvanStang: That is SICK, Lil. Thanks, I needed that.

temujin9: MSakamoto: aha. that's the reason for the date.

whyaskwhyb: lil: you won't be laughing if it fucks over your devival

Thea: Do I go to work?

Lilith: It's not a devival.

whyaskwhyb: I'd keep your fingers crossed,know what I mean?

IvanStang: I do feel that sick, depraved humor is an appropriate reaction to unthinkable horror.

magdalen: the dallas emergency action center has been activated at Level 3

magdalen: I don't even know what that means

Lilith: And this is the PERFECT event to unfold before this event.

whyaskwhyb: not a time for semantics

MSakamoto: mannix says to tell you that fighter planes just flew over his work

Lilith: For this IS a Long March.

Rev_Dr_Lon: all schools need to be shut down

Lilith: Now we have something to march FOR.

MSakamoto: (he can't irc right now - being at work and all)

whyaskwhyb: MSak: where?

IvanStang: Magdalen -- I lost my rulebook for Emergency Action, I was hoping you had one!

Thea: mags can you get someone to get your child for you?

MSakamoto: new jersey, i think is where he's at still

ChrisLee: So, Jimmy Carter is to blame for all this?

magdalen: I'm calling the school right now

Lilith is trying to keep a sense of humor, especially as she has had three hours' sleep.

Modemac: No word on Camp David on the TV.

Thea: Bud said that many parents were retrieving their children

IvanStang: I think my Emergency Response Code Manual is on an old Word v.1.0 file that I can't open except on my old dest Mac in the basement.

MSakamoto: it was on cbs

whyaskwhyb: hey Lil: member when you tiold me to fuck off cuz you were grouchy?

magdalen: they don't see any reason to send the kids home they say


Lilith: If you wish to return the favor, go for it.

magdalen: luckily he comes home in one hour normally anyway

MSakamoto: if you want to get your child, it is your right, and they can go fuck themselves if they don't agree.

whyaskwhyb: and I mean that in the nicest way

magdalen: I don't have a car

Thea: How about the fact that I would rather filter this horror for my child than have him in a room of fearful worm children

magdalen: the Lord has it and he's an hour away himself

Lilith: Why: Dude, I understand, but what good does it do?

MSakamoto: mags, i wish i was in dallas, i would totally drive you to the school

Rev_Dr_Lon: we all knew this would happen

magdalen: the fastest thing is just to let the bus get him I suppose

whyaskwhyb: they just said there are several planes out there un accounted for they figure have been hijacked, it's not over yet

Lilith needs to call into the office, then call Judas

Rev_Dr_Lon: but nobody ever believed it would happen

LouMinatti: all New York trinkets and snow globes have been rendered useless.

Lilith: This shouldn't affect business out here, but still.

temujin9: whyaskwhybot: wow

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whyaskwhyb: Li: if they dump one in SEATTLE you might figure it out

IvanStang: My mother in law was supposed to fly home to Cleveland after visiting my parents in Dallas... this afternoon... I guess she'll be a houseguest a while longer.

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Thea: prostata

prostata: fuckn' a.

prostata: howdy Thea

whyaskwhyb: fukking B even

MSakamoto: new jersey, i think is where he's at still36

temujin9: `lo, Thea

MSakamoto: 636666

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magdalen: the lord is coming on

Lilith: Why: SeaTac and every other airport out here is shut down. I'm not worried.

MSakamoto: y+

IvanStang: I am just so fucking thankful that my son is no longer in NYC, at NYU!!! I totally sympathize with Whyaskwhyaskwhy re: his brother -- your stomach will be in knots until you hear him on the phone.

RevJC: Thnks to Frank for subverting my Companies firewall with his irc program!

whyaskwhyb: LIL: pay ATTENTION, there are LOTS OF PLANES unaccounted for RIGHT NOW

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whyaskwhyb: now I'm in a little shit town in N.AZ, but you are in SEATTLE

Thea: whyaskwhy, many planes diverted to canada

whyaskwhyb: get it?

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temujin9: whyaskwhy has a point. get away from downtown areas, especially symbols of capitalism.

prostata: downtown columbus is almost totally shut down right now.

prostata: that's where I am at the momment.

Thea: Avoid federal buildings

IvanStang: The end of Fight Club keeps coming to mind... it was FUNNY in the MOVIE.

temujin9: IvanStang: they avoided deaths in the movie.

prostata: funny, but scary too

RAMONES: is there someone who can tell me something more about attacking on USA???

RevJC: does anyone have confirmation of the camp david crash?

IvanStang: Yo Lord

Thea: There was a crash at Camp David?

whyaskwhyb: I know how to work steel and build things. remember Road Warrior? THATS WHO THEY COME FOR/TO

RevJC: Hey Stang.

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IvanStang: All the federal buildings everywhere have been evacuated.

RevJC: Welcome home.

Modemac: Idiots on TV are talking about Bin Laden, and flashing his face on TV.

prostata: CNN has no confirmation of anything but tradecenter and pentagon.

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Modemac: No word at all on TV about Camp David.

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IvanStang: Whyaskwhy = Humungous

whyaskwhyb: modemac: NOW IT BEGINS

MSakamoto: JC - secret service personell have told cbs that there was no damage to camp david, but that it appears that camp david *was* the target

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RAMONES: what is camp david?????

jeek: Camp David is the Presidental Retreat.

*** Signoff: Lilith (Ping timeout)

magdalen: but he's not there right now

whyaskwhyb: I've always considered myself a smaller MASTER/BLASTER in ONE BODY

magdalen: we're not allowed to know where he is right this moment

Thea: Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

temujin9: Good girl. Everybody, think good thoughts for Lilith.

magdalen: but doubtless it is somewhere deep underground

temujin9: Hope she knows how to "duck and cover'

MSakamoto: united flight 183 was the one that went down near camp david

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Modemac: Okay, got the confirmation about Camp David. Sorry.

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temujin9: How many planes so far? Four?

MSakamoto: 4

Modemac: Four.

RAMONES: how far away is green village from all this places??????

MSakamoto: confirmed by the faa

whyaskwhyb: DFLP was #31 on the charts yesterday but has shot to #! WITH A BULLET

magdalen: two at trade cwenter, two at pentagon, the one in philly and the one at camp david

MSakamoto: the faa has recordings of communications from aircraft from before crashes

whyaskwhyb: so far

temujin9: RAMONES: where is green village

whyaskwhyb: key words

RevJC: does anyone have a link to an internet audio feed that I could get to

prostata: in PHILLY?

whyaskwhyb: so far

MSakamoto: right outside philly

temujin9: mags: where are you getting your news? radio?

MSakamoto: something that starts with a p county

magdalen: tv, and you guys

whyaskwhyb: pros: theory is it was shot down before it got to the target

magdalen: and #cnn_newsroom

RevJC: Lucily our boy Conbo bought a tv

*** Signoff: AbsRoving (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)

temujin9: hadn't heard about philly or the second at the pentagon.

magdalen: cnn audiofeed is down but their chat server is up

RAMONES: it should be in NYC

magdalen: the second at the pentagon is not confirmed

whyaskwhyb: the Pent. took a hit from a plane as well

IvanStang: ConBo bought you guys a TV? Just in time...

prostata: I have no radio in my office. and all the internet news sites are fuxored

magdalen: could just have been secondary explosion

MSakamoto: mannix said another fighter just flew over

whyaskwhyb: go HOME

RevJC: yeah a very small one, but it works

temujin9: RAMONES: your guess is as good as mine. use mapquest or something.

RAMONES: i am in europe

IvanStang: Keep in mind, half of what you hear from this point on will be rumor and "instant urban legend."

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whyaskwhyb: pros: look in the copy machine, remember Dr Strangelove?

temujin9: RAMONES:

RevJC: I have heard of 2 car bombs

Thea: RevSEx

RevJC: but now none

RevSExmort: Holly fukin shit

prostata: IvanStang: yep, you're sure right about that

MSakamoto: whew!

prostata: I sent my employee home.

temujin9: whyaskwhybot: haven't seen it, know the basics. what're you referring to?

*** Signoff: rev (Ping timeout)

RevJC: outside the state building, but they have said that is now not true

IvanStang: SEX -- are you covered with rubble??

RevSExmort: Stang, I couldn't even get into work. I called in late

prostata: joy is on the phone...

RevJC: Stang: should have stayed at burning man, it was probably sfaer!

Modemac: SEX! You're okay!

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Thea: Local news running banner Columbus Police will be having press conference at noon and parents may get their children from school.

magdalen: Oh revsex we were so worried about you!

whyaskwhyb: Mags: a friend just trashed your g8 theory

RevSExmort: Yes, I'm OK but I fear for too many I know...

Modemac: Praise SEx! And praise sex!

RevJC: All Major dallas buldings have been evacuated

IvanStang: JC -- I was just thinking, "Jeez, and I thought it was spectacular when they burned that big statue."

whyaskwhyb: no white peole would kill themselves for allah

RevJC: BOA building, trade center

RevSExmort: We have an office one block away from the towers

MSakamoto: sexmortus - mannix sends his regards

Modemac: Sex: are you allowed to go out and look for them? Probablyu not, I suspect.

temujin9: RevJC: yeah, right. probably would have been targetted as a example of the hand of God striking the decadent

LilithVF: Well ain't my day fuxored. They closed down the Space Needle!

IvanStang: Whyaskwhy -- except for Cat Stevens

jeek: Plane over Toledo.

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RevSExmort: MSak: Back at him.... :)

RevJC: they have shut down DFW and police "with automatic weapons" are inside

IvanStang: Sexmortus -- "HAD" an office

RevSExmort: Stang:I'm afraid so...

Thea: I have heard no air traffgic In Columbus

magdalen: oh my belly is churning

temujin9: Sex: Praise Slacking off. You're alive, thanks to "Bob". Like you didn't owe his ass BEFORE.

*** LilithVF is now known as Lilith

whyaskwhyb: they wouldnt go to China because of the possible atrocity

temujin9 hugs magdalen

prostata: Thea: no, nothing in columbus. but they've shut down the fed buildings and closed all the roads around the police station downtown. I had to sneak in the back roads to get here today

RevSExmort: I work in Mid-Town and wasn't planning any trips down-town today... So I was safe regardless...

MSakamoto: plane in pa was 80 miles southeast of pittsburgh

magdalen: whyaskwhybot: perhaps, or perhaps they wouldn't go to China because they were going to do THIS instead

IvanStang: Magdalen -- I felt the same way when the Gulf War started -- your belly will calm down and in two weeks it'll just seem like another miniseries -- like the Gulf War.

RevJC: I knew I should have bought bullets for that gun in my closet

temujin9: IvanStang: yeah, except for us draftables

MSakamoto: i knew i should have bought a gun for my closet.

RAMONES: something new???????

whyaskwhyb: head count: how many of you have GUNS?

Thea: prostata get out of downtown

RevSExmort: I still can't believe the world trade centers are gone...

*** mustafayesil ( has joined channel #subgenius

priestess: I don't have a gun, but I'm in London.

RevJC: we have several but NO BULLETS!

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RevSExmort: It's so earie to look where there were and see nothing but smoke..

Lilith: What do they call it? Section F?

magdalen: my god. who would have thought one would hear a reporter say "When the FIRST tower collapsed"

RAMONES: just like the bridge over DUNAV in NOVI SAD pretty sad isn ' it???????

IvanStang: Temujin -- aw, they wouldn't start the DRAFT again! (I would have been drafted for Vietnam but my flat feet saved my ass)

prostata: Thea: I had to send my employee home and someone's gotta watch this stuff. I'm on the edge of downtown in a building built like a bombshelter.

RevJC: SEX you can see it from where you are?

RevSExmort: I thought the end of the world was supposed to be one big blow-out, this piece by piece shit sux!

RevJC: you hear it?

RAMONES: just like the bridge over DUNAV in NOVI SAD pretty sad isn ' it???????

RevSExmort: RevJC: Yes,

Rev_Dr_Lon: i have several weopans handy right now

RevSExmort: It a clear day too

IvanStang: They wouldn't start the DRAFT again unless there was a WAR involving TERRORISTS and MARTIAL LAW.

Lilith: Tem: I can cripple you if it'd help. It's part of my Pope(ss) duties, if needed.

magdalen: temujin9: get the hell out there an save my female ass, ya young virile man!

MSakamoto: yeah!

prostata: my father was drafted for 'nam on his WEDDING DAY

RevJC: Ahh we could use a little martial law right now, damn kids are out on the streets too late anyway

*** RAMONES has left channel #subgenius

Lilith: Peter Jennings is reminding everyone that it may NOT be Bin Laden, the Palestinians, or any other Arab or Muslim group.

temujin9: Lilith: I'm manic/depressive anyway; play it up, and they'll never give me a gun

IvanStang: Sexmortis -- both Frank Zappa and ME predicted that the end of the world would take FOREVER and be very boring.

RevJC: didn't you see Mulan Magdalen

temujin9: magdalen: dammit, wish I could. got some other female ass I gotta save closer to home, if it comes to that.

prostata: Lilith: is peter jennings actually being the voice of reason now?

*** Signoff: ChrisLee (Ping timeout)

Lilith: Tem: Tell them you really loved that seen in *Full Metal Jacket* when the private went nuts and blew away his Sarge.

RevJC: My gun and cloak are in the closet,

Lilith: Scene.


RevJC: I am too old to fight

*** Signoff: Thea ()

temujin9: Lilith: not a lie, either

MSakamoto: all government buildings have been evacuated, armed forces are being briefed, union station has been evacuated, most government officials have been sent home

MSakamoto: cbs

RevSExmort: STANG: Lower Manhatten is one big smokin pipe bowl.

*** Signoff: mustafayesil (Ping timeout)

Lilith: OH GHODS.

RevJC: keep me updated I have no feed

IvanStang: The Con of Hate got itself a BIG hit out of that smoking bowl this morning...

temujin9: Lilith: ???

MSakamoto: it looks like manhattan is just on fire

magdalen: I'm on NBC, peter jennings is so soothing

Lilith: "How could a raghead figure out the controls of a soPHISticated airliner. Not airplane, a soPHISticated airliner."

RevJC: I think this is what they ment in Boston when they said we make jokes at unappropriate times

RevSExmort: I can't even make long distance calls...Phones are out, cell phones are out...

IvanStang: I sure am glad I'm not hooked on mass death like somebody out there must be.

temujin9: Lilith: who said it?

RevJC: upposed to wait like a day or so

prostata: hey, I gotta run. you guys BE CAREFUL OUT THERE

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SirSharpe: i can't believe they have that plane crashing into the Tower ON FILM

magdalen: nbc reporters are being evacuated

Lilith: Tem: ABC. Peter Jennings and someone else who I don't know....


whyaskwhyb: NO SHIT

Lilith: Jennings sounded like the pissed Canadian....

prostata: what school?

jeek: wawb: Where?

Lilith: ?!?

temujin9: whyaskwhybot: details

MSakamoto: sharpe - they just showed it here, too, on cbs

whyaskwhyb: I'm waiting

magdalen: I'm looking at it "live" and it hasn't gone off yet on my tv

Lilith is glad Thea isn't here

IvanStang: I hate to admit it, but the second thing I thought after "FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB" was, "Gee, I hope this doesn't hurt the stock market too much!" Funny little monkey, me.

Lilith: She just got her kid back home.

RevJC: good got the news, our IT set up a server

Lilith: Stang: Nah, a war economy always stimulates the economy.

magdalen: stuyvesant high

temujin9: Lilith: seriously, if you think you are *anywhere* near a target; GET THE FUCK AWAY. We'll eat holes in our stomach worrying about you, but ulcers are nothing.

IvanStang: This is a day that will live in infamy.

MSakamoto: i need more tvs

Lilith: Tem: ?!?

MSakamoto: so i can watch all the channels

Lilith: Seattle is going to be OK.

magdalen: I doubt anyone is mad at Seattle, what with it voluntarily following the kyoto protocol and all

MSakamoto: people were jumping from the building, trying to get away


whyaskwhyb: BOMB "THREAT" they said

SirSharpe: welp...back to work on my bomb shelter....and they all laughed at me

IvanStang: MSakamoto -- its the little details like that which drove me away from all news reports.

Lilith: And as a sign of our commitment, we closed down the Space Needle.

RevSExmort: I gotta go.... This shit is freakin me out... I need to here from people I know in the area....

prostata: whyaskwhybot: oh, bomb *threat*

Lilith gives SExmort a BIG hug

temujin9: Lilith: okay. I trust your judgement. All the same, feel free to bug out anytime; we'll understand

prostata: ok I really am getting out of here now. see you later. Please be careful out there. Lock and load.

*** Signoff: prostata (BitchX: strong enough for a man, pH-balanced for a woman)

temujin9 wishes Sex luck

RevSExmort: Thanx LIL.....

IvanStang: See, now the rumors of wars start. All the various groups taking credit OR being blamed, all the false alarms....

magdalen: "tim" of NBC is unavailable

magdalen: oh there he is

RevSExmort: Thanks all.... Maybe back l8r...

*** Signoff: RevSExmortus (A puff of smoke and I'm gone....)

temujin9: oogh; what a tagline for today, hunh?

magdalen: sick

Modemac: A reporter is 5 blocks from the WTC now.

Lilith: The live stream on ABC had a guy screaming his filthy mouth off.

magdalen: I need to pee

Modemac: Apparently the buildings right there are okay; WAW's brother should be okay.

magdalen: I feel like just doing it right here

MSakamoto: stupid, give me more news!

Lilith: NYC needs skin donors.

IvanStang: Plus the phones, mail, Net, and etc. are gonna be screwy for days, with a cost of BILLIONS all told. The American Con took a fairly big hit so far today... too bad us civilians and drop-outs have to eat Their shit along with 'em.

*** Thea ( has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: You know? I know that many think everything I say is "funny".

IvanStang: Mag -- let 'er rip!

magdalen: the president's whereabouts are unknown at this time

temujin9: Great. I should probably get downtown soon; I know some "sand niggers" here.

MSakamoto: he's probably underground

RevJC: sex: how many people are in the trade towers abbout?

MSakamoto: or hiding out at norad

SirSharpe: he's in mid-air

magdalen: what'll we do if he calls us from mexico and says, "I resign! You guys figure it out!"

IvanStang: The Pres is on a beach in Florida with his brother, chuckling evilly.

MSakamoto: then we get bubba

Lilith: But I remember getting in trouble in school when I got a bad flash about the Challenger explosion before anyone at school knew and they thought I was JOKING.

MSakamoto: and lay the smack down

SirSharpe: guess we'll be getting a missle defense shield aftewr all

Thea: I am on my way to work now. I will be home as soon as I can.

magdalen: if bush goes, and cheney goes, Senator Byrd will be president

temujin9: Talk about signs and portents. The doorbell rings, and it turns out to be UPS delivering my new BOOTS. I think it's time for a walk...

IvanStang: This also reminds me of when Kennedy was shot... ulp, I bet I'm the only one here who was conscious then.

magdalen: he's like a million years old

SirSharpe: yep

RevJC: flight 93 in PA

magdalen: oh yes, I suppose I should put shoes on

IvanStang: anybody else here REMEMBER the JFK assassination? It was a similar shock. Scxhools closing and teachers crying.

RevJC: not sure if same as in sommerset, pa

Lilith: Flight 93?!?

RevJC: to san fran


magdalen: IvanStang: we remember challenger

temujin9: My mom's recommended making a blood donation, I thought I'd pass the recommendation on. There are going to be a lot of people needing vital fluids in the next few days.

MSakamoto: american flight 11 from boston to la, united flight 77 from dulles to la,

RevJC: United Airlines

MSakamoto: i remember seeing challenger on tv

MSakamoto: things like this just seem so unreal

magdalen: yeah

magdalen: I totally thought whyaskwhybot was joking

RevJC: General westly clark on phone.

Lilith: Not a bad idea.

IvanStang: The Gulf War started on my daughter's 11th birthday... boy did that burst her balloon. Pearl Harbor happened on my mother's 12th birthday.

RevJC: from Little rock

*** Mode change "+o Thea" on #subgenius by magdalen

Lilith: I wonder if they'd accept my transsexual blood NOW.

Lilith: EEP.

MSakamoto: i wouldn't have even known if i hadn't stopped watching espn2

ChrisLee: is transexual blood inferior or something?

magdalen: I wouldn't have known either except I always glance at alt.slack in the mornings with my coffee

RevJC: more trouble on the way

MSakamoto: challenger exploded on my mom's 33rd birthday

Thea: Good bye my friends and family. I will be back soon.

temujin9: Lilith: probably not. I lie about being bisexual every time.

Modemac: No, but Lil takes hormones and stuff. Her blood is TAINTED.

RevJC: gee that is positive.

magdalen: see, Lord -- and you mock my alt.slack fetish!

ChrisLee: check.

MSakamoto: i had read alt.slack earlier, before it happened

Modemac: Maggie is my fetish.

RevJC: "command and conrol of airforce is solid"

*** Michael-H ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Signoff: Thea ()

RevJC: "more aircraft out there"

RevJC: "we must be ready for what happens next"

Lilith: I'm a potential HIV risk, even though I hardly have sex as is and don't like sex with guys.

*** REEF^TLVBG (rotorsun@bg4-005.ptt.yu) has joined channel #subgenius

RevJC: oh by the way aids was cured

temujin9: Lilith: I'd refuse to give blood on the grounds that they're assholes for not accepting it, but they're not the ones that need it...

Lilith: Exactly.

magdalen: I don't weigh enough to give blood

RevJC: just thought you'd like some good news

*** chinday ( has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: JC: Milagro! When was this?

*** chinday has left channel #subgenius

RevJC: bread it on cnn yesterday

*** REEF^TLVBG has left channel #subgenius

magdalen: not a cure, a vaccine

magdalen: monkeys have stayed aids free for two years now

RevJC: monkeys have been immune with vacine for 600 days now

RevJC: ccined died

RevJC: while 80% not vaccined died

temujin9: Isn't it ironic? Don'tcha think?

magdalen: yep

magdalen: and we all thought we'd be fucking like minks on the day they cured aids

MSakamoto: i should give blood. i wish they'd come to me, though, because i have not a whole lot of gas in the car.

RevJC: I would give you the link but... I dout youd get to it now

temujin9: MSakamoto

Lilith: AH. Well, it's going to be a while before we know if they are properly vaccinated.

Lilith: No, it's OK.

RevJC: not tried on humans yet


RevJC: ut pretty good huh!

Lilith: It's good news, but doesn't changes blood policies now.

Lilith: On the other hand, this is Seattle.

temujin9: MSakamoto: it won't make a diff right now. It'll make a diff in a day or two, as the supply gets dipped into

magdalen: brb

temujin9: confirmed; four crashes so far.

magdalen goes outside a minute

RevJC: back to the news...

RevJC: "however did this lives somewhere"

RevJC: "and is supported by someone"

Lilith: Great, we get to hear about what they're doing in Washington State....

Lilith: A double sandbag wall....

IvanStang: Wei just called and told me they had cops all over the Cleveland airport due to a bomb scare.

Lilith: And they're handing out little fire extinguishers to everyone. Great.

RevJC: Black copters are up


IvanStang: See, the fuck-heads will be taking advantage of the confusion to create false alarms and hoaxes.

temujin9: I think I'm going to leave in a bit; like I said, got friends to attend to.

Lilith: Tem: Joking aside... *big hugs* I hope all is well on your end.

IvanStang: Papa Joe is probably calling Talk of the Nation right now to get his two bits worth in.

RevJC: General Clark "President is being taken to where he can best control the situation"

Lilith: "Hi, Ray."

Modemac: The TV said the President is going to Andrews Air Force Base.

temujin9: Lilith: no bad news so far, and AA is a pretty progressive town. OTOH, Pinks are Pinks everywhere, and I'm a big fucker with a talent for stopping shit.

Lilith: What, the bathroom?

Modemac: All their base are belong to him.

MSakamoto: which means he's going somewhere completely different

MSakamoto: he's going to go sit in a corner at norad and cry

Lilith: They're running a couple of ferries so cars aren't stranded, but most are shut down.

temujin9: Everybody, keep cool. Remember, no matter what; either it'll happen so fast that it won't matter how much you worry, or it'll happen slow enough that you'll have time to panic, calm back down, and make plans.

Lilith: The Space Needle is closed... OH GHOD WHAT TRAGEDY!!!

temujin9: Love you all, I'm out.

Lilith: SeaTac is shut down, and they're sending people home....

IvanStang: A sudden thought -- what horrible artwork is Fernandinande LeMur perpetrating right now, even as we type?

MSakamoto: the plane leaving from boston had 81 passengers and 11 crew, the dulles one had 58 passengers and 6 crew

*** Signoff: temujin9 (May you live in interesting times, hunh?)

IvanStang: The thought of what happened on those planes creeps the FUCK out of me.

MSakamoto: they have confimed that it was in fact flight 93 that crashed at camp david

Lilith: I hate that fortune cookie.

Lilith: Stang: NO DOUBT.

*** green ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Signoff: Michael-H ()

RevJC: united 175

Lilith: Stang: I should call Camp Long at some point and make sure all is business as usual.

IvanStang: It's almost worst than thinking about what happened in the buildings, but that's mainly because the scene in the buildings is too big and awful to be comprehended... I pray we never have to comprehend anything like that.

RevJC: missing

Lilith: We NEED Dobbs' Long March.

RevJC: to LA

RevJC: boston to LA

RevJC: 4000 flights a day

RevJC: on average

IvanStang: How many airline pilots are going to crash a plane into a building just because a terrorist has killed everybody else on the plane and has a gun to his head? Whoever did this included 4 people who knew how to fly fucking airliners. Seems to me like.

RevJC: I agreee

Lilith: Peter Jennings is blabbing about the threat to the Space Needle on New Years' Eve 1999.

RevJC: I think that may also be why the planes crashed in PA

RevJC: the piolots crashed them before the were killed

IvanStang: Cripes, Wei's Mom was gonna be flying today. Hail Connie, it was to be late this afternoon. Guess she'll stay at the ranch for a few days...

Lilith: Good thing.

green: latest news: austrian government is shocked.

IvanStang: JC -- man, think what a horrific scene that must have been -- pilots with guns to their heads... FUCK!!

Lilith: OOH, good one.

magdalen: back

RevJC: wire reports from Gihad

MSakamoto: the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta was evacuated

RevJC: attacks are consicence of polocy in middle east

Lilith: Stang, you're not freaking, are you?

magdalen: still though, I wouldn't think the pilots would do it

RevJC: unconfirmed

IvanStang: Lil -- I try to ALWAYS be freaking, don't you?

magdalen: I think whomever did this knew how to fly the planes

RevJC: consicuense

RevJC: damn wish I could spell

MSakamoto: they had to, it would just be dumb luck if they managed to stay in the air long enough to reach their targetr

Lilith: Stang: I dunno, after it happens uncontrollably on its own for a few decades it gets a bit OLD.

MSakamoto: no way it would be right three times in a row

RevJC: going to set tea.

RevJC: brb

magdalen: we are at war "in effect", but still no speech from the chimp

magdalen: palestinians are celebrating, though their leader says he condemns the attack

IvanStang: I guess about 5 years ago the United Terrorists Union decided that MORONS hijacking planes wasn't working, so they educated the morons on how to fly commercial airliners.

*** bonzo ( has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: Stang: Sounds like a good idea. But, "united"?!?

magdalen: "we are so vulnerable because of all those things that make us so great," jennings says

Modemac: United, the way we're united.

Lilith: Most terrorist groups these days are almost like "Firefight" from *American Flagg*.

bonzo: I'm just hoping there were no biological weapons on board

MSakamoto: they evacuated and closed the irs service center in covington, ky

bonzo: anthrax could take out NY in three days

Modemac: Bonzo: Hopefully they're not that smart.


*** Sir_BloodThrone ( has joined channel #subgenius

Sir_BloodT: welll......

LouMinatti takes a deep breath

Sir_BloodT: ...Just saw the news...What THE FUCK is happening over there

*** Legume ( has joined channel #subgenius

Modemac: Bonzo: Even in spite of all this, this isn't Hollywood. Criminals are stupid.

RevJC: giving out phone num,bers to check on flight

Lilith: All LeMur has said so far is, "Treasure building bombed"... which it WASN'T.

Lilith: There was a rumor of a car bomb.

Modemac: BT: Terrorist attacks. World trade center in NYC destroyed.

Sir_BloodT: some nutters are driving planes all over the place,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sir_BloodT: yeap

Lilith: But that was bogus.

IvanStang: I imagine that many of the Earth people have big grins on their faces right now -- the American gov't side of the Con has MANY enemies and the targets spell out "MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX".

*** Koenig ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: well, one has to disperse the anthrax somehow, you can't just toss it out a plane, it has to land in the water

Sir_BloodT: the car bomb was disarmed

*** Signoff: frank (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)

Lilith: So LeMur picks on rumors but not on news.

green: those grins are sick

Sir_BloodT: Well

Sir_BloodT: you know

bonzo: that's a good

RevJC: no official reports on flights

bonzo: but what if they released some air borne virus

Lilith: I have a grin, too.

bonzo: were all fucked

MSakamoto: american flight 77 from dulles to la, american flight 11 from boston to la, united flight 175 from dulles to la, united flight 93 from newark to san francisco

Legume: What's going on in Cleveland?

Lilith: That grin is on the face of "Bob".

magdalen: my god my god

*** frank ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mikkel_de_Winth ( has joined channel #subgenius

bonzo: send an X-ist beem ship

Lilith: "His smile is the one that looks friendly, but so does the grin of a shark."

magdalen: the trade towers are GONE


green: who's that guy, god?

Mikkel_de_: so I guess this is it....

*** Mode change "+ooo bonzo frank green" on #subgenius by magdalen

RevJC: Flight all diverted to Canada

IvanStang: Hey Legume -- they had a bomb scare at the airport and they sent gov't workers home... my wife will be home soon.

bonzo: re @ mags

*** Mode change "+ooo bonzo frank green" on #subgenius by magdalen

*** DeleriuM (blehhh@ has joined channel #subgenius

green: danke mag

RevJC: .old news

*** Herc (wigzie@ has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mode change "+o Legume" on #subgenius by Lilith

Herc: nice tpoc

RevJC: they should stay when they get there!

*** Mode change "+o Mikkel_de_Winth" on #subgenius by Lilith

*** Mode change "+ooo DeleriuM Herc Koenig" on #subgenius by magdalen

*** Herc has left channel #subgenius

Sir_BloodT: some years ago USA issued some Warnings for peple travveling to Greece saying that we have a "High percentage of terrosism" and that "visitors are comming here at their own risk" cause after all our airlines can be easily taken over by terrorists....shouldnt i have quite of a "well,who`dhave thought" smile onj ma face?

*** Mode change "+ooo DeleriuM Koenig Sir_BloodThrone" on #subgenius by magdalen

IvanStang: You know, my friends, every time it's merely a multiple bombing that kills thousands, we should count our blessings that it wasn't a germ attack that kills millions.

Sir_BloodT: some years ago USA issued some Warnings for peple travveling to Greece saying that we have a "High percentage of terrosism" and that "visitors are comming here at their own risk" cause after all our airlines can be easily taken over by terrorists....shouldnt i have quite of a "well,who`dhave thought" smile onj ma face?

Legume: Chas says there's a plane on the runway surrounded by security forces and another being tracked over Dayton by military jets

LouMinatti: wow... fuckall people really died

LouMinatti: .000833 % of world populatio... give or take'

IvanStang: Legume -- hmm, maybe not a scare after all. I'm glad the Queen Mom wasn't flying from Dallas to Cleveland THIS MORNING. (She was scheduled for this afternoon.)

Legume: This is horrendous

MSakamoto: they're stopping all afterschool activities around here, they've shut down the race track

ChrisLee: the race track?!?

Koenig: WTO week

IvanStang: There are probably some of our SubGenius brethren who are not online here because they KNOW somebody in one of the directly affected areas. Too bad I don't believe in praying, or I'd pray.

Sir_BloodT: fuck....

Sir_BloodT: well

Sir_BloodT: who was in this planes?

Sir_BloodT: wh o did it?

*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)

Lilith: Nobody knows yet.

MSakamoto: Yes, the horseys will not be running today at River Downs.

Legume: I can't help but think about all those people sitting at home, seeing this and knowing, "My wife/husband/son/daughter was there"

magdalen: gerald ford makes a statement: we must retaliate

Koenig: The butler did it!

Lilith: But it's fairly certain that it was probably terrorists who learned how to ...

Sir_BloodT: Oh

RevJC: latest rumor is the "Gihad"

Lilith: There's a United flight still missing.

Legume: Stang, where's XANDY?

Sir_BloodT: I SAW BOB DOING IT!!!!!!!


IvanStang: Legume -- in dallas, thanks for asking.

Lilith: BloodThorn: ...Learned how to fly the planes.

IvanStang: It was Fight Club.

Sir_BloodT: he?

Legume: Jeus, Stang that was one of the first things I thought of

Sir_BloodT: i didnt see brad pitt innit

RevJC: I don't understand why the buildings fell

green this is kamikaze-day.

Sir_BloodT: neither did i

RevJC: the force of the impact?

Sir_BloodT: well...are they still called the twin buildings?

Lilith: JC: Because a lot of the support was destroyed.

DeleriuM: I'm in australia and it's all over ever channel here...I can't imagine what it would be like over there.

MSakamoto: you'd think that it would have happened sooner, if that was what caused it

magdalen: mayor of cleveland says plane made emergency landing at cleveland because of possible bomb, but so far no confirmation on that

Sir_BloodT: well...are they still called the twin buildings?

MSakamoto: somehow, i doubt that they are

magdalen: they're gone, man

magdalen: there's nothing to call

green: they're called no buildings...

RevJC: Peter jenning was calling it the single tower for a while

IvanStang: Legume -- Xandy graduated last year and was working in Dallas (with Jesus, for the Devil) until just last week, when his job ended.

MSakamoto: they say casulaties to number "in the thousands"

Sir_BloodT: yeap

Koenig: I luv NY

Sir_BloodT: i heard about 200 dead (plane passengers) six dead from the buildings and a thousand or so injured

magdalen: "the pentagon has been attacked by an airliner", jennings says with a wry tone of voice

green: tom clancy on the phone--what is he saying?

Lilith: A pilot went on the record to say that he's POSITIVE the terrorists must have learned how to fly the plane because no pilot could possibly go turncoat.

magdalen: it's true

RevJC: Islamic fanatics?

Sir_BloodT: maybe

magdalen: they're all decent guys

RevJC: looseing my connection

Lilith: Militia?

magdalen: plus they put stuff in their coffee

Lilith: Mags' theory?

DeleriuM: The Talaband are about to make a statement.

Sir_BloodT: USA is not on good terms with iraq/iran

MSakamoto: osama bin laden said last week that he was going to attack america, and that it would be big

IvanStang: This kind of thing has been happening in the MOVIES for many years now. Where's the real life Bruce Willis when we need him.

Lilith: Iraq announced they shot down a spy plane.

magdalen: oh please, the taliban are not going to attack us when we've just given them so much money

Lilith: I think they would NOT have done that if they knew about the attack.

*** top_cat1 (top_cat_18@ has joined channel #subgenius

Sir_BloodT: well Bruce willis was propably having a blowjob when this happened

Sir_BloodT: ooops ...willy`s i meant

magdalen: screw bruce willis, it's superman we need

Lilith: Mags: I think it was the Bush girls and a frat boy they managed to talk into getting the third plane.

IvanStang: That John Doe guy that was with Tim McVeigh, but didn't get caught -- he did it.

Sir_BloodT: Superman?

magdalen: this was an inside job, I'm tellin ya

Sir_BloodT: He is busy with lois lane

magdalen: whoever did this had american help

Lilith: OH SHIT.

DeleriuM: <shrug> We don't get a whole lot of news like the US giving the talaband money over here.

Sir_BloodT: Cmon guys

magdalen: DeleriuM: we've given them at least 40 million

Lilith: Del: Here?

DeleriuM: I'm in australia.

Sir_BloodT: i cant believe that a bunch of terrosrists did it by themselves

Lilith: Ah.

DeleriuM: 40 Mill? What for?

IvanStang: First rule of Fight Club...

Sir_BloodT: They actually did what they couldnt do with rockets

Lilith: I can.

magdalen: open gas lines are exploding

Sir_BloodT: they used the plane as rockets

DeleriuM: They've still got 2 australians in jail awaiting a trail.

Lilith: You need a GPS, guns, and the means to sneak through the airport.

magdalen: and you can't get through the airport if you look like a fanatic

*** Signoff: Rev_Dr_Lon (Ping timeout)

Lilith: BTW, for those going to Tampa: IXNAY ON THE OPFRAY ON THE ANEPLAY.

IvanStang: Magdalen -- I do all the time!

top_cat1: the gps its already in the airplane

Legume: fuck tampa. I aint going

magdalen: IvanStang: no, you look like a COOT, not a fanatic

jeek: All flights are down.

IvanStang: I look like a fanatic and they NEVER seach me! They always search straight looking people and little old ladies.

Sir_BloodT: well

jeek: No planes can take off.

Sir_BloodT: any way guys and gals

Sir_BloodT: what will be the impact of this?

Lilith: Yes, but I don't think the planes will be grounded THAT long.

Sir_BloodT: No world war 3 i believe

IvanStang: Legume -- when was Tampa to be? This weekend?

Sir_BloodT: No world war 3 i believe

top_cat1: there is another crash in camp david

LouMinatti: Wow...One of the passengers called a woman he knew at DFW airport and told her they had stabbed two of the stewardess'....the plane crashed while he was talking with her

ChrisLee: last weekend in month

Lilith: Stang: Two weeks from this weekend.

magdalen: nbc showing scenes of palestinians throwing candy, laughing, and shouting "God is great"

Legume: tampa, weekend of the 28th

Sir_BloodT: what god?

DeleriuM: Would your government declare military law over something like this?

magdalen: laugh now, palestinians. You're getting nuked, whether you did it or not

Sir_BloodT: they have no god

IvanStang: Magdalen -- I'm sure there's planty of that happening.

Sir_BloodT: NO NUKES!!!!!!

IvanStang: Magdalen -- AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

green: no fun!


Legume: Hey Bloodthorne, y'know what? Yer a fuckin' idiot

magdalen: dude, this means nukes

Sir_BloodT: and we are a fucking "CLOSED " PLANET

magdalen: did you think we were KIDDING?

Sir_BloodT: NO lEGUME

Sir_BloodT: IM NOT

magdalen: we don't have them for nothing

Sir_BloodT: well

*** Signoff: Mikkel_de_Winth (Leaving)

Sir_BloodT: nukes are bad

Sir_BloodT: you know why?

magdalen: we are teh only nation to have ever used them, and we will use them again

Sir_BloodT: its like farting in a closed room

Lilith: Dubya gets to pretend to be a great warrior.

magdalen: of course they're bad, but our leaders don't CARE

Sir_BloodT: radiation is going all over the place

magdalen: it doesn't matter, it's a point of honor

Sir_BloodT: radiation will go to USA too

magdalen: you do this to us, you get nuked

Sir_BloodT: well yeah

green: you're the greatest nation, magdalen

Lilith: BloodThorn: Bush doesn't care.

Sir_BloodT: but cancer is a matter of death

Sir_BloodT: Bush is an idiot!He cant speak right!

DeleriuM: Yeah, ever notice that you've built big fucking nuclear/military bases in our country, so they'll bloe us up first to get rid of the bases.

Lilith: DUH!

DeleriuM: e/w

Lilith: And he has his finger on THE Button.

Koenig: Has anyone compared this to Pearl Harbor?

Lilith: MANY times.

MSakamoto: order of events:

Sir_BloodT: me!

MSakamoto: south tower hit, north tower hit, air traffic shut down, bush speaks, crash at pentagon, south tower collapses, north tower collapses, crash in somerset county

Legume: No, Bloodthrone, nothing to do with nukes. You're an idiot because this shit isn't FUNNY

magdalen: well, they might not use the nukes, they might use some of the more advanced secret stuff, depends on who they decide to retaliate on

Sir_BloodT: ~well

whyaskwhyb: still haven't heard from my brother but my Mooms phone is busy so theres hope!

Sir_BloodT: at least guys do it quick

Sir_BloodT: Greece doesnt have any nukes

Sir_BloodT: id appreciate it if you bombed em quick

whyaskwhyb: see those palestinians partying in the streets?

magdalen: we have to pick who we're going to blame

magdalen: whyaskwhybot: yeah

Sir_BloodT: well

Sir_BloodT: Not the Greeks is suppose

whyaskwhyb: DUMB FUCKS

magdalen: no, probably not the greeks

Lilith believes in sick humor for sick times

Lilith: Not that this isn't SERIOUS AS ALL FUCK.

whyaskwhyb: Arafat is all "SORRY SORRY SORRY BAD BAD BAD"

*** Mikkel_de ( has joined channel #subgenius

green thinks he gets lilith's point

Lilith: Not that the Rupture isn't nigh IMMANENT now.

magdalen: well

whyaskwhyb: Arafat probably realizes whos going to EAT SHIT FOR IT

Lilith: Not that the next eight years aren't suddenly looking REALLY grin.

Lilith: Grim.

magdalen: the world is going to burn up from global warming in ten years anyway

Lilith: (Slip.)

Sir_BloodT: well

magdalen: do you think it's over now?

whyaskwhyb: if you think NY looks bad checkk out PALESTINE in the next few weeks

IvanStang: I don't think the US is gonna nuke ANYBODY... it's bad press. The "smart bomb" routine is much better for the advertisers... use the fancy high tech shit, make an MTV video of it (a la Gulf War, Libya) -- nukes have little revenue potential. Or, one can just do secret wars and not SAY anything about it in the mass media, as we do all the time.

Sir_BloodT: at least i hope you know what tyou are doing with these nukes

Lilith: Mags: Eh, nuclear winter will balance out the greenhouse effect. Ditto radiation, for that matter.

magdalen: Ford wants nukes

Sir_BloodT: couldnt you just spray them with weird chemical?

Legume: Mags, there's still a hijacked plane in the air somewhere

DeleriuM: What happened to the second plane they suspected of being high jacked and heading towards washington?

whyaskwhyb: No nukes, I think they are going to BOMB FUCK out of SOMETHING tho

magdalen: DeleriuM: still unaccounted for

Sir_BloodT: you know.....kill them with something like insecticide

Lilith: Let's just drop stone Buddahs onto Afghanistan.

Sir_BloodT: you know.....kill them with something like insecticide

whyaskwhyb: Legume: they say a bunch are unaccounted for

magdalen: we don't use that chem stuff

magdalen: we use nukes

Sir_BloodT: well

Sir_BloodT: im up fotr the chemmical stuff

magdalen: that's why we're the only superpower

*** Asquire ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: we're the only people crazy enough to actually use nukes

Mikkel_de: "we" don't use anything before "we" know who did it

*** Mode change "+o Asquire" on #subgenius by Lilith

*** Rev_Dr_Lon ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Rev_Dr_Lon has left channel #subgenius

Asquire: what the hell..are we going to war???

*** Rev_Dr_Lon ( has joined channel #subgenius

whyaskwhyb: mags: DONT SAY WE

Sir_BloodT: if u spray them with a micture of Orange agent,LSD and piperazines this will give em a lesson

whyaskwhyb: THEY

magdalen: probably, Asquire

IvanStang: Whyaskwhy -- right... they will probably do some revenge jet strikes, trying to hit more "bad guys" and less "civilians," due to the bad press of civilian-maiming.

whyaskwhyb: ok?

Sir_BloodT: if u spray them with a micture of Orange agent,LSD and piperazines this will give em a lesson

magdalen: ok, They

DeleriuM: Great, our prime minister(like your president) just got us to give all our private guns back so now if something starts we can't protect ourselves.

whyaskwhyb: THEY

*** The_Boogie ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: Id on't know, they're pretty mad

*** Signoff: Legume ()

magdalen: nukin mad

Lilith: Asquire: No idea what's happening yet.

whyaskwhyb: CANADA OH CANADA

Sir_BloodT: come on!!!!

The_Boogie: hi

ChrisLee: huh. has anyone seen commecials for that new teevee series 24 HOURS? about a terrorist attack on US, i think, each episode in the series equals one hour in the day...

magdalen: dude, have you ever looked deep in bush's eyes?

Sir_BloodT: when America diminshed us we didnt want to nuke u

magdalen: that man's biggest wet dream is to use nukes

whyaskwhyb: he has eyes?

Lilith: Asquire: Except that two different airliners were flown into the World Trade Center--each tower--and the third went into the Pentagon.


MSakamoto: his eyes are deep?

Asquire: my Marine friend called me....he told me that the 3rd plane didnt crash it hit a militay installation in pittsburgh ( explains why no news shots of that crash)

Sir_BloodT: just spray them

IvanStang: But then, we are KIDDING ourselves if we think we'll ever really know what went down. About the onlt hing I BELIEVE about this mes so far is that buildings were destroyed and people were killed and maimed, a shitload of people. Other than that, EVERYTHING is suspect.

Lilith: United 175 767 Boston->LA down, location unknown

whyaskwhyb: Stang: you know it

*** ^Z^ (lalala@ has joined channel #subgenius

RevJC: my news feed went down

Lilith: Stang: NO SHIT.

Sir_BloodT: God save the bush

*** Mode change "+o Rev_Dr_Lon" on #subgenius by Asquire

whyaskwhyb: SOMEBODY had some SERIOUS INFRASTRUCTURE to pull this off

top_cat1: there is a 4th plane in camp david!

^Z^: àôùø 'á/ùä àåô??

Asquire: Pentagon is burning away?? i thought we had GOOD fire security

Sir_BloodT: How many crashes were there?

^Z^: øâò

Sir_BloodT: i heard abvout 3-4

The_Boogie: 3

Sir_BloodT: oh

Mikkel_de: plus a car bomb

Lilith: Four.

Asquire: top cat---- where did you hear that?

Lilith: No car bomb.

Sir_BloodT: cant they check bodies..well....whatever is left of them

Lilith: They retracted that.

IvanStang: JC -- I was watching ABC tv earlier and the screen went blank for a second -- at that moment I was personally scared -- then it popped back on.

Mikkel_de: no car bomb? i think i saw it on cnn

Lilith: No car bomb at the State Department.

Sir_BloodT: maybe dental records can show who is to blame for

Rev_Dr_Lon: msnbc keeps showing a tape of a man blowing snot on a fireman

Lilith: Dental records?

top_cat1: so far i heard 5 2 in WTC 1 in pentagon 1 in pitsburg 1 in camp david

Sir_BloodT: yeap

Lilith: You think bodies survived?

MSakamoto: they said that there was, but then they retracted it

Sir_BloodT: from the bodies in the plane

^Z^: hye

Sir_BloodT: severed in a way

RevJC: Stang: ours did the same her, all staic, and I though oh shit

^Z^: gyes!!!

Lilith: Camp David? I haven't heard anything about that at all.

top_cat1: thats right 1 bomb car

*** Mode change "+b *!*@" on #subgenius by whyaskwhybot

IvanStang: See, I grew up believing that a huge electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear war was ALWAYS about to make all the radios and TV shut down... I was expecting that throughout my entire teenage years.

DeleriuM: Whats Camp David?

*** ^Z^ has been kicked off channel #subgenius by whyaskwhybot (begone, fuckwit)

whyaskwhyb: somebody had to do it

top_cat1: i heard about it in mexico

Rev_Dr_Lon: camp david is where the president goes when he needs to work, but relax too

IvanStang: I have spoken to Russians my age who were even MORE paranoid during the Cold War. They were REALLY scared of us. But then, they kept doing Civil Defense Fallot drills all through the 70s and 80s.

Asquire: So far the targets have been : Twin Towers and Pentagon :::::: Speculation exists about A Military installation, Camp David, and numerous state buildings

Lilith: BRB, pee.

top_cat1: thats right rev dr lon

MSakamoto: secret service agents said that camp david wasn't hit, but very close to it, and it appeared that camp david *was* the target

IvanStang: Our military had given up on the notion of ANYONE really surviving a nuclear war, so our civil defense practices petered out.

Sir_BloodT: what is camp david?

Sir_BloodT: i mean why is it so important?

MSakamoto: camp david is the presidential retreat

Asquire: Sakomoto;;;i havent heard that...what news report is that?

top_cat1: ok then thanks msakamoto

whyaskwhyb: the guys inside the WTC said there were other explosions that went off afte the plane hit from below

DeleriuM: Why would Camp David be important enough to hit if the president wasn't there?

MSakamoto: and it was the site of the camp david accords, the anniversary of which is today

DeleriuM: Ahh..ok.

Koenig: I wonder what David Letterman will have to say about this tonite?

whyaskwhyb: that would explaint the collapse

Sir_BloodT: oh......these kamikazee pilots are nuts

ChrisLee: sybolism?

Asquire: Koenig -- low one

whyaskwhyb: I can't believe the second towere went down from the top hit

whyaskwhyb: Koenig: I wonder how sales on Ebay will be affected?

DeleriuM: 50 stories of it wasn't it?

RevJC: You know what is weird, mags and me heard a missle last night

IvanStang: Camp David is where they PRETEND all the important agreements go down, and where they stash important foreign dignitaries during big conferences -- SUPPOSEDLY.

MSakamoto: camp david accords -

Asquire: youd think that they we a little stronger...did anyone notice how weak they were???

RevJC: like the old wwII whistlers

top_cat1: right chrislee, it has symbolic importance

DeleriuM: Ok...thanks.

RevJC: we just blew it off to "weird noise"

IvanStang: I guess that underground city in the mountains of Virginia, that they keep ready for Muck-amucks in case of war, is filling up.

whyaskwhyb: how many floors were affected on the second tower?

*** notaw ( has joined channel #subgenius

Koenig: Yeah, but what does a pro comedian do in the wake of this kind of thing? Gee, folks! No funny tonite!

whyaskwhyb: before it collapsed I mean

*** rev_otto ( has joined channel #subgenius

top_cat1: i heard WTC has 110 stories

The_Boogie: the second tower is no more

Asquire: that had to be horrible to be in one of the hijacked planes....... horrible

ChrisLee: breaking INdy news- the second tallest building in Indianapolis HAS been evacuated.

notaw: good morning

Koenig: Hi, Notaw!

ChrisLee: i hope the *tallest* building is safe.

whyaskwhyb: it looked like it only had 10-20 stories burning at first

notaw: not quite the good morning it normally is

Mikkel_de: if you

Mikkel_de: sorry

MSakamoto: i wonder if carew tower (tallest building in cincinnati) has been evactuated...

Asquire: I think were going to loose most of the pentagon

Lilith: I am watching The Daily Show tonight.

Mikkel_de: are in washington you're supposed to give blood

IvanStang: Whyaskwhy -- I was wondering about that myself -- I saw the second one go, and it was burning only about a fifth of the way down. But it had been TILTING... as if (I thought) maybe a bomb had knocked out a support at the BOTTOM.

magdalen: the boy is home

RevJC: "the full resources of the amican government will be brought to bear to protect and punish.."

notaw: howdy Koenig

top_cat1: sears in chicago has been evacuated

RevJC: from congress

rev_otto: hey

rev_otto: been talking to my friend Jay at NBC

rev_otto: president's doomsday plane is being scrambled

magdalen: praise dobbs

Mikkel_de: disney world in orlando has been evacuated - why?

IvanStang: I still wonder about secondary and teriary bombs inside the Murrah Federal Building in OKC... that was never quite explained.

Lilith: JC: Good bye Social Security!

Koenig: Good to hear it , Mag

RevJC: Blood needed go to hospital

MSakamoto: lots of people go to disney world

DeleriuM: We got told 50 stories collapsed, but we're getting everything second hand.

whyaskwhyb: those things are so overbuilt it would have had to be damaged at the bottom, maybe the debris from the first crash did it

MSakamoto: you wouldn't exactly knock out a vital part of the government, but you could kill a whole lot of people

ChrisLee: what's a Doomsday Plane?

ChrisLee: how can i get one?

Asquire: WAR IS EMMINENT says Newt Gingrich.... at least is will help the economy

RevJC: Disney has been evacuted!

RevJC: ???

MSakamoto: it's the president's special plane

magdalen: at school they told him that "terrorists" had done something, he wasn't sure what, or where, but they told him that "terrorists" are "very very bad people"

RevJC: big news I guess

Lilith: The Taliban issued a statement: "Bin Laden, who we're protecting, couldn't have done this, and neither could have we."

DeleriuM: IS the world trade centre really important for your economy?

Asquire: I CANT BELIVE THE MARKET IS CLOSED!!! were gonna have another depression tomorrow

MSakamoto: meant to withstand a nuclear blast

RevJC: is the boy home yet?

MSakamoto: like air force one, but much more kickass



Lilith: Asquire: Calm down, it'll be OK.

RevJC: magdalen: is the boy home yet

whyaskwhyb: 2 warships deployed around JFK in NY

*** Modemac (jirc@ has joined channel #subgenius

*** Natz^ (Natz^ has joined channel #subgenius



MSakamoto: jc-she just said that he was

magdalen: RevJC: yes, he just got home, that's what I was talking about

Asquire: i know lil...but still wild news

*** Signoff: Natz^ (Power Script - - See what is power!)

rev_otto: most of the flights were headed to L.A. and San Fran, more fuel

rev_otto: anyone seen the fuckers dancing in the streets in Palestine

magdalen: I've... explained things to him

RevJC: thanks Sacamoto

whyaskwhyb: LIL: it won't be OK, it will be DIFFERENT

magdalen: he says "I have a bad feeling about this"

RevJC: I've been away

Lilith: BUMMER.

MSakamoto: didn't want the lord to worry

green: /me inhales for peace.

whyaskwhyb: I PREDICT

*** Signoff: green (Leaving)

LouMinatti: just found out from a friend, workers at nuke sites in Oak Ridge Tenn, are locked IN, and not allowed to evacuate.

magdalen: and I told him not to worry because the army is working to find the terrorists and stop them

Lilith: Someone actually knocked the chip off our shoulder and we don't know who did it.

Lilith: Wah.

Lilith: Boo hoo.

Lilith: Etc.

RevJC: test


magdalen: and he said, "How will the army stop them when nobody knows where the terrorists are"

Lilith: Lord!

whyaskwhyb: you can't shut down air travel and destroy the WTS towers and not fuck up the economy somehow

RevJC: opps sorry

notaw: stocks are going down

rev_otto enlists in the Coast Guard.

whyaskwhyb: LIL: not OUR shoulder

MSakamoto: is worthless, i tell you.

*** zurnayay (i@ has joined channel #subgenius

IvanStang: Dobbs prophecy rings true!

whyaskwhyb: THEIR

magdalen: poor little kid, he thinks he can figure out himself where the terrorists must be

magdalen: it's like a mystery to him

whyaskwhyb: NO OUR NO WE

whyaskwhyb: THEM

rev_otto: hey didn't they say our calenders are 3 years off

IvanStang: Dobbs SAID everything would be fucked up -- my god he was RIGHT!!

magdalen: he says "well, there must be more than one of them"

DeleriuM: IS the world trade centre really important for your economy?

*** Signoff: top_cat1 (Leaving)

rev_otto: so technically it's 1998

RevJC: mgdalen: check your email

whyaskwhyb: The AMERICANS

Modemac: Delerium: It's right by Wall Street.

Lilith listens to Peter Jennings babble

*** Signoff: Mikkel_de ()

IvanStang: Delerium -- I hope not!

Lilith: The HATRED of the United States.

*** top_cat1 (top_cat_18@ has joined channel #subgenius

Asquire: lon: broadcast from capitol its not hit on FOX

whyaskwhyb: modemac HOW CLOSE?

magdalen: RevJC: mail server is down

Lilith: Why: You know what I mean.

rev_otto: this just in, Canada has invaded Iceland

IvanStang: "Our" economy is "your" economy, I'm afraid.

RevJC: Damn it was supposed to be US destoying the buldings and killing Pinks!

ChrisLee: well, i hope Best Buy ain't been evacuated, cause i'm going there. bbl.

Modemac: I think it's right ON Wall Street. But I might be wrong.

Koenig: Shit! I shopped for food yesterday, but I got to go out later for beer!

MSakamoto: bring me a dvd player, chris

LouMinatti: Hey Lon, its the snot guy again on MSN!! I think they know something we dont

ChrisLee: sure thing.

rev_otto: hey, we can't discount the fact that subs may have been hurt, don't just think of this in terms of a pink world

DeleriuM: Wall Street is the place where all the stocks/stock market and trading and stuff happens isn't it?

IvanStang: JC -- HOW DO WE KNOW IT WASN'T? Remember Dobbs hypnotizing you? NO???

*** Signoff: ChrisLee (Leaving)

Lilith: Oh ghods.

Modemac: Del: That's right.

Asquire: im not seeing the "snot guy"

IvanStang: I distrust the news so much that for all I know, *I* might have done it!

Lilith: A bystander saw the plane that hit the Pentagon.

Lilith: It was flying really low, he could see the passengers....


MSakamoto: stormin' norman is on nbc

rev_otto: you know, we worry about being observed, I'm not scared anymore, Echelon didn't pick this one up

LouMinatti: all four, ASQ

IvanStang: Hopefully, on Wall Street they keep better back-up than SubGenii do.

Koenig: Stukas uber Disneyland!


Lilith: Oh ghods.

jeek: It would have only taken 20 or so people to pull off.

Lilith: Someone posted to alt.slack:

Modemac: Sigh. And one of the many scary things about this is that President Deubya is probably calling his Dad and asking for advice.

rev_otto: thank god, Gerald Ford made a statement

Lilith: "OK, so what's the inside joke about this WTC thing?"

MSakamoto: he should be calling buba

rev_otto: that's the leadership we need

MSakamoto: bubba, even

*** }|{-[ummo (Tidus@ has joined channel #subgenius


*** anonymous ( has joined channel #subgenius

IvanStang: Now see, *I* have back-up. If CLEVELAND and DALLAS were nuked, all our important data would still exist on CDs in a secret box in another town, a small town that nobody cares about.

whyaskwhyb: FLAGSTAFF?

notaw: jerome

MSakamoto: cincinnai

whyaskwhyb: you only sent me a COUPLE

MSakamoto: no one cares about cincinnati unless there's a riot

magdalen: oh bubba, bubba, I miss you!

*** Signoff: }|{-[ummo (4,1-,1oe-4,1-oe,1-4,1-,1oe4,1-,1UmmoZkript4,1-,1oe-4,1-oe,1-4,1-,1oe4,1-,1 3.0 para mIRC)

jeek: Ivan: But if you were nuked, no one would know where to find them?

Lilith: OK, I got an update about the Washington state preparations.


Lilith: They've started work on the second row of sandbags.

RevJC: Stang: yeah like Akron

LouMinatti: the snot guy again! hes becoming an enduring symbol of the WTC tragedy

IvanStang: Whyaskwhy -- naw, a much less careworthy town than even Flagstaff.

IvanStang: Worse even than Akron.

MSakamoto: everybody loves akron

rev_otto: Reagan just made a statement...."Grggle, mmm, grrgle!"

whyaskwhyb: ######### BROTHER SAFE#########

Lilith: I still haven't got my fire extinguisher though.

whyaskwhyb: in SAn Francisco when the shit hit the fan

Lilith: Otto: BWAH.

IvanStang: jeek -- that's the great thing -- a future race of intelligent cockroaches would find the Archives! By then we'd have a CHANCE !

SirSharpe: DEMOCRACY ON HOLD - Gov. suspends election

rev_otto: darpa is down

Modemac: Actually, here in Massachusetts the election is continuing.

Lilith: Roach Rupture?

Modemac: We have a primary election today, and they haven't cancelled it.

SirSharpe: here too - but its been canceled

IvanStang: Whyaskwhy -- CONGRATS!


Lilith: Well, at least I imagine there won't be any assholes calling in to work today.

RevJC: gas leak?

whyaskwhyb: NOW I CAN POKE FUN!


RevJC: my connection is bad what about a gas leak in NY

IvanStang: Whyaskwhy -- now you can et back to being SICK instead of "CARING"

Asquire: umm i called in to my hospital job today

Lilith: Lord, Stang: A minor matter. My debit card from XD4 got billed $116 again this weekend.

whyaskwhyb: Stang: thats what I MEANT

Lilith: FYI, I wrote Nickie already about it.

whyaskwhyb: back to "normal"

magdalen: yay whyaskwhybot!

RevJC: Lilith: ???

Rev_Dr_Lon: asquire, maybe you should go in

RevJC: We will credit it back

Lilith: JC: Once 8/6, once 9/6.

RevJC: e have had MAJOR computer problems

Asquire: ok its morbid but heres the plan: everybody buy stock tomorrow when it hit all time lows!

Lilith: JC: I know, no sweat.

RevJC: sorry

RevJC: We'll credit it back today

magdalen: nickie is on it, I am sure

Lilith: Funny, I was freaking yesterday. But after four, maybe five plane crashes by terrorists today, I have a bit of perspective on the situation.

*** spazzed ( has joined channel #subgenius

RevJC: I will call her and make sure tonight

Modemac: WAW: Glad to hear it.

*** Mode change "+ooo Modemac notaw rev_otto" on #subgenius by Rev_Dr_Lon

top_cat1: i have just herad there are 8 airplanes hijacked

Modemac: I've got a co-worker who has friends down there.

IvanStang: Try to look at the good side. Maybe the part of the Pentagon that got hit was where they keep all the SPY DATA on US they were about to use in rounding us up. Maybe there was a WORSE plot being brewwed in the World Trade Center and somehow his hideous tragedy was actually the only way to prevent something FAR WORSE! ... But I doubt it... sincerely...

magdalen: this is no time to talk about that though

spazzed: awww ..... the joys of being a felon

spazzed: there is no way they can draft me!

Lilith: JC: Thanks, Lord. Let me know if you need anything on my end.

whyaskwhyb: Thanks to all for the pshychic support!

whyaskwhyb: youknow

Lilith: Stang: But what if that was the part of the Pentagon where the ORIGINAL Reagan brain is still alive in a jar?


RevJC: Mulla Abdul Salan Ubdeed

Lilith: WAS.

RevJC: "afganistan feels your pain"

magdalen: well it seems to be over

magdalen: how long can that one lost plane stay in the air?

magdalen: not much longer I would think

whyaskwhyb: ashes 6 inches deep in the streets

*** Signoff: rev_otto ()

Lilith: I'm going to get some food, go to work, and deal with panicky cow orkers. I'll try not to be too "funny".

whyaskwhyb: at least

spazzed: theres another plane?

Asquire: What about this missing expecting a monument to be destroyed now.... money on Arch?? Mt. Rushmore? Statue of Liberty??

Asquire: missing plane i mean

Lilith: Somehow, they like it less than you guys do.

RevJC: Afganistan is worried

top_cat1: who knows, may be even 6 more hours

Modemac: Maybe the missing plane crashed into the ocean.

magdalen: I suppose it's not going to worry about a return trip

RevJC: Mayor Juliani on the phone

Modemac: Hope not.

Asquire: doubtful

spazzed: nbc hasnt said shit about another plane

magdalen: well since it's the ONLY plane still in the air, how hard can it be to find it

IvanStang: nick/Stang-Away

RevJC: Nation Gaurd on itys way to NY

*** IvanStang is now known as StangAway

StangAway: Damn.

RevJC: "Leave manhatten if you can "

StangAway: I am gonna go watch TV downstairs for a spell... shall log and lurk... later

spazzed: anyone see this clown christian on nbc?

RevJC: Gullianni was trapped in a building

Modemac: If the WTC was the "symbol" of American capitalism or whatever, what will the terrorists go after next?

whyaskwhyb: MAGS: remember dr strangelove?

RevJC: White House

spazzed: I wonder if all of those WTO protestors are behind this ..... they seemed to be against the wtc and pentagon

RevJC: The white house would be the number 1 sybol I would think

Lilith: At least Sifu is OK. He went to the Aridonacks (sp?) for vacation...

*** Tutankamo ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: whyaskwhybot: yeah

Asquire: "they" are staying away from using the "nuke" phrase today.....their all paranoid

Lilith: OK, I'm off, back in an hour or less.

RevJC: who to nuke?

RevJC: Afganastan?

Lilith hugs those who needs hugs

whyaskwhyb: "all churches in Flagstaff are now open to anyone wishing to join in community prayer"

*** Rev_Baphomet ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: they've got to nuke somebody

spazzed: i say we just nuke everybody


Modemac: Aye, it looks like they're blaming Afghanistan.

Lilith: And STUFF.

whyaskwhyb: don't they see that PRAYER is what got them in this mess in the first place?

spazzed: hey, whyaskwhy .... they have every right to kill our people .... i mean .... dont you understand that GOD LOVES THEM MORE?!:?!!?

whyaskwhyb: LIL: they are going to have to BLOW FUCK out of SOMETHING

*** Signoff: Lilith (Exeunt stage leeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh...!!! *DUH*)

RevJC: "leave Lower manhanteen"

RevJC: "walk east then north"

RevJC: "Go to grenich village"

*** Tutankamo has left channel #subgenius

RevJC: Say guilliani

*** Signoff: anonymous (Leaving)

MSakamoto: 50 commerical flights are currently in the air

MSakamoto: none of those planes seem to be in trouble, and all are within 40-50 miles from their destinations

RevJC: how many accounted for (going to Canada)

spazzed: how did/could/would you guys high-jack a plane ...... some media fuckers are saying that the terrorists were unarmed

Sir_BloodT: Is everything going to be alright tommorow?

*** LiTH (LiTH@ has joined channel #subgenius


spazzed: i hope not supposed to fly to san fran

DeleriuM: Use a butter knife from the served lunch?

MSakamoto: they said that they're all accounted for

RevJC: Gulliani is very mad and sad, lost many friends

MSakamoto: but who knows if they're telling the truth

LiTH: this is a clear example of what happens due to lack of distrobution of MARIJUANA

*** LiTH has left channel #subgenius

magdalen: the boy says, "Well, I know one thing I'm definitely NOT going to be when I grow up. Definitely, NOT a terrorist!"

RevJC: spazzed: you can behead some one with piece of wire

magdalen: "Because then I'd have to destroy the whole world, and you could get killed doing that!"



RevJC: there are ways


zurnayay: iam afraid about you and us (from Turkey) God help you- good bye (i could have write wrong ,i am not certain,you never mind)byeeeeeeeeee


RevJC: only you guys would use this as an excuse to legallize pot!



*** Signoff: top_cat1 (Leaving)

*** Mode change "+o Rev_Baphomet" on #subgenius by MSakamoto

magdalen: dude, it's not up to US whether they'll use nukes or not

*** Signoff: zurnayay ()

spazzed: not a chance

Sir_BloodT: well will bomb the islamic-whoevah-did-it guys and everything is gonna be ok

whyaskwhyb: brother on phone now, says Boeing 767 carries 7 tons of jet fuel and goes around 300 MPH

Sir_BloodT: i think the whole think will be forgoten in a month

magdalen: no way, bush has been waiting for something like this

RevJC: Forget what?

magdalen: he has this idiotic idea that a big war will help him get re-elected

Sir_BloodT: the event

Sir_BloodT: you will bomb them

MSakamoto: they've closed the mexican border

whyaskwhyb: Blood: are you fucking RETARDED?

Sir_BloodT: and thats it

Sir_BloodT: no

Sir_BloodT: im not retarded

Sir_BloodT: i just take it kewl

spazzed: well i suppose if he started a big ass war it could turn his economy around

whyaskwhyb: well you SOUND like a fucking retard

magdalen: well sure you do, it's not YOUR country

Sir_BloodT: when u bombed others with depleted uranium they were cool

RevJC: Hell people are still griping about Waco, I don't think this will soon be forgotten

Sir_BloodT: now its your turn

RevJC: especiialy when the war begins

Koenig: Oh! The humanity!

Rev_Dr_Lon: this will never be forgotten

spazzed: t was a bunch of crazy teenagers trying to score some goofballs

MSakamoto: now they're showing the impact in slow-motion

MSakamoto: geez.

Sir_BloodT: bombed many people with depleated uranium

magdalen: listen, convict, whatever happens to us, it will be ten times worse for whomever we blame, so gloat while you can

Sir_BloodT: its nasty stuff

Koenig: Goofballs! Goofballs!

Sir_BloodT: i wouldnt even feed it to Bush

DeleriuM: Where are you from BloodThrone?

magdalen: er, they they

magdalen: not we

Sir_BloodT: Greece

spazzed: im not so sure ...... our court system isnt all that vicious

DeleriuM: K, I thought the reference to convict meant you were an australian.

spazzed: so perhaps we'll just arrest bin laden

DeleriuM: :)

spazzed: and throw him in prison somewhere in nebraska

Sir_BloodT: but Earth is A gas exchange with space...radiation stays in....

*** Mode change "-o Sir_BloodThrone" on #subgenius by MSakamoto

Asquire: im looking for little things...YOU DO KNOW..CONSPIRACY theroies will reign for years over this.....they will be talking aobut his on mystery shows for decades into the watch the vidoes closes for that "grassy knoll"

RevJC: "no idea who did this"

*** OVERD0SED ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Rev_Dr_Lon has set the topic on channel #subgenius to GET THE FUCK TO CANADA -- END TIMES START!.....and you thought it wasn't going to happen (death of justin wilson enrages the world, chaos continues)

*** OVERD0SED has left channel #subgenius

RevJC: robably not a country"

Sir_BloodT: rdaition does dont die away....radiation kills though

DeleriuM: When will the movie come out you think?

Asquire: good one lon

magdalen: the president will speak soon

RevJC: "not iraq, iran..."

Asquire: The movie come sout in 2 years

Sir_BloodT: Well

RevJC: says wareren hatch

Sir_BloodT: Sakamoto didnt like what i said

whyaskwhyb: BOMB POOL: who do THEY blow up fo r this:

Asquire: I bet the president calls congress for war

Rev_Dr_Lon: terrorist just love justin wilson, when he died they couldnt handle it, they just had to show there anger

MSakamoto: people inside the pentagon are dead

spazzed: bah

spazzed: congress wont declare war

spazzed: they havent in 60 years or whatever

*** nu-monet (nothing@ has joined channel #subgenius

whyaskwhyb: war against WHO?

magdalen: I think they'll blow up palestine, but not with nukes on account of the jews being so close by

*** Mode change "+o nu-monet" on #subgenius by MSakamoto


Sir_BloodT: Well Sakamoto is a demokrat

whyaskwhyb: who could they daclare war ON?

Sir_BloodT: he took my op

RevJC: bush not to return to washington

DeleriuM: They're saying this is the worst thing since Pearl Harbour over here....

Sir_BloodT: cause he didnt like what i said

whyaskwhyb: greeting fellow AZ dweller

RevJC: Why should he , hasen't been there yet

Asquire: probably the talibon Afgan government

Sir_BloodT: and he said that its better than kicking me

magdalen: Sir_BloodThrone: she

Asquire: will go on a witch hunt for Bin Laden i garrenttee it

Sir_BloodT: well she

Rev_Dr_Lon: this will turn out worst than pearl harbor

Sir_BloodT: SHE must be more demokratic

magdalen: I don't believe in bin laden

RevJC: damn my feed is down again

whyaskwhyb: Bin LAuden + Emmanual Goldstein

whyaskwhyb: =

whyaskwhyb: I mean

nu-monet: Golly gee willacres. Here I am, one of the few ULTRA-HOLOCAUSTALS, and I'm just as mellow as can be.

Sir_BloodT: and SHE must be able to listen to nmew opinions even if they are not in favor of HER country

*** RetardedSmurf ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: yeah the internet is sagging under the load, this irc is all I can keep on

Sir_BloodT: and SHE must be able to listen to nmew opinions even if they are not in favor of HER country

Asquire: MY GOD ITS ONLY 11:49 Here!! what else could happen today!

Sir_BloodT: and SHE must be able to listen to nmew opinions even if they are not in favor of HER country

MSakamoto: yes, but you don't have to make a joke of it, you piece of shit.

spazzed: pat dawson is grinning ear to ear thinking about how brokaw is going to retire and now he'll be the big man on top

Sir_BloodT: hey

Asquire: lon: have you seen the flight tracker

Sir_BloodT: i didnt swear you

DeleriuM: 11:49AM?

Sir_BloodT: i didnt swear you

Asquire: yep Del

DeleriuM: What day is it there?

Rev_Dr_Lon: yup

whyaskwhyb: NU: hows chaos in PHX/

Sir_BloodT: i just said that you should have seen it coming

DeleriuM: it's 2:46 in the morning on wednesday here.

Sir_BloodT: being in power

Rev_Dr_Lon: thats one hell of a sharp turn

Sir_BloodT: having nukes

magdalen: quit repeating yourself or you will be banned, Sir_BloodThrone. we're all intelligent people in here, we see yout he first time

Sir_BloodT: and actually running the world

MSakamoto: do you understand that *hundreds* of people are *dead*? expected or unexpected, it's not even remotely funny.

Sir_BloodT: puts you in a difficult possition

nu-monet: Penis, AZ is its usual paranoid state. Mexicans are being rounded up as hostages. The usual.

whyaskwhyb: bloodthrone seems like a retard

magdalen: "the president will speak sometime in the next few hours"

MSakamoto: seems?

whyaskwhyb: I'm about sick of his shite

magdalen: bubba would already be on the air by now

Sir_BloodT: Im not a Retard im a Greek;)

*** Mode change "+b *!*" on #subgenius by whyaskwhybot

*** Mode change "+b *!*LHC@*" on #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet

*** Sir_BloodThrone has been kicked off channel #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet (Enforce Banning: *!* :z:)

MSakamoto: bubba would be kicking ass and taking names

magdalen: yeah

whyaskwhyb: you BEAT ME TOO IT

Asquire: thats right sak

magdalen: maybe he IS and they're just not telling us about it

Rev_Baphom: actually it only happened once you did it

Rev_Baphom: i only enforce banning.

MSakamoto: bubba is our secret weapon

Rev_Baphom: course..he WAS greek

Asquire: Im waiting for bubba to make a statement he say "Give me the military and ill kick some bin laden ass!!!"

*** Rev_Baphomet is now known as Rev_B_Gone

MSakamoto: i want to make an anal joke, but i can't think of a good one.

nu-monet: I'm wondering WHICH of YOU will reveal your secret inner pinkness, under even this mild pressure.

magdalen: oh bubba bubba, WHY did they pass that stupid amendment

spazzed: what if it was saddam

spazzed: wouldnt that be hilarious

magdalen: if bubba were still president this wouldn't even have happened because nobody would be mad at us

Rev_Dr_Lon: yeah

*** Stereokokke ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Marco21 ( has joined channel #subgenius

Rev_Dr_Lon: im voting for bill clinton next election, even if he dont run

Marco21: hi friend

magdalen: doesn't the amendment say he only can't RUN three times? couldn't we just write him in?

nu-monet: As yourself, "Am I spouting PINKNESS, because I am SECRETLY PINK?"

magdalen: oh please

MSakamoto: he can't run three consecutive times. i'm pretty sure he could run again in 2004.

Rev_Dr_Lon: he can

Marco21: im italian boy i stay near your country

MSakamoto: i could be wrong, though. i often am.

magdalen: that would kick ass

Koenig: Well, you wanted Spartacus!

Asquire: HIghest alert for the military friend called and he said all the guns were loaded and ready to route back to america

magdalen: MSakamoto: Hey, that's a dale carnegie saying!

Rev_Dr_Lon: and he would win

spazzed: just dont go on 20/20 and say you voted 4 times ...... or they fuck you

*** Signoff: Marco21 ()

MSakamoto: oh neat! i didn't know that, i thought i made it up myself!

MSakamoto: heh

Asquire: talking about nukes on MSNBC

magdalen: Dale says it's one of the most effective things one can say


nu-monet: That, and "Oh God I'm so horny. Fuck me now!"

MSakamoto: i just don't want to look like an ass if i'm wrong, so i like to add the disclaimer

magdalen: yeah, there's always that

*** Signoff: The_Boogie (Leaving)

RevJC: oh geeze

*** Signoff: DeleriuM (Ping timeout)

magdalen: gah, dubya on tape is speaking on my tv

Koenig: 200 firemaen missing!

MSakamoto: me too

magdalen: "this is a difficult moment for america"

RevJC: congress is useing this to say we need more security

magdalen: what a jerk

whyaskwhyb: traffic seems to be especially slow on Ebay

RevJC: re important then education

RevJC: social security and everything

MSakamoto: i knew i should have stocked up on emergency y2k rations

*** Signoff: RetardedSmurf (Idle in #TI plz sirz)

LouMinatti: Just thinking...from a cultural standpoint, i bet this situation inspires a "post-war" atmosphere that will finally kick-start us into a new forward-thinking era and put an end to the retro-exploitation trend once and for all. No more Woodstock anniversary concerts. No more Trek conventions. No more civil war re-enactments. Somehow, the upcoming "McHale's Navy" movie doesnt seem so important now. Now that the world has changed, who would stomach another Eagles reunion Tour? Hell, I

nu-monet: Nahhhhh.

Koenig: I guess that there were firemen in the WTC when it fell

Modemac: Lou: That's wishful thinking, unfortunately.

MSakamoto: they already made the mchale's navy movie ... it has bruce campbell and tom arnold in it

*** DeleriuM ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: dubya, let me give you a tip. "Folks" is not the most effective word one can choose to describe terrorists.

LouMinatti: WHAT???

MSakamoto: the planes will be allowed to land in the us instead of canada

Rev_Dr_Lon: everybody go look at yahoo

Modemac: There's too much money invested in nostalgia. You can't expect a little thing like 30,000 (?) dead in a terrorist disaster change that.

Koenig: One good thing: no damn soap operas this afternoon!

Rev_Dr_Lon: yahoo looks so fuckin awesome right now

MSakamoto: lou - didn't you know? it's not that bad. nothing with bruce campbell in it can be bad.

MSakamoto: fuck. we can't run to canada.

RevJC: Dr Lon: because you can win a ZAP scooter?

magdalen: shit

Rev_Dr_Lon: i want that ZAP scooter sooooo bad

LouMinatti: MSakamoto: i think we deserve to be bombed.

RevJC: spokens man from kabul.....?

nu-monet: I wonder if China will try a sneak attack on Taiwan right now, thinking we are distracted.

RevJC: oh Afganistan

MSakamoto: lou - because of the mchale's navy movie?

RevJC: Attacked 3 years ago my US

magdalen: anybody that's got anything to lose is going to be on their best behavior right now, i should think

LouMinatti: at least.

MSakamoto: but it wasn't that bad! tommy chong was in it!

spazzed: anyone remember the big lebowski when g bush sr says, "this will not stand .... this aggression will not stand" ..... today g bush says, "Terrorism against our nation will not stand"

nu-monet: Oh, oh. Bush just said: "Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight!"

RevJC: "not us, not us!"

*** asbent ( has joined channel #subgenius

nu-monet: Now I'm scared.

RevJC: "please don't blame us"

*** asbent is now known as geyou

Koenig: Wang Chung wit de Wu Tang

RevJC: "please don't kill us"

*** geyou is now known as GetBent

RevJC: I'm translateing here.

GetBent: Hey steve

GetBent: Wait! theres no steve here!

nu-monet: How many of you have the BALLS to greet someone in public with a hearty "Allah Akbar!"?

Stereokokk: live on CNN Wakil Ahmed Mutawakel

Koenig: You know that something's happening, but you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones

RevJC: Hey BJ

*** GetBent is now known as ABSeNT

ABSeNT: You say Impossible as he hands you the phone

magdalen: out of the ten thousand people in each tower, only several hundred have made it to hospitals

Asquire: i got pulled over today and said afterwards: "It cant get much worse than this"

MSakamoto: oops

Asquire: i gotta stop doign that

nu-monet: Asquire: And you *want* the world to end?

RevJC: ohoh

RevJC: TV went out

whyaskwhyb: what are those terrorists going to dream of blowing up now?

RevJC: oh back on

RevJC: close one

nu-monet: RevJCs TV


*** ONAN ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** asbent ( has joined channel #subgenius

Asquire: i feel important now

Modemac: I want the world to end, but I want it to end *my* way.

asbent: Whew. I thought they bombed my ISP for a sec ond there

magdalen: Baby, go give blood!

whyaskwhyb: the hopes and dreams of all the little terrorists have been shattered

ONAN: magdalen - what is the newsroom chat you were all about before?

DeleriuM: <Ducayne> should i nuke my lasagne, or wait for the US to do it for me?

magdalen: #cnn_newsroom

LouMinatti: yeah, MSN is basically looping the footage of the guy blowing snot on the fireman...they must be desperate, with all the dust

Asquire: i called the blood center, but since i have new tattoo's they wont let me

whyaskwhyb: they did the

*** JimboCLASS is now known as Jimbo

nu-monet: yes they di


magdalen: you put in for the irc server, and then go to #cnn_newsroom, but if that is scrolling too fast to read you can go to #news_cafe

RevJC: When is W coming on?

Asquire: dont know

magdalen: RevJC: sometime in the next few hours

spazzed: pretty much all my friends from marquette university are over at the blood center

Asquire: i got all this on tape

spazzed: me, i dont like needles

*** whyaskwhybot has set the topic on channel #subgenius to ULTIMATE TERRORIST MONEY SHOT!

nu-monet: Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant!

Asquire: im putting this with my "Doe" collection from 97

*** Stereokokke has left channel #subgenius

Jimbo: i'm fucking from new york, i cant find my phone card

nu-monet: I get credit for the "single terrorist" conspiracy theorem on this one.

Jimbo: i have to find a pay phone and call collect

ONAN: magdalen - thanks. it is a busy chat just now. accessible through

*** Signoff: ABSeNT (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)

RevJC: they are interviewing someone from afganistan

*** Jimbo is now known as JimboOUT

Koenig: Grassy knowl!

RevJC: I can't hear his responses!

nu-monet: Yep, ONE guy blew up ALL them targets.

asbent: wow

whyaskwhyb: in 10 years or so they are going to have some REALLY GOOD SECRET DOCUMANTS about this

RevJC: The magic plane theroy!

jeek: He remote-controlled the planes from his secret base at Starbucks in Seattle.

asbent: too bad it wasn't the taliban, they need to be overthrown


whyaskwhyb: all the LHO'S

asbent: Five planes

asbent: Five dillingers

asbent: 23 skidoo!!

nu-monet: I bet it was a white supremicist who did it.

RevJC: is this date significant in any way?

whyaskwhyb: news bulliten:

asbent: WHOA!!!

MSakamoto: it's the anniversary of the camp david accords

Asquire: the pentagon looks like shit! i thought about slamming a plane into once i thought id be shot down before i got close..... god, i hope little terrorists arnt watching this, because this is depressing how weak we really are

asbent: we are blaming afghanistan for harboring osama

StangAway: Fight Club!

*** StangAway is now known as Stang

nu-monet: Some anarchist, white supremicist, anti-GTO, anti-WTO type guy.

asbent: Stang- i thought of that too

MSakamoto: or an anniversary, i think they were actually signed a little later


magdalen: I can't believe the towers are gone

asbent: I was just pointing it out to someone in Athens

nu-monet: No, I don't think Stang was involved.

asbent: So what is the deal with Camp David??

Asquire: I keep thinking of that stupid movie with that guy between the twin towers

*** asbent is now known as absCNN

MSakamoto: private parts?

RevJC: "the us will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowdly acts"

magdalen: they are now saying there was no camp david crash, no state department bomb

RevJC: -- W

MSakamoto: they have a son of the beach commerical with that, too, i guess they won't air it now

nu-monet: Yeah, that's it. BLAME IT ON THE ANTI-WTO ANARCHISTS!

absCNN: I keep thinking of homer stuck between the world tradse centers

magdalen: well, they say there may have been a state department bomb but it did not go off

Stang: I wouldn't even know if I *was* involved.

Koenig: Yeah, some announcer was asking why the WTC towers fell down, I think that it was because of the airplanes

RevJC: London: Ben Ladin had warned 3 weeks ago

spazzed: boy .... the red cross is certaintly milking this oppurtunity to restock the blood supply

JimboOUT: i'm fucking crying

spazzed: like they really need that much blood ..... dead people DONT NEED BLOOD!

Asquire: my god 1/5th of the pentagon destroyd....this reality is hitting are we going to rebuild this!!!! A World trad center memorial??? this is just wild!

MSakamoto: cnn was saying that the secret service confirmed the camp david crash, but you never know with those wacky secret service guys

RevJC: but not specific

nu-monet: The Red Cross feeds lots of aliens with that blood.

*** anonymouse ( has joined channel #subgenius

Stang: It wasn't the airplanes... it was BEAUTY that killed the beast.

magdalen: MSakamoto: I know, but nbc just contradicted that!

absCNN: Thi snever woulda happened if gore would have been elected, snark snark

JimboOUT: no beast was killed, just people

anonymouse: Stang: lol

absCNN: Stang: LOL now kong has to move bakc to the Empire

nu-monet: I heard a couple of F-16s shot down the plane over Camp David airspace.

Asquire: fAILED Campign solgan for gore in 04: VOTE GORE, I DONT GET OUR SHIT BLOWN UP!

Stang: I was quoting King Kong for those bereft of humor at this moment.

JimboOUT: sorry

*** JimboOUT is now known as Jimbo

MSakamoto: jimbo's a little too young for the reference

RevJC: congress: We have failed the american people.

MSakamoto: heh

absCNN: JImbo- I know how you fele man, My eyes have vbheen watering

Stang: It will be a LONG time before rumor gets filtered out from "fact", and even then, DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING!

SirSharpe: its not the Pentagon anymore, its just a Polygon

nu-monet: "When the monkey die--everybody cry!", Dino de Laurentiis

anonymouse: Stang: You were quoting King Kong? I thought that was a non-speaking role.

whyaskwhyb: Stang: SMART people got it

absCNN: all: GO BUY GAS NOW before prices go up

spazzed: YAY!

Asquire: "Empire State Building Tallest building in New York again" <--- Somber statement

LouMinatti: "President Bush was put down at Barksville Airforce base"...think he put up a struggle?

spazzed: my school is canceled!

absCNN: Sheesh, I hope Leviathan doesn't get out again

whyaskwhyb: We are going to tank them up tonight

*** Cozmodiar ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mode change "+o Cozmodiar" on #subgenius by ChanServ

*** Mode change "+o Cozmodiar" on #subgenius by Rev_B_Gone

Jimbo: could be Giuliani so they wouldnt have to hold the elections

*** serbs (CacheFlowS@ has joined channel #subgenius

absCNN: Mys chool was cancelled

spazzed: hahahahaha

MSakamoto: they've confirmed dead and wounded at the pentagon, but they're not saying how many

Cozmodiar: howdy

spazzed: people all over minneapolis are calling 911 to report a plane in the air

nu-monet: Lou: The didn't "put him down", they just anesthetized him.

*** Mode change "+o absCNN" on #subgenius by Cozmodiar

Cozmodiar: wow, full house

Stang: Onan -- Maybe Doc Savage is behind this... his megalomania and senility got the best of him, and he wanted to have the highest ofice in NYC again.


RevJC: Bad time to take a joy ride in your Cessna.


Jimbo: my phone wont work, nothings going through to my family

magdalen: it worries me that no one has claimed responsibility

Stang: If only I had my stocks here to fuck!

whyaskwhyb: STOOBID PALESTINIANS are attempting to make it EASY to find somebody to HATE

*** asbent ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** BUCHWALD_ ( has joined channel #subgenius

Cozmodiar: osama bin laden = easy scape goat

spazzed: is MSN the channel to watch or is NBC doing ok?

*** Mode change "+o asbent" on #subgenius by Cozmodiar

asbent: I took the webcam into town and fiolmed folks reacting to the TV in the student uniion, and recorded on audio people in the gas station talking about it that didn't know they were being recorded


MSakamoto: i'm watching cbs, it's doing pretty okay

magdalen: spazzed: watch whichever you find the most comforting

nu-monet: I vote we BLAME Janet Reno. She's known to do this sort of shit.

jeek: /server /join #CNN_Newsfeed

magdalen: I couldn't stand dan rather right now


magdalen: jeek: is that thing working today?

RevJC: What is he doing mags

Cozmodiar: i've had enough news for now- not gonna junkie it

ONAN: i just worry for any nyc subgenii

magdalen: RevJC: I don't know, and I don't want to know

spazzed: i like how they are interjecting those heartwarming images of all the happiness on the streets over on the east bank .... the palestinians are partying

asbent: i say we take the approach we did during the election, abreviate names and a dd a suffix denoting which channel we a re monitering...that wors well

Cozmodiar: i'll catch up with the major events by the time for bbc world news

Jimbo: there is someone behind this. i say osama bin laden to refer to him


RevJC: We must treat anyone harboring terrorists as if they COMMITED this act of war

Stang: Whyaskwhy, you REALLY should go to Burning Man, it's nothing BUT people who build Thunderdomes.

MSakamoto: the fbi is trying to sort together what has happened at camp david, they're saying ... they're now saying that the penn. crash was possibly targeted at camp david

spazzed: nu: CHINA

RevJC: Everyone is accountable who shelters anyone accosiated with this act

whyaskwhyb: I say it's TOO HARD to BLOW FUCK out of the palestinians

anonymouse: It doesn't so much mess me up that a bunch of people died (though that is sad.) But what really bothers me is that COULD HAVE BEEN -ME-. That just ain't right. With that many people in that building, there must have been at least -one- subgenius. This is -pinks- killing -subgeniuses-. THAT is just WRONG.

BUCHWALD_: hello from spain

Asquire: numonet--- I blame Pat Robertson

nu-monet: BLAME SOMEONE. WHO?:

Koenig: Hola

whyaskwhyb: they need another country with SHITTY NEIGHBORs

asbent: WEll, I can see the reasoning behing blaming afghanistan

magdalen: the FBI, CIA, and NSA have formed a joint task force

whyaskwhyb: IE AFGHANISTAN

asbent: "OK we don't know =who did it, lets get thos e Talban fuckers!"

whyaskwhyb: IRAN? FUCK THEM

magdalen: hi BUCHWALD_


nu-monet: ART BUCHWALD?

BUCHWALD_: have you got some news from usa?

*** Signoff: absCNN (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)

*** Signoff: RevJC (SubG WebIRC! [EOF])

*** SubG_621 ( has joined channel #subgenius

Cozmodiar: hells bells, we dont need to know- a quick land war in afghanistan will rally enough public feeling

*** asbent is now known as absCNN

Asquire: TAPE COMMING IN...BUshs makes a statement

SirSharpe: prez is on


*** SubG_621 is now known as RevJC

magdalen: he's not on nbc, dammit!

Stang: Or was it H. Allen Smith?

absCNN: Buchwald was the man on the Grasyy 767'

Jimbo: what a stupid thing to say: "All major league baseball has been cancelled because of the bombings

nu-monet: Is Bush still dancing the "Lambada"

magdalen: sure it's not the tape from before?

*** Mode change "+o ONAN" on #subgenius by Cozmodiar

*** Mode change "+o RevJC" on #subgenius by Cozmodiar

*** Signoff: serbs (Read error: 0 (Error 0))

absCNN: Jimbo why is that stupid?

absCNN: here it goes agaion...

absCNN: BOOOOOM!!!!!


*** Asquire is now known as AsquireMSNBC

nu-monet: Stang: I actually have a copy of H. Allen Smith's "Rude Jokes."

Cozmodiar: damn fucking terrorist attack closed campus

BUCHWALD_: where are you guys from?

Cozmodiar: they dont have the right to take my classes away

Stang: It looks to me like damn near everything has been cancelled.

-*whyaskwhybot*- DCC Chat (

*** DCC CHAT offer from whyaskwhybot (whyaskwhya@MAX4-Port63.Downtown.INFOMAGIC.NET)

absCNN: Hey coz!

RevJC: president statement

Cozmodiar: i was going to goto the bank today

Cozmodiar: but i figured it would be closed too

absCNN: Coz- I have server space locatedf for you

Cozmodiar: yo abs

whyaskwhyb: STANG: DCC

Cozmodiar: whoah, far out

Cozmodiar: thanks maan ;)

RevJC: here he goes

Cozmodiar: =)

absCNN: we will bomb the afghans I bet

Cozmodiar: yeah

RevJC: can't establishg connection

magdalen: damn, nbc still has nothing on the president

Jimbo: its not stupid, but it was just shoved in there

nu-monet: Hey, it's TUESDAY, they sure AS HELL better not CANCEL BATTLEBOTS ON COMEDY. That would REALLY PISS ME OFF!

absCNN: My boss is in the reserves, Ill let you know after work tonight if he mobilizes

BUCHWALD_: where is president bush right now?

RevJC: here iis

magdalen: BUCHWALD_: we're not allowed to know, silly

RevJC: "full resource of govt are ...savings lives"

RevJC: "make no mistake"

RevJC: "US will hunt down and punish"

BUCHWALD_: fuck you magdalen

RevJC: hey heard this alredy

*** Signoff: MSakamoto (Ping timeout)

absCNN: we have been in leaqders

nu-monet: Last I saw Bush he was dancing the Lambada with one of the Four Horsemen

absCNN: will do what efver necessary

magdalen: BUCHWALD_: huh? it's the truth! he's at a secret location, for our protection

*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)

BUCHWALD_: are you all from usa?

nu-monet: Bush has been sanitized for our protection?

absCNN: Nore from malaysia

priestess: They mostly are. I'm in London.

magdalen: mostly, yeah, BUCHWALD_

BUCHWALD_: is anybody from europe?

spazzed: hes going to go furiosly masturbate

spazzed: whos the blind guy?

absCNN: brb

priestess: BUCHWALD_: I'm in London.

*** BUCHWALD_ has been kicked off channel #subgenius by RevJC (RevJC)

Jimbo: i need a PACK of cigarettes

Jimbo: NEED

Jimbo: NEED!!!


Koenig: Have a Camel

magdalen dccs Jimbo a pack of smokes

Cozmodiar: i am not a bot

whyaskwhyb: NU: WHAT OF IT?

Closing DCC CHAT connection to whyaskwhybot

Closed DCC CHAT connection to whyaskwhybot

anonymouse: They make bots that fuck?

nu-monet: Camel==Arab==BAD

Jimbo: i'm going out now. praise "Bob", hail the good ol U.S. of A.

whyaskwhyb: I'll FUCK YA

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Cozmodiar: why are you banning him jesus

magdalen: oh dear, supposing this pack is the last pack of camels I'll ever get!

LouMinatti: Bush is terrible. Roosavelt he is not. That speech was weak. No memorable tag-line that will echoe down through the ages. A lack of eloquence that will live in infamy.

whyaskwhyb: bush is a CORNDOG

Cozmodiar: yeah, he needed a rallying line

nu-monet: Yep. No more camels, or falafel, or hummus, or other arab stuff

anonymouse: Guuber the talking horse.

Cozmodiar: he's a cornpone country cunt

JimboPISSE: really makes sense now. Nuclear doom, something to laugh about

whyaskwhyb: the Ev Mecham of PResidents

Cozmodiar: fuck, those bastards are gonna take my humus

JimboPISSE: i'm out


Koenig: Beware of the Lurking Falafel!

whyaskwhyb: NO MORE CASEY KASEM!

RevJC: Because I am unable to punch him accross the IRC

DeleriuM: Has the US dollar dropped yet?

magdalen: are tunisian olives from arabia?

nu-monet: Loose lips sip falafel

Koenig: Tunis

nu-monet: tunis==Moroc

nu-monet: co

magdalen: ah, so that's africa, no?

Stang: DAWN OF THE DEAD -- at the beginning, when society is breaking down and the world is ending, there's this one emergency worker guy who's DESPERATE for a cigaret... and you KNOW that he's not going to get one before he dies and becomes a zombie... that was a paranoia of mine when I still smoked. "WHAT IF ROAD WARRIOR WORLD CAME, WHERE WOULD I GET MY 'FRIGGIES??"

Stang: Strange what a national crisis will bring out in people.

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Koenig: Dubya is on

RevJC: Koenig: Live

AsquireMSN: Stang-- AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!! i love ... Day of the dead is pretty awesome too

anonymouse: Magdalen: It's creepy that nobody is taking credit.

RevJC: what cannel?

nu-monet: Stang: Now you're still gonna be an Arab zombie, and you STILL won't get to smoke.

RevJC: channel

spazzed: he was just on nbc

Koenig: abc?

magdalen: I think they're still just looping the old tape

spazzed: it was a new old tape

whyaskwhyb: STANG: remember the STEEL WORKERS are IN THE COMPOUND ALWAYS

magdalen: yes

magdalen: anonymouse: very creepy

nu-monet: Does anyone have a copy of "The Towering Inferno"? How about "Airport"?

whyaskwhyb: It's the hard knock life for us

whyaskwhyb: It's the hard knock life for us

whyaskwhyb: Steada treated, we get tricked

whyaskwhyb: Steada kisses, we get kicked

whyaskwhyb: It's the hard knock life!!

RevJC: Really giving it to Ben Ludin

magdalen: why does bush always call horrible acts "cowardly"

magdalen: he called that kid murderer "cowardly" too

Cozmodiar: cause cowardly is a buzz word

Koenig: Oh! This is from Louisiana

spazzed: i dont think it was cowardly

anonymouse: Magdalen: He didn't get past page 3 in the superlatives book.

spazzed: id say whoever did this had ballzacs!

magdalen: it was horrific, but it took guts

Stang: Whyaskwhy -- right, and remember The Smokers in WATERWORLD. The guys who can make the cars and motors run are the most valued members of society.

Koenig: Huevos!

RevJC: well he can't really say "Those Brave terrorists"

nu-monet: It wouldn't be Texan to call him a "motherfucker" on the air.

Stang: Also the guys who can get you the cigarets -- theyw oo will rule tomorrow's doomsday holocaust world.

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nu-monet: Stang: Cigarettes or paper currency. Which would you trust?

whyaskwhyb: I just bought more aceteylne so WE ARE SET

anonymouse: Cigarettes and porno. They'll be the currency.

magdalen: oh dear, the mail has come and there's a thick JC Penney's Christmas Catalog in it

magdalen: how... ironic

nu-monet: why: you making an acetylene device?

AsquireMSN: ummmm did anybody just see that fruedian slip on MSNBC????

magdalen: it's got all these wreaths and things

RevJC: magdalen: see how much body armor is

whyaskwhyb: Amy whole YARD is an acetylene device


whyaskwhyb: my

AsquireMSN: with the cape canaverl space display

anonymouse: What freudian slip?

Stang: One of Phil Dick's books has a post nuke society where cigarets are better than money... "DR... (something)love? " Can't remember the title... sounds like Dr. Strangelove...

Cozmodiar: mangelove

AsquireMSN: NASA info flashed on screen

asbent: I ownder twhen they will find all our Osama crakcs and echelon baiting from the other night!

AsquireMSN: were under alien attack!

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Stang: In A BOY AND HIS DOG, live women are the medium of exchange.

RevDrJack: Mercy

magdalen: well, if you ever wondered in a fight between CIA NSA and FBI, who would win, now we know

magdalen: FBI

whyaskwhyb: Stang: especially at the end


magdalen: hmmm

RevDrJack: Been thinking over all the stuff I've seen and heard in the last month - hard not to see a pattern emerging.

Cozmodiar: nsa would win yo

Cozmodiar: nsa is 7 times as large as the cia

magdalen: two american air planes, two united air planes hijacked... perhaps continental and delta did it!


whyaskwhyb: "former POW"

Cozmodiar: jump jiving

magdalen: Cozmodiar: they fought this morning, and the FBI won

asbent: AWHy! wheree??????

asbent: why ask---what chan???

nu-monet: The revenge of TWA

AsquireMSNBC TURNS ON "Darkside of the moon" and finds an erie sync with the building explosions

magdalen: they formed a joint task force, and the FBI is firmly at the head of it

anonymouse: The girl scouts are 50 times bigger than the cia

whyaskwhyb: every fukking time they say FORMER POW MCCAIN

Stang: If the post holocaust Road Warrior society comes, I have such specialized mechanical skills and poor aim that i'd be shit out of luck... about the only occupation for me would be witch doctor. Since we're all assuming the world IS finally ending...

*** asbent is now known as absNBC

whyaskwhyb: this seems like a job for FOX FORCE 5

anonymouse: Wasn't the Pows a girl band in the sixties?

magdalen: thank god I got my eyes fixed before this happened

absNBC: This wouldn't have happend if MCCAIN was elected!!!

MSakamoto: can i be the one with all the jokes and the knives?

Stang: Magdalen -- I think you're onto something re: Continental and Delta.

RevDrJack: Well, now we have a real use for all that stuff we sent to Egypt last month.


absNBC: we 'd be at war with MARS byu now!

absNBC: we'd be foighting the GREY martian outpost

whyaskwhyb: STANG: you can ride around on my back and we'll be MASTERBLASTER

RevJC: CNN just said this the first time we have ever been attacked... that's not true is it

nu-monet: absNBC: We have enough tanks and other hardware to INVADE MARS.

whyaskwhyb: I'll have to chop off your legs, of course

Stang: Whyaskwhy -- gee, I can't wait... eugh....

Cozmodiar: no way jose

absNBC: pearlharbor never happened?

anonymouse: Wasn't the Former Tortured Brainwashed Slaves a girl band in the sixties

Cozmodiar: 8 years ago

whyaskwhyb: you're scrawny but jeez whiz

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Cozmodiar: this is the 2nd time there has been an attack on the world trade3 cfnters

priestess: I attacked America a few years ago, but I wasn't very good at it. Nobody even noticed so I went to a bar and got drunk.

MSakamoto: they crashed a plane into the world trade center in 1993, too/

absNBC: BTW the Hungarians have discoverd sub-ice life on mars

Cozmodiar: gnah, that was a bomb

absNBC: it was ion WIRED yesterday

nu-monet: anony: Yeah, McCain played bass

MSakamoto: oh, my bad

Cozmodiar: sub-isce life

Cozmodiar: FUCK THAts's coool!

Pythos: People today is a sad day indeed

MSakamoto: i wasn't even born then

Cozmodiar: hungarians

RevJC: Weird, they must be confused

Cozmodiar: what were they doing over there

Stang: How the fuck do HUNGARIANS know life on MARS from GOULASH??

magdalen: abs: yes, and they have an aids vaccine too, jus released yesterday as well

absNBC: there are all the se dark spots

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Cozmodiar: by Dobbs

absNBC: mags- are you pulling my legs?

magdalen: I bet those hungarians just said that to get attention

nu-monet: Pythos: No, today is tuesday. Sadday is in four days.

Cozmodiar: hungary is on the motherfucking ball

Stang: You bring up GOULASH EATERS at a time like this? Insensitive...

RevDrJack: They got my end of town locked down tight - I work right beside the Naval Base

whyaskwhyb: in sympathy for the many victims of terrorism I'm going to go take a shower and eat breakfast now

RevJC: I guess this makes my POWER DOME idea not seem so crazy after all!

magdalen: abs: nope. works on monkeys, next step is to try it on humans

AsquireMSN: anybody notice that civil rights have dropped in america in the last few hours..

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absNBC: ABSENT : the "s" is fopr Insesensitive

Cozmodiar: that's frakkin' cool

spazzed: im with whyaskwhy, im going to get a haircut and sit at country kitchen

RevJC: oh boy we are going to obliterate Afganistan

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Cozmodiar: i'm kinda bummed that i miss my music theory class

Cozmodiar: my prof is yeti and i fucking know it

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magdalen: they're pulling in DEA agents to give extra help looking for bombs

SirSharpe: Hmm, preety good turn out here. Irc is cool

RevDrJack: Look for the first wave of US troops somewhere near Egypt

Stang: Country Kitchen does sound good... there's a Baker's Pie near here... this crisis is making me want to spend money senselessly.

Cozmodiar: damn paranoid gov't canceling classes

RevJC: a retalitory strike?

Ericcc: In this moment of US national tragedy, we should not miss the news that Palestinian children are handing out candy in the streets of Jerusalem while their parents are celebrating. I wonder how long it will take the American people to forget this?

anonymouse: Looking for bombs? They should be looking for planes.

RevJC: "let's be blunt"

Cozmodiar: wooohoooo

Cozmodiar: pass the blunt to akmed

MSakamoto: i want caffiene, and i have no money to buy soda.

MSakamoto: ::sob::

RevDrJack: Operation Bright Star's been sending military cargo and transports over there for the last 4 weeks.

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Cozmodiar throws candy instead of rocks at isreali troopers

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magdalen: I wonder if the airlines give lodging vouchers at a time like this

Cozmodiar: yeah, in the waiting terminal

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RevJC: "the tallybahn should be regrded as reposible"

anonymouse: I wonder if they give out parachutes.

Cozmodiar: tallywackerban

RevJC: "fully justified military action"

*** whyaskwhybot (whyaskwhya@MAX4-Port63.Downtown.InfoMagic.NET) has joined channel #subgenius

Stang: Maybe this isn't a good time to live near any Ground Zeros... hey Jesus, I think in downtown Dallas you're sitting in the bulls eye of a big target.

AsquireMSN: is the pentagon still burning away??

Cozmodiar: we shoulda nuked them for blowing up buddha statues

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Stang: I wonder if there's anything mleft in Cleveland worth destroying.

Cozmodiar: the rock&roll museam

RevJC: Stank: luckily were in GArlond (god's land) and protected

whyaskwhyb: ok I just got a POPUP WINDOW that said the service was suspended in sympathy to the victims

Stang: I would think that Silicon Valley would be another good target... plus Philo lives there.

RevDrJack: Stang: Bullseye? I'm working next door to the largest Navy base on the East Coast. Guess that counts.

magdalen: yeah baby, come home already!

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RevJC: We can't go, banks are still open!

Stang: RevDr Jack -- right, there ya go.

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RevDrJack: In fact, they sent home all non-essential personel about an hour ago.

magdalen: though it does seem to be calmed down

RevJC: Anyway the Masons have called a special meeting

Stang: Whyaskwhy -- that popup window is the harbinger of the apocalypse.

Cozmodiar: this still isn't going to stop me from cooking some pasta

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ONAN: magdalen: #cnn_newsfeed

absNBC does the "Happy and Safe in Appalachia Dance"

RevJC: we need to decide what the country will do next

*** Signoff: priestess (Going Home From Work.)

AsquireMSN: hey...wasnt part of the Colombine Plan...I thought that they had planned on hijacking plans and crashing into newyork

magdalen: onan: can't seem to manage more than this chat room, even with broadband,but thanks

Cozmodiar: see- terrorist targets area WAY WAY different from nuke targets

RevDrJack: The country will continue with the little known operation they started this summer, with some adjustments.

whyaskwhyb: F

whyaskwhyb: U

whyaskwhyb: C

whyaskwhyb: K

AsquireMSN: k

AsquireMSN: damn

RevJC: We now have proof it was Ben Ludin!

ONAN: missed it earlier ifit came up --- --- --- what is the word on ny area subg?

Cozmodiar: hahah, why cause the fbi said so

whyaskwhyb: whos WE?

whyaskwhyb: JC?

magdalen: heinlein always said that dallas was a lovely place to bomb because you can see the clouds from so far away

absNBC: JC: What Network, dude???

Stang: I think we should declare Martial law, round up the extreme right wingers and left wingers, sprinkle the entire rest of the world with bombs, and let "Bob" sort 'em out.

Cozmodiar: not yet

RevJC: He was wearing the secret cerimonial swaord 3 days ago, that has never been worn before!

RevJC: Let the bombs fly!


Stang: Ooooh weee, Wei's home... Ah'll Be Bach.

AsquireMSN: "Banjamin Lawdon's" are being arrested all around america

Cozmodiar: i got an email last night from revsexmortus

*** Stang is now known as StangAway

Cozmodiar: hahaha

*** Signoff: whyaskwhybot (GET THE ROACH! WE GOT SLOPES ON THE WIRE!)

absNBC: JC_ those Yemenese daggers are made from Northern White Rhino horn...the fuckers. That is an affront to Allah

magdalen: revsex checked in earlier

Cozmodiar: hey it's asquire

magdalen: he was ok at that time

Cozmodiar: aaah good to hear

anonymouse: We don't know who did it. We should bomb the Freemasons.

magdalen: but then, he went out to check on his friends

AsquireMSN: hey Coz

Cozmodiar: i'm glad he's alright; i'd have to fuck some sand niggers up myself if they popped a rightous sub like mortus

*** alexandar ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: sifu is still not accounted for

absNBC: There was an Anti-freemasons prty int he 1920's that almost put a president in office

anonymouse: Let's have a party.

*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)

RevDrJack: Well, they're patting down people as they re-enter my workplace, so I should leave now.

absNBC: we ARE having an IRC badnewsparty

Cozmodiar: the germs on smithers' neck shout "freemasons rule the country" to monty burns

*** Signoff: alexandar (Leaving)

Cozmodiar: abs, yeah- pretty much what it is

RevJC: Well back to work.

magdalen: brb

*** Signoff: Koenig ()

RevDrJack: I'll be back later - remember, keep an eye on Egypt. Something's breen brewing, and it just went to boil.

RevJC: let me know if anything else blows up.

absNBC: Why egypt?

*** RevJC is now known as JCaway

Cozmodiar: why not egypt


Cozmodiar: yeah, rdj was talking about someting happening over there recently

Cozmodiar: a buildup

Cozmodiar: possibly for isreali/palestinean shite

RevDrJack: abs: We've been sending a TON of cargo and transports over there for the last month.

MSakamoto: brb

absNBC: 2001-09-11 16:44:00 KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Afghanistan's hardline Taliban rulers condemned the devastating terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on Tuesday and rejected suggestions that Osama bin Laden could be behind them. The Taliban's ambassador to neighboring Pakistan, Abdul Salam Zaeef, said bin Laden, the Saudi dissident who has been given asylum in this troubled nation, does not have the facilities needed to carry out such well-orchestrated attacks. ' U.N. sanc

RevDrJack: Gotta go back to work - BBL

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absNBC: huh

absNBC: Afhghans are running scared

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absNBC: they know theyr gonna be dust at 3 am

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Lilith: HNEE

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Stang: Chris, how was Best Buy? Burning?

ChrisLee: mass rioting, looting.

Stang: Cull


ChrisLee: i figgered it would be a good idea to fill up the van's gas tank too. $30!

absNBC: CHris- mkje too, I tanked up the Nova


Stang: Hmmm... gas prices... hadn't even thought of that...

Lilith invests in petrochemicals real fast

absNBC: Stang- get tanked before the prices skyrocket...they do everytime there's trouble in the middle east, and the stock markets are going nuts right now

Stang: I now kind of wish I hadn't mailed out all those shows and swag and orders at 5:15 pm last night... all those SubGenius Cd and tape orders are now grounded I bet, and low priority compared to the troop movements.

absNBC: 1.70 for midgrade still 2 hours ago

Cozmodiar: this just in: the smoke from the world trade center explosions can be seen from the international space station

*** yukfo ( has joined channel #subgenius

Stang: I phoned my parents a little while ago -- my dad said to stock up on Viagra.


absNBC: Jesus

*** DokSikki ( has joined channel #subgenius

Cozmodiar: bastards...

absNBC: the lower manhattan NBC shots are creepy

Lilith: Coz, what IS with your love of constant race baiting, anyhow?

Lilith: I mean, at least Legume and Papa Joe are FUNNY about it.

Cozmodiar: it's easy :)

DokSikki: heh, I KNEW Id find all you fuckers here!!!

Cozmodiar: yo sikki

Lilith: Sikki: No kidding.

*** Mode change "+o DokSikki" on #subgenius by Lilith

absNBC: it's less wortk than gender baiting?

Cozmodiar: i use racial slurs in reference to every ethnicity

absNBC: Sikki!

Cozmodiar: get a grip

*** ONAN ( has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: I prefer gender bathing.

*** Mode change "+o ONAN" on #subgenius by Cozmodiar

Stang: When the country is under attack and cities are burning, doesn't EVERYBODY flock to #subgenius on fefnet for ALL their breaking news?

absNBC: Bathing is fun

ONAN: 'earthstation1' in nyc just emailed - alive, watching the smoke

Cozmodiar: really lil- it's a drag you take my ethnic slurs seriously

Lilith: YEAH! Mags knows EVERYTHING that Greta Van Soreson knows!

absNBC: BRB i am gonna see if is live

Cozmodiar: i could care less as long as my pickup gets here

Cozmodiar: eventually

*** DastardlyDrN ( has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: Coz: Well, if only you were funny about it. Sorry, it's an old habit.

absNBC: doh!

absNBC: sorry

Cozmodiar: yes i was

*** Mode change "+o DastardlyDrN" on #subgenius by Lilith

Cozmodiar: and i alwas am

*** DastardlyDrN is now known as DasCNN

AsquireMSN: "only sin was showing up for work this morning" say anchor...hes obviously subgenii

absNBC: "Art Bell is planning to cover the horrible terrorist events of today on Coast to Coast AM as long as technical difficulties are avoided."

Cozmodiar: at least in my own mind

yukfo: In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb" , "The third big war will begin when the big city is burning" - Nostradamus 1654'

Cozmodiar: art bell: aliens did it!

absNBC: NAhh

absNBC: art bell's guests: "aliens did it"

Cozmodiar: richard c. hoagland is bin laden

absNBC: get it straight

Cozmodiar: hahaha, good point

DasCNN: damnit

DasCNN: too soon

DasCNN: too fucking soon

Cozmodiar: it's the crystal consortium

AsquireMSN: that accurate prediction.....whered you get that

AsquireMSN: gimme a URL

ONAN: "In the time of great conflict will words be invented and twisted for panic and profit. Things will happen, and people will say I said so." - Nostradomus 3:16

DasCNN: I don't have my armaments built up yet!

DasCNN: shit!

magdalen: anything more happen since I was outside?

absNBC: Hoagland is an acid casuality...his sitting in with the doors gives him away

Lilith: Yukfo: That's cute. How the FUCK did NYC get promoted to City Of God?!?

yukfo: irc in south africa where i live

Cozmodiar: he sat in with the doors?

absNBC: Damn, I bet art is on the short wave right now'

magdalen: since it's the big apple, you should say it is the city of Eris

Cozmodiar: righto chaps, it's pasta time

absNBC: Coz- yes he plays drums with mazarek and kreiger sometimes

Cozmodiar: whoah, that's cool!

Cozmodiar: he may be nuts, but at least he can carry a beat

Stang: Nostradamus unfortunately also predicted X-Day (for 1999(!)) but he was wrong there too.

Stang: We prefer to be called "Acid-Differently-Abled Americans" thank you very much.

AsquireMSN: i heard in dreams you see things in x day might be in 9991

absNBC: What we all should really be concerened about now is the imminent danger of DataViral terrorism following.

SirSharpe: Peter Jennings said "the only sin these People committed (the victims) was showing up to WORK". - QUIT YOUR JOB!

*** whyaskwhybot (whyaskwhya@MAX4-Port63.Downtown.InfoMagic.NET) has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: AMEN!!!

*** Mode change "+o whyaskwhybot" on #subgenius by Lilith

AsquireMSN: sharpe..i called that a few lines up

whyaskwhyb: DATE TODAY : 9-11

whyaskwhyb: GET IT?

JCaway: five battle ships 2 aircarriers moving out on east coast

Lilith: Why: No, not at all.

JCaway: first they said for safty

whyaskwhyb: lots of testosterone, but who to blow up?

*** Ana_Brazil ( has joined channel #subgenius

JCaway: now thwy say for a "specific reason"

whyaskwhyb: lil: EMERGENCY

whyaskwhyb: 911

magdalen: doh!

magdalen: good one

Lilith: WHOA.

Lilith: Someone's trying to TELL us something!

whyaskwhyb: the heads on TV are saying it was PLANNED

JCaway: "perhaps to protect the coast"

DasCNN: ragheads gonna die

magdalen: "the bastards knew they were taking planes that were full of fuel"

DasCNN: lots of'm

JCaway: maybe to shoot down missles

Lilith: What's that? TIMMY'S IN THE WELL?!?

whyaskwhyb: smoke dem smoke dem raghedz

Lilith: Why did you crash five planes t TELL US?!? Just send LASSIE you stupid fuxor!

Lilith: Sheeit.

magdalen: "the administration is stressing that the president is in charge, and is in constant communication"

JCaway: maybe just to getthem away from the land so not a target

whyaskwhyb: WITH WHO?

JCaway: GOD

magdalen: not us

magdalen: they didn't say

whyaskwhyb: he's probably setting up another fishing trip[

magdalen: just that he is in communication

Lilith: "Daddy, what should I do now?!?"

whyaskwhyb: what would Al Gore have done?

whyaskwhyb: trigger lock?

*** zangado-22 ( has joined channel #subgenius

Stang: WARNING: BEWARE PATRIOTIC FEELINGS. The Con uses them to get you to go along with ANYTHING in times like this. When the Gulf War started I myself STUPIDLY "got behind our troops" when I really should have been "behind our troops" by going out in the streets (or airwaves) hollering and screaming about what a fucking SET-UP it was for a FEW RICH FAMILIES.

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

ChrisLee: the administration is stressing *because* the pres is in charge?

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

Stang: Agsin it's like one part of the Con appears to be your FRIEND just because you both have a common ENEMY.

Ana_Brazil: me

Ana_Brazil: but im i9n Brazil

magdalen: this is their statement -- yes, the president is really, really in charge, no foolin

whyaskwhyb: STANG: when the gulf war started I declared myself to be FREE and the AMERICANS had started the war and went out to play helicopter attack game at the local video parlor


*** oddfeller ( has joined channel #subgenius

whyaskwhyb: not a popular opinion, let me tell you

Lilith: No.

magdalen: i bet bush is thinking right now, "how will this affect my chances for re-election?"

*** oddfeller has left channel #subgenius

DasCNN: whew

*** Signoff: yukfo ()

whyaskwhyb: now THEY are going to SCORCh a bunch of innocent RAGHEADS just to get THE BAD ONES

Lilith: This isn't politics. It's Wheel Of Fortune.

DasCNN: my mom isn't 3 blocks from the world trade center like she planned to be today

Lilith: And the Reaper is wearing a gorgeous designer gown and turning letters like a pro.

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

whyaskwhyb: I'd like to "buy a bowel", Vanna

Stang: Things haven't changed much -- it's always a bunch of ruling apes getting a bunch of ruled apes to go and DIE for them. Funny litle monkeys.

Lilith: There are three bowels! *BOOM BOOM BOOM*

whyaskwhyb: HUMANS


Lilith: Stang: It's like Judas said about the Planet Of The Apes remake: "Why would I pay eight dollars to see a planet violently ruled by mindless apes? I have CNN."

Lilith: HA HA HA.

DasCNN: damnit... five more years! five more years...

whyaskwhyb: hahahahahahaha

magdalen: god, jennings just said it's been almost five hours

magdalen: time flies when world war III is starting

DasCNN: plane fell in shanksville

Lilith: What is Shanksville?

DasCNN: near pittsburgh

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

DasCNN: someone said earlier that it was near camp david

DasCNN: at my place of work, that is

magdalen: DasCNN: there are conflicting reports on that

whyaskwhyb: all is peaceful in N.Az I am happy to report

ChrisLee: 80 miles S of Pittsburgh

whyaskwhyb: I'm feeling a bit peckish actually

Stang: Voltaire said, "If you want to change the world, cultivate your garden," which after 40 years of watching the news, I now agree with completely. I wish to fuck that I could do something to help all these millions of poor suffering people but... well... giving blood would probably be the most practical and even then it's only a gesture probably. (SIGH) Oh the world is too much with us... "HURRY UP, X-DAY!"

whyaskwhyb: god I'm glad my brother isn't dead

whyaskwhyb: now I can JOIN LILin SATIRE!

DasCNN: I'll help the world by selectively beating the shit out of world leaders

Lilith: Chris: Oh, we knew about that one.... I thought it was a new one.

Lilith: YAY WHY!!!

Lilith does the Immanent Bad Taste Dance

whyaskwhyb: fucking PRAYER is what done this

whyaskwhyb: think about it

whyaskwhyb: ragheads pray LEFT xtians pray RIGHT

Lilith: BTW, I'm makin' 'em crack up in Belgium right now.

MSakamoto: brb

whyaskwhyb: em?

*** Signoff: MSakamoto ()

Lilith: So when do we start dropping Buddah statues on the Taliban?

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*** superkate ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mode change "+o superkate" on #subgenius by Rev_B_Gone


Lilith: KATE!

superkate: hi everybody

Lilith: Quick, to the shelter!

DasCNN: I heard the taliban and osama condemned this attack

superkate: well, the times have gone from crazed to epic today...

DasCNN: of course, that could just be a ruse

Lilith pulls Kate into the beanbag-lined bomb shelter

Lilith: CNN: I heard the same.

whyaskwhyb: well they are CRAZY but they aren't STUPID

ChrisLee: hi kate

Stang: Actually my Mom told me that one of my cousins, one I actually know, lives in NYC. So now I have a family member to remotely worry about. I know his mom better so I'm actually more worried about HER worrying. Funny how one's mind sorts priorities of fretting, involuntarily.

superkate: whoohoo! safe in the SubG bomb shelter! whew.

DasCNN: if the gumment has HALF the technology I know about, ragheads is gonna die

whyaskwhyb: it's going to be SCORCHED EARTH for SOME LUCKY COUNTRY

DasCNN: scorched earth about a mile and a half deep

Lilith: BTW, I may be travelling to Atlanta to help train the staff down there, in a couple weeks, and would be gone for three weeks or so.

superkate has a couple cousins in nyc...

DasCNN: okay, 300'

Stang: Das -- the gov't has TEN TIMES the technology that you know about, but only a FIFTH of it works right, and even then only some of the time.

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

*** grief (Xtern@ has joined channel #subgenius

superkate: Hi ChrisLee

whyaskwhyb: Stang: when my brother called I was all happy and stupid and joke cracking because he was ok but then he told me all his friends live right down there and he knows a bunch of people that work in the WTC

whyaskwhyb: so I HUNG UP

whyaskwhyb: just kidding

superkate: What about RevSexMortus? was he from New York or Jersey???

Lilith: Kate: NYC, and he's fine.

grief: hello

*** JCaway is now known as REVJC

whyaskwhyb: it was depressing, these things are so much better with no attachments at all

REVJC: back

Lilith: He's worried about family and friends but he's OK.

REVJC: so are we clear

REVJC: have all planes been accounted for yet?

Rev_B_Gone: don't think so

DasCNN: "there has to be a systemic attack. I don't know what that means" - henry kissinger

grief: i saw the tragedy on TV..

magdalen: Hey Baby. The boy got presents from your parents in the mail. A wizard hat and a blow up spiderman that can stand on its own and then be knocked down. He has completely forgotten about terrorists and is in bliss.

Stang: I bet Palestineans aren't the only ones dancing in the streets... but I'll bet they're the ones that get SHOWN doing so the most. Them and the Afghanistanis. We won't see the videos of the CANADIANS and MEXICANS dancing in the streets. Maybe some of the Berkeley-ites.

magdalen: 22 planes are coming in from foreign lands but they don't anticipate trouble on them

REVJC: Afganistan says no way Ben Laudin had the resources to pull this off


Cozmodiar: but they'll turn bin ladin over if they get him

*** Rev_B_Gone is now known as Rev_Baphomet

Cozmodiar: they dont want us to plow them

magdalen: they decided not to diver the planes to canada

REVJC: magdalen: wow cool

whyaskwhyb: where did they get all those suicide pilots?

AsquireMSN: Bin Laden say this is his "Last terroristic demand in America" .... Western Leaders give in

magdalen: ^diverT

DasCNN: damnit, I want my warship

Cozmodiar: canadian intel has rousted some arab groups there not too long ago

SirSharpe: Well, i gotta go to work. See you tonight. Take care all.

SirSharpe salutes

whyaskwhyb: later

skullY: Stang: I'm heading into berkeley in 15 minutes or so. I'll let you know if I see any berkleleyites dancing

*** Signoff: SirSharpe ()

magdalen: bye SirSharpe

REVJC: Henry Kissenger!

REVJC: ill alive

REVJC: he;s stiull alive

*** Ana_Brazil has left channel #subgenius

Rev_Baphom: skullY: make sure they're not the harri christnas

Cozmodiar: "this is a care package to the vietcong from the university of berkely student organization"

Rev_Baphom: those guys dance at anything

DasCNN: too bad it's a decentralized system

DasCNN: so far as we know

skullY: Baph: heh, yeah

Stang: skullY -- actually as I understand it the Commies have almost been run out by the dot.commies.

skullY: But they're easy to spot

DasCNN: if we attack, we're gonna end up killing a bunch of women and children

REVJC: There asking him about pearl harbo

DasCNN: gun toting women and children

*** AsquireMSNBC has set the topic on channel #subgenius to CANADIAN TOURISM INCREASES 4000% Reports of Danceing in Toronto

skullY: What with their harri christnasing around

superkate: skullY -- I didn't see any on my way in from the east bay...

REVJC: e he was proabvly there

Cozmodiar: hari hari hari

Cozmodiar: hari krissssssna

superkate: berkleyites dancing in the streets, that is...

whyaskwhyb: I have an old globe and a GIANT mexican "firecracker"(BOMB) but NO DIGITAL CAMCORDER

DasCNN: check out

whyaskwhyb: do you see the problem?

skullY: kate: What are things like over there? Do you go by downtown oakland at all?

REVJC: The Germans are ready to kick anyones ass we say

AsquireMSN: moral of this incident: NEVER RIDE PLANES!!!!

REVJC: they say lets go

skullY: It's just quiet in my neighborhood this morning

magdalen: tony blair has stopped all flights over britain as a precautionary measure

Stang: Those TRUSTY Germans.

Lilith: WOW.

ChrisLee: God Bless those Germans.

Rev_Baphom: yeah..few peoples kick as much ass as redily as the germans

DasCNN: at least we've got four planes lost, four planes accounted for

Stang: All they'll need is another Reich and they'll do anything we ask.


REVJC: they seem as mad as us!


AsquireMSN: little kids no longer afriad of planes crashing: "Mommy i dont wanna ride the plane....muslum guys might hijack it and ramm it into a building!!!"


jeek: wawb: Getting head in his car.

whyaskwhyb: oh yeah,,,,,,,

REVJC: Maggie!

REVJC: Geese

DasCNN: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is evacuated. CDC prepares bioterrorism teams in case they become necessary.

magdalen: eh?

magdalen: geese? what about it they always fly this time of year

REVJC: You should have let Bruce Willis save the world!

superkate: skullY -- things have been pretty quiet. There was a fair amount of traffic over by the Berkeley tunnel...

Stang: I have the sniffles...

magdalen: oh, heh

DasCNN: Disney closes its parks in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Stang: what's this huge black goiter forming on my neck?

REVJC: the chip!

DasCNN: Three Palestinian groups -- Hamas, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Islamic Jihad -- deny responsibility for the attacks, but blame U.S. policies in the Mideast.

Stang: *GHACK*!!! *GHAAARGH*!

magdalen: are the flags at half mast yet?

whyaskwhyb: post from alt.tasteless:

REVJC: it's been activated

*** action Unknown command

*** ^ITALIAN^ ( has joined channel #subgenius

REVJC: Stang: do not go to the airport!

whyaskwhyb: I have decided to use the current chaos for our collective

whyaskwhyb: advantage.

whyaskwhyb: I have declared myself the offical game warden of the United

whyaskwhyb: States of God Bless Amercia. My first offical act is to declare open

whyaskwhyb: season on ragheads. No limit and no restrictions.

whyaskwhyb: You are free to surround pre-, elementry, secondary and high

superkate: skullY -- but things really cleared out in Oakland. The weirdest thing is that there's not the usual 5000 planes going overhead...

REVJC: atter what the voices in your head say

DasCNN: A Delta flight makes emergency landing in Cleveland and all passengers are safely evacuated. Federal officials search the plane for a possible bomb.

AsquireMSN: Nicholas Cage and Harrison Ford have experience in this sort of thing... Bin Laden had a fear that they might have been on one of the flights

skullY: kate: Yeah

REVJC: Binny Laudin

Stang: Dobbs needed to stop in at Cleveland apparently.


REVJC: Lets prank call Bin Laudin

REVJC: Any one got his number

skullY: I think I hear a helicopter though

whyaskwhyb: schools. Check the identfication of all children and bag any little

whyaskwhyb: ragheads you find.

whyaskwhyb: University and college students are encourged take as many

whyaskwhyb: ragheads as possible. Yes, medical experments are encouraged as a

whyaskwhyb: method of killing at universities with, or without, medical facilities.

AsquireMSN: ok!


DasCNN: if I have respect for one gov'ts ass-kicking resources, its ours

*** xenon ( has joined channel #subgenius

xenon: hey


xenon: anyone from US?

Lilith: "Allah curse you, why don't you stop bothering me and leave me alone?"

magdalen: yes, most of us here, xenon

^ITALIAN^: i'm's terrible....

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

magdalen: and I warn you, we are in bad moods

^ITALIAN^: so i'm afraid

xenon: form NYC?

xenon: well...that's why i'm here

*** trilluser ( has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: "Now quit it, yer worryin' me! You're about to make me mad!"

REVJC: it's not that bad, i'm Italian, I've learned to just live with it.

whyaskwhyb: Scour your place of work for ragheads and take all the trophies

whyaskwhyb: you want (please, no fighting over souvenir towels).

whyaskwhyb: Some people in this great nation of ours may not be aware that

whyaskwhyb: ragheads have places where they congegrate when they feel threatened,

whyaskwhyb: as they should now. These places are called mosques. You can look up

absNBC: one section of thre p-entagon has copllapsed!!!!!!!!!

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

xenon: i need adequate information about what is really going on over there



DasCNN: A car bomb exploded outside the State Department, senior law enforcement officials said

xenon: and i must say that i feel very sorry about happened in US

DasCNN: A loud explosion was reported in the vicinity of the Capitol


REVJC: xenon: you came here for adiquate information!

REVJC: Thanks Italian!

REVJC: Now we have the Geramns and the Italians!

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

DasCNN: "I saw the tail of a large airliner. ... It plowed right into the Pentagon," said an Associated Press Radio reporter. "There is billowing black smoke."

xenon: well...i believe that if you're form can tell me what is going on there

trilluser: list

REVJC: Well we are under terriost attack

magdalen: xenon: well, the pentagon has partially collapsed, the world trade centers are no longer there, but we seem to have stopped the other two planes aiming for camp david and the white house

ChrisLee: let's get the Belgians on board, then kick some ass!

Stang: Seven foot tall green skinned monsters with giant brains are marching down our city streets, lead by all-destroying floating glowing craft that couldn't possibly have been made on Earth! -- but they aren't showing that on the news. Uh-oh, here they co

trilluser: lists

DasCNN: Officers, some with automatic rifles, patrolled outside the White House.

Lilith: I can feel them closing in on us.

*** bamos_em1 (amora@ has joined channel #subgenius

Rev_Baphom: DasCNN: how deep did it go? did it get anywhere near the reactor sections

Lilith: We're like rats in a cage.

DasCNN: it mentioned 35 injuries


whyaskwhyb: the addresses in your phone book and then make a beeline to the one

whyaskwhyb: nearest you, before your neighbor beats you to the punch.

whyaskwhyb: all the FREAKS are from Ohio

whyaskwhyb: Ebay has ground to a virtual standstill

*** trilluser has left channel #subgenius

REVJC: 4 airplanes were hijacked (5?) and crshed full of people into trade center, pentagon

xenon: but is there any information about who organised this terrible act?

magdalen: xenon: our president is expected to speak soon. he and the vice president are in secret locations, presumably doing stuff

REVJC: others just crashed

Rev_Baphom: xenon: not yet

REVJC: help me out here people

*** menezs ( has joined channel #subgenius

DasCNN: it's gonna be an eventful day, I think

*** Mode change "+o cheeks" on #subgenius by Lilith

REVJC: They are pointing to Bin Laudin

*** Mode change "+o grief" on #subgenius by Lilith

REVJC: ut no one knows

ChrisLee: has it been necessary to evacuate Dobbstown?

Rev_Baphom: jc: another crashed outside phillidelphia i understand..dunno

magdalen: xenon: no, but we plan to blame palestine. If you live in palestine, you should leave as soon as possible

superkate hands Stang and anti-alien-mindreading helmet to help protect himself from the green aliens


Stang: DOBBSTOWN 3 in BRAZIL... oh my god...

REVJC: magdalen: maybe afganistan too

jeek: Stang: o.O

Stang: GONE. All.... GONE.

ChrisLee: how about Euro-Dobbstown?!?

superkate: DasCNN -- it already has been an eventful day...

whyaskwhyb: they have destroyed the twin phallic sybols of greed

jeek: They took Brazil?

REVJC: we closed euro-dobbstown

xenon: magdalen: no...i live in estonia actually...and i don't like these fanatic idiots who live in there

REVJC: ust to be safe

magdalen: everyone in the DFW airport is ordered to stay within the airport

jeek: Twin Phalli

*** slitta ( has joined channel #subgenius

magdalen: xenon: we have no plans to blame estonia at this time... but keep on your toes!

Rev_Baphom: odelay slitta

xenon: well...we will

slitta: hi baph

whyaskwhyb: no more DOUBLE PENETRATION for the ragheads proletariat!

*** Mode change "+o slitta" on #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet

magdalen: hi slitta

Lilith: "We have a plan to do something to boost the failing economy." -- GWB, last night. (!!!)

slitta: hi magdalen


xenon: too bad that i don't have any military strength...i would waiste these bastards for good

Stang: The small EuroDobbstown on Nieuziedjes Voorburgwall in Amsterdam has apparently SUNK UNDERGROUND on hydraulic pistons -- they didn't tell me about that!

zangado-22: some Brazilian here??

*** menezs has left channel #subgenius

REVJC: Terrorist Attack Updates -- From Yahoo! News

*** ^^Bill ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Signoff: bamos_em1 (Ping timeout)

magdalen: zangado-22: the brazilian guy left, dude

REVJC: Minutes apart, two jetliners slam into World Trade Center towers in New York City

DasCNN: Pakistan military ruler General Pervez Musharraf said in a statement: "The world must unite to fight against terrorism in all its forms and root out this modern day evil."

REVJC: Third jetliner crashes into Pentagon

slitta: ^ITALIAN^: shurup. so you're italian, isn't it?

magdalen: poor palestinians, they are soooo screwed

REVJC: World Trade Towers collapse shortly after crash with people inside

REVJC: NYC mayor: "Horrendous number of lives lost"

absNBC: we are n't gonna attack the palestinians

magdalen: I still can't fucking believe it

zangado-22: YES

slitta: ^ITALIAN^: cosa sono questi stupidi ^ intorno al tuo nick orrendamente maiuscolato?

Lilith: I have received reports that the combined forces of the Cascadian Air Force and the Lemurian Brigades have now covered every possible terrorist target with a 50 foot deep layer of Silly Putty.

REVJC: Fourth plane crashes outside Pittsburgh, PA

Stang: A ten headed beast at least 400 feet tall has been reported rising from the Mediterranean near Sicily.

REVJC: White House, federal buildings throughout US evacuated

magdalen: I wake up, world trade towers are there. I make coffee, they're both gone.

REVJC: All domestic US flights halted

^ITALIAN^: (3 slitta ) ?! why my friend?

DasCNN: Japan ordered its military to tighten security for the huge U.S. bases scattered across the country and U.S. Marines went on maximum alert.

absNBC: stang: lol

*** RevSExmortus ( has joined channel #subgenius

Lilith: Well, every possible target in Cascadia and Lemuria. The rest of you are screwed, I guess.

REVJC: call 1 800 give blood

magdalen: sex! you made it back!

DasCNN: my cousin is probably behind the stick of a harrier right now

Lilith: SExmort!!! *hugs*

REVJC: wait

slitta: ^ITALIAN^: I'm in a evil mood

*** Mode change "+o RevSExmortus" on #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet

absNBC: stang: no one has been getting my Illuminatus jokes about the pentagon

RevSExmort: Hi all..

REVJC: 800 give life

REVJC: Mexico, Canada borders closed

absNBC: SEX!!! glad youre alive man

*** zangado-22 is now known as BRASILEIRO-22

REVJC: Bush: "We will hunt down and punish"

Stang: In Australia, where the Moon is visible, it is described as appearing to be "like sackcloth"

REVJC: that's the summary forien friends!

xenon: somehow i believe that bush is not able to do anything

*** Rabbi ( has joined channel #subgenius

Stang: The Atlantic Ocean has turned the color of blood.

absNBC: So whats this about Germany siding up with us??

Rev_Baphom: at this point who is?

RevSExmort: I've only heard about one of our employees from the downtown office, she was hit with debri, trampled but is alive...We have no idea about the rest....

*** Signoff: ^ITALIAN^ (Leaving)

*** Mode change "+o Rabbi" on #subgenius by Lilith

magdalen: Stang: waht the hell is sackcloth?

REVJC: somehow I agree.

Lilith: RABBS! *hugs*


Rev_Baphom: magdalen: really really dark cloth

ChrisLee: typically 4000 planes in the air! now, none.

REVJC: magdalen: underwear

Rabbi: I can report that Philly is pretty much shut down. I got sent home.

RevSExmort: This is a bad day....I can't stay....

absNBC: So whats this about Germany siding up with us??

REVJC: hell there making us work even harder

Rev_Baphom: take care then sex

REVJC: t Satan

DasCNN: I gotta ramp up my efforts to build arms...

*** absNBC is now known as ABSENT

whyaskwhyb: pop back in with the update SEX

*** AsquireMSNBC is now known as AsquireFOX

REVJC: that Satan

Stang: Do the Right Thing, Sexmortis

Lilith: We've been getting reports of spontaneous "lycanthropy" in people who used to be entirely bald and who never had a unibrow....

Rabbi: They've shut down all national monuments, and that's about half the city, so the whole place went home.

RevSExmort: Too many unaccounted for friends still missing, some of whom were firefighters on the scene before the collapse of both towers..


whyaskwhyb: I FUCKING TOLD YOU

Lilith: SEx: EEEE!!! I hope things turn out OK.

DasCNN: cnn's tracking the planes

Lilith: Why: DUH. I said that early on.

magdalen: RevSExmortus we're here for you. Stay safe, stay out the way

slitta: disney parks closed too

whyaskwhyb: now you can't GO THERE

ABSENT: HUnter S> Thompson is reported to be Drinking turkey with Dobbs and shooting at targets of...umm, Mickey Mouse.

whyaskwhyb: SUFFER

Lilith: I don't need to go there.

REVJC: ABSENT: yeah the said they are with us

AsquireFOX: my tattoo artist closed shop!

ABSENT: Good ol' Krauts

Lilith: I was hoping a terrorist would try to take it out, damn it.

Lilith: But no, we're STUCK.

Rabbi: I doubt anyone will try to blow up the Liberty Bell, but I also work at a federal building, so I'm happier here with the cat.

ABSENT: THey always come through against the Mud Races

DasCNN: my respect for the spooks is somewhat diminished

BRASILEIRO: nuclear bomb in the Palestinian

whyaskwhyb: what about the Stratosfear in Vegas?

BRASILEIRO: nuclear bomb in the Palestinian

magdalen: hmmm... maybe the germans did it, and now they're trying to cover it up

REVJC: looking for black boxes

Lilith: Why: Not my turf.

RevSExmort: Mags:Stang:Lil: Fortunately, I'm in a different borough now. Queens is quit safe but I am afraid for those I know were right there....

superkate sees RevSExmortus and runs over and hugs him

ChrisLee: well, i'm off to work now. teevee and beer there.

Lilith: JC: Black boxes under several hundred tons of skyscraper and plane.

Lilith: EEP.

RevSExmort: ty SK... I never imagined...


ChrisLee: bbl


Rabbi: SExmortus- I'm getting good reports of most of my NYC friends.

*** Signoff: ChrisLee (Leaving)

whyaskwhyb: ARAFAT knows who is on POINT

ABSENT: OSme palestinians are not all pal;estinians

BRASILEIRO: us German we don't have to do anything with this

BRASILEIRO: us German we don't have to do anything with this

BRASILEIRO: nuclear bomb in the Palestinian

Rabbi: Just one I haven't heard from yet.

ABSENT: Arafat is on our side

DasCNN: what about nukes?

REVJC: BRASILEIRO-22: she was just joking

whyaskwhyb: brasil: shut your pie hole, ok?

ABSENT: or at least finds this to be a pain in the peace process

Lilith: BRB

RevSExmort: Rabbi:I'm happy to say most peeps I was worried about are alive (some minor injuries) but not all, so I continue to worry.

REVJC: BRASILEIRO-22: we know you are with us, and proud to have you on our side.

magdalen: well the germans have started all the other big wars

Stang: I am scannign DATELINE FOR DOMINANCE... searching for clues... perhaps we can "syncronize our watches" or calendars with Dobbs...

*** ecstasensualist ( has joined channel #subgenius

whyaskwhyb: SURE

Rabbi: SExmortus- I take it you're in the city yourself?

ABSENT: mags- Troo! they don';t wanna mioss the action

DasCNN: Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, former supreme NATO commander, said the aircraft appeared to hit the southwestern side, or the Army side of the building, the area responsible for planning and logistics.

DasCNN: "We've known for some time that some group has been planning this," he said, adding that "obviously, we didn't do enough" to prepare for such an attack.

RevSExmort: Rabbi:Nope..I didn't make it to work


*** Ptectrix ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mode change "+o Ptectrix" on #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet

ABSENT: all the subs are coming out of the woodwork

ABSENT: rabbs: hi

Rabbi hugs SExmortus impulsively

RevSExmort: :)

xenon: actually...i'm afraid that US gov will not find out who organised it

Rabbi: Hey, Absent.

*** prostata ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mode change "+o prostata" on #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet

whyaskwhyb: if only GWB had built the bugs bunny shoot them down before they even think about it device he was daydreaming about

xenon: or will...who knows

Rabbi: And hello to prostata as well

Rev_Baphom: i doubt it was "one" group..most likely several working in conjunction..

ABSENT: Prostata: lemme know if you and joy need to head to the country

magdalen: xenon: they will just pick someone, it doesn't matter if it's the right one so long as someone is made an example of

RevSExmort: I was in the area on business a few weeks ago and can't imagine the plight of those I worked with.

superkate: xenon -- don't worry too much. After all, Prez Bush has already vowed revenge... and he really likes killing things.

Rev_Baphom: if it "can" be found out they will find they publicise their reciprosity or not

whyaskwhyb: more than one group means more chances of a leak

prostata: ABSENT: thanks, but i got that covered already. We're cool.

xenon: bush is shit

REVJC: Where is the President

RevSExmort: I'm still trying to contact a few family members but communications are so fuked up right now.

REVJC: am scared

REVJC: need my leader to talk to me

Stang: "1991: WORLD WAR III. Church of the SubGenius shifts into OPERTION REMOVAL." Here's our cue! We were exactly TEN YEARS OFF!! That means X-Day will be 2008!... if this is correct... must... read further... oxygen... running out...

Rev_Baphom: jc: 40000 ft in the air

DasCNN: the worldwide response is incredible

magdalen: forget the president, where's Bubba???

ABSENT: prostata: thats good. Just remeber, if you ever have to get out here 56 through circle ville wont be all fuckered like 33

whyaskwhyb: either THEY KNEW ABOUT IT BEFOREHAND or these guys were a small group that could keep their mouths shut

Stang: "Bob" forms alliance with "anti"Bob"", reveals hard evidence of alien invasion...

xenon: i liked clinton...and i believe that he had done something before anything like this could happen

magdalen: Ohmigod... was Bubba in Harlem??

AsquireFOX: hahaha...on FOX their talking about "chatroom activity"

REVJC: I need Bubba!

Rabbi: I still haven't seen the crash footage, just the collapse. The cleaners stole our TV antenna.


REVJC: I need the Big Dog to hug me

*** SGSpice ( has joined channel #subgenius

prostata: ABSENT: yep. thanks for thinking about us.

SGSpice: greetings.

*** Mode change "+o SGSpice" on #subgenius by Ptectrix

ABSENT: NOTE: art bell WILL be covering this tionight for those of an artbell bent.

*** magdalen has set the topic on channel #subgenius to BIG DOG, WE NEED YOU NOW! HOLD US! FEEL OUR PAIN!

Stang: Some of these predictions went awry, probably because we published them... "Time Control must always go awry" -- Ydnax Stang

SGSpice: thnaxors.

ABSENT: sgspice: hey!

REVJC: Where is BUBBA!

RevSExmort: RABBI: there is more footage coming in from home videographers... So far there are 3 different angles of the 2nd plane hitting the second tower

magdalen: hi spice

REVJC: is bubba ok!

Stang: "Bulletproof robots run most convenience stores"... CHECK...

whyaskwhyb: SGS MORNING

ABSENT: Bubba is getting Blown in the rubbl;e

Ptectrix: Hi spice.

*** ^^Bill has left channel #subgenius

SGSpice waves

xenon: and no offence of course...but USA had it coming for a long time

REVJC: My god if we lost Clinton all hope is gone!

prostata: Joy and I are heading out to give blood.

magdalen: oh dear oh dear, I hope Bubba wasn't out walking this morning

Rabbi: I was told I am lucky I didn't see it.

Rabbi: Good lad, Prostata!

Stang: "Spate of tornadoes" -- saw that just last week...

DasCNN: "US will hunt down and destroy attackers"

magdalen: xenon: Hey, don't blame us, we didn't even vote for that guy

RevSExmort: Prostata: I will do the same once I can confirm the safety of a few loved ones..

REVJC: He liked to get bagels at the WTC!

Stang: "20 percent of US population clinically insane..." CHECK

REVJC: oh no!

Stang: (reading from DATELINE FOR DOMINACE)

whyaskwhyb: tit should be easy to hunt them down, they are in a GIANT FUCKING SMOLDERING PILE OF RUBBLE

REVJC: someone go to

xenon: i don't blame you...but i just say that USA gov had it coming...

REVJC: let me know!

REVJC: can't go on

Stang: "Disneyland converted to open murder park..." -- hmmm... they CLOSED it today...

magdalen: must ask cnn

slitta: I'm searching google with a "gore vidal pearl harbour" search pattern

Rev_Baphom: xenon: yes everyone on top always has it comming. be it on top of the world or on top of you personally..just the way the world works

Stang: Could it be that Dobbs prophecy was offset by 10 years?

ABSENT: Hrrmm thats a good I dea I am gonna callt he red cross

RevSExmort: USA Had it coming for a long time. It's a shame but I personnally blame Israel.


Rabbi: The government may be a pain, xenon, but the folks in the planes and the buildings didn't do shit.

magdalen: BOA is limiting withdrawals in dallas area to one thousand dollars per person

prostata: RevSExmortus: good luck. Our slack is with you man.

whyaskwhyb: xenon: they didn't KILL THE GOVERMENT, they killed A BUNCH OF ORDINARY JOES

SGSpice: all theme parks here, downtown buildings and the airports are all closed.

magdalen: "There is no need for panic.. right now" says local newscaster

REVJC: true Rabbi

whyaskwhyb: PINK Joes, but JOES nonetheless

prostata: well, we're off. later all.

REVJC: If we killed the poele of all bad governments , wouldn't be many of us left!

*** Signoff: prostata (BitchX: the OTHER white meat)

REVJC: I disagree PANIC

DasCNN: I still don't know who to raze



xenon: i agree...these people shouldn't been involved...but that's just the way terrorists work...they are fanatics...ready to do anything to accomplish their mission

magdalen: panic the fuck out of it!


superkate: panic??

RevSExmort: RevJC: Yeah but if we killed all pinky boy con-dupes, it wouldn't matter.

superkate: hell I"ve been waiting for the end for a few years now!!!


REVJC: oh no W is thanking "folks"

jeek: There is no

Rev_Baphom: sex: there'd be more pinks after them. and other pinks to vote them in.

*** SGSpice has left channel #subgenius

REVJC: jeek: damn how will we know if he's ok

RevSExmort: Baph:I guess it's an eternal struggle.

Rabbi: Ya know, I actually was planning on moving to Israel for a while, just for a year to pick up the language. My parents talked me out of it because of all the attacks there. Gee, now I feel like I'm so much safer.....

REVJC: jeek: is it for sale

RevSExmort: Until XDay

*** asbent ( has joined channel #subgenius

jeek: REV:

REVJC: we could have a site dedicated to where he is at every minute of the day

Rev_Baphom: sex: even afterwards..or do you plan on letting stang run the show forever!!!! fear the power!

ecstasensu: adn to think...i heard the news before many of my friends..BECAUS I WAS LISTENINGTO HOWARDSTERN

Stang: DAMN!!! BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS was EXACTLY ten years TOO SOON! Fucking god damn FIGURES. We do EVERYTHING 10 years too fucking soon. FUCK!! We could have been RICH if we'd just WAITED to release the Wor. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

Rev_Baphom: or something

asbent: Red cross is ful up here, witing untill next blood drive

REVJC: thank jeek

jeek chuckles.

Rev_Baphom: ecstasensualist: please tell me stern didn't make it

ecstasensu: he made..

RevSExmort: Baph:I'll have my own planet afterwards.

BRASILEIRO: some Brazilian here??

RevSExmort: OK, I'm outty, BBL

Ptectrix: Wanna hear something really fucked? My roomie who works at Barnes & Noble (In the SF Burbs) called in to make sure they were opened today. "Oh yeah, we really need you," they said, "The district manager told us to get out all of the books on bombs and terrorism and really push them.

*** Signoff: RevSExmortus (A puff of smoke and I'm gone....)

Lilith: I'm back.

Rabbi: Stang- It probably didn't help that Heaven's Gate attempted to pre-board the saucers...

Lilith: Christa: That IS fuxored.

superkate: Ptectrix - whoah. that's pretty fucked.

Rev_Baphom: Ptectrix: note to self..kill BAN managers next

REVJC: jeek: ahhhhh

ecstasensu: kept commenting on how it "looked just like a movie"

magdalen: ah, whew!

magdalen: Bubba is safe

REVJC: not my Bubba!

magdalen: he is in Australia

magdalen: so say the cnn kids

*** Signoff: ABSENT (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)

REVJC: Woosh, close one

asbent: I hear bubba is running for Cleveland mayor

*** asbent is now known as ABSENT

REVJC: about the first Dominatrix

Stang: BRASILEIRO -- No Brazilians here but you-- though I've been to Araruama.

Rabbi: Ptectrix- I used to work for them. That's the mentality.

Ptectrix: For real.

REVJC: where is she

Stang: Lovely country.

Ptectrix: It's REALLY fucked.

superkate: hehehehehahahahahahah 1st Domniatrix...

xenon: actually...i remember that someone said something about world war III starting in the beginning of this century between some arabic country and that's it...the WW3 is starting...

ecstasensu: if they took out but ONE NEW YORK DOMINATRIX.....

DasCNN: 9:40 a.m.: The FAA halts all flight operations at U.S. airports, the first time in U.S. history that air traffic nationwide has been halted.

ABSENT: "Hollywood Loves Hollings' Bill

ABSENT: Hollywood's lobbyists claim a soon-to-be proposed bill to implant copy-protection technology in all electronic devices is an entirely fabulous idea. Never mind the deafening outcry from programmers and geektavists. Declan McCullagh reports from Washington.

ABSENT: SHit...I TOLD you all!

ABSENT: no one beleived m,e

*** Mode change "+o ABSENT" on #subgenius by Lilith

Rev_Baphom: ABSENT: you're unaware of XP's copy protection scheme then

Stang: The One World Advertiser has us all hypnotized.

ABSENT: Baphomet- no I am not

Lilith wants to use Winders NP

DasCNN: There are rumours of Akamai's founder being onboard on Flight 11, As well, the rumour is that the pilot of United Flight 193 flew it in into the ground, outside Pittsburgh, rather then fly into the USX building, which if true, make him a better person then I - but there are also rumours that it was shotdown by a F-16

magdalen: I think it's pretty safe to say world war III is starting

DasCNN: from slashdot

Stang: I guess there' no hurry to get the rest of these orders ready for mailing -- I imagine the postal service will be screwy for several days.

Rev_Baphom: ABSENT: XP has a transparent authintication system. before any media file is passed to hardware it is checked to ensure it's legal. if not it's not played or played horribly..eventually they anticipate MS will be in a position to dictate hardware spec's to vendors.

REVJC: the pentagon is not to damaged


Rabbi: SHIT! CNN actually has a reporter in Afghanistan!

superkate wonders how she should spend the end times...

REVJC: campareably


DasCNN: F16s from the US Air Force has been instructed to shoot down flights in a no fly zone over NYC & DC

ABSENT: sandy berger on FOX

*** ABSENT is now known as absFOX

superkate decides to go home early and find her man and start fucking soon!!!

*** magdalen has set the topic on channel #subgenius to BUBBA IS OK! HE IS SAFE IN AUSTRALIA.

REVJC: Bin Laudin not responsible

slitta: superkate: why don't you do it in the road?

Rabbi: Sandy Berger is making the rounds.

Stang: Magdalen -- no way! World War Three will be fought with weapons we never heard of and take 3 minutes. "World War IV will be fought with rock and stick." -- some wise guy

REVJC: says leader of talyban

slitta is an hardcore beatles fan

absFOX: Slitta wrist open and bleed

absFOX: ha ha ha

Rabbi: He actually said something to the effect of that we'll study this day 50 years from now in history class... IF there's still history. JEEZ!

REVJC: Thanks god in WWW IV we created that time machine

superkate: slitta -- good question. Probably 'cause road rash hurts

Stang: Kate -- you have the right idea. Now is the time to fornicate as if your very life depended on it.

absFOX: slitta I am kidding

slitta: absFOX: but...

slitta: absFOX: I'm bleeding right now!

xenon: hey...did i get this right...WTC has entirely collapsed?

*** Ptectrix is now known as PtexAFK

slitta: absFOX: can you make it stop?

DasCNN: yeah

magdalen: xenon: yes


DasCNN: both buildings

superkate: Stang-- if that's true... I hope to make it to be around for WWIV. Rock and Stick are the way to go!!!

magdalen: yeah, we kick ass at rock and stick

REVJC: what happened to the one mysery plane!

absFOX: slitta- Lol

REVJC: mystery

Rev_Baphom: they poped a package here locally outside the base that was "suspicious"

Rev_Baphom: dunno if it exploded or not

xenon: how many plaines has been captured?

ecstasensu: some kid broke out my car window with a rock and stick...the media did not even cover it

*** anonymouse ( has joined channel #subgenius

REVJC: xenon: none "captured"

DasCNN: four were destroyed, one was grounded and is being searched, or so I read

xenon: well i mean...hijacked

REVJC: DasCNN: didn't here that

*** Signoff: Modemac (Leaving)

absFOX: Man, the media didn;t do anything when the taliban crashed a plane into MY skyscraper!!!

REVJC: I think 5

absFOX: 5 is a lways a safe bet

ecstasensu: slack=still alive

slitta: old times hijackers reached exotic places and asked for good dollars

xenon: hmmz...from a local news portal i just read that 11 plaines where there might be 7 more attacks

Rabbi: I've just convinced my little brother to take the train from Chicago to here. Of course, train service is shut down on the entire NorthEast Corridor.

magdalen: the mystery plane has been rendered a non-item, doubleplusungood mention non-item non-plane

Cozmodiar: there are f-16's in the air with shoot to kill orders

absFOX: AThey are gonna run a train into the Boston Baked BEan Factory

Rabbi: Turn on NBC. They're talking about the planes.

DasCNN: xenon: what news portal?

REVJC: like the second and third bomb at the federal building

DasCNN: giuliani is speaking on cnn


magdalen: exactly

Rabbi: And NBC

xenon: it in estonian so you might not get it

magdalen: there are sirens in the street now

magdalen: but then, that's not so unusual

absFOX: giuli is on NBC too


*** absFOX is now known as absNBC

xenon: you're getting another attack?

Stang: Don't be fooled, ya'll. This whole thing is just a set piece by the One World Advertiser. Too many people like me had sworn off The "News," and they were losing valuable advertising dollars. Plus, They probably had insurance on those buildings AND the Pentagon, which is basically just their "delivery boy" for the ADS that form HUMAN REALITY. But... what was that about HATS again?

REVJC: our emergency sirens are going off

whyaskwhyb: You know what sucks? I bought a big machine from Cincinatti and now it's not going to get here for like A WEEK OR 2 EXTRA!

magdalen: REVJC: no, police sirens

Rabbi: People are WALKING out of Manhattan across the bridge.


magdalen: I'm sure they're just pulling over anyone suspicious looking

DasCNN: TNT is pre-empted

DasCNN: shit, I wanted to watch "In the heat of the night"


anonymouse: whyaskwhy: How do you know it wasn't another Timothy McVeigh?

Stang: Whyaskwhy - tell me about it, the Hour of Slack was already late going out, now it'll be DAYS lLATER! Ooooh those rag heads!

absNBC: WHAT about the WTO?>?????

absNBC: er

absNBC: Wanti-WTO'ers

absNBC: anti-WTO'ers

REVJC: boy no one has even CONSIDERED that it may be internal

DasCNN: I have, but I don't count

Stang: Why do I keep thinking of THE STAND by Stephen King?

whyaskwhyb: I could have it TRUCKED, but it would COST MORE

REVJC: maybe the Black Wall

absNBC: REVJC: that has been suggested here about once every twenty minutes

superkate: REVJC -- heh. my first thought was that we did it to ourselves...


magdalen: REVJC: Oh, I'm sure the FBI/CIA/NSA task force is all over that

REVJC: whatever they call them selves

Rabbi: REVJC- After Oklahoma City, yes they are. However, I'm telling all my Arab friends to lay low for a while.

superkate: ...too bad the news people weren't asking me.


Stang: INTERNAL? Hell it was JANET RENO! as nu-monet said.

Rev_Baphom: The suicide bombing element is what makes them think it's arab

DasCNN: the reno clones have struck

superkate: my boyfriend is Persian...

REVJC: she was in Waco yesterday

anonymouse: Everybody hates America. It would just be good manners if whoever blowed it up would say so.

REVJC: talk about balls

Stang: First rule of FIGHT CLUB...

whyaskwhyb: STANG: where the guy would go into an abandoned town and wire it up to blow and walk out to the edge and watch it all go up?

absNBC: all the arab guys in town were walking around with askeered looks on their faces...indians too

*** Signoff: grief (-=-==--=== BLISS Script v1.5 ===-==-=-)

AsquireFOX: well i have to go: talk to all of you later

*** Signoff: AsquireFOX (to hell!!!)

Stang: Whyaskwhy -- no, more like the endless traffic jam of corpses in the Brooklyn Tunnel

Stang: or whatever that Tunnel is.


DasCNN: good manners but it's be about six seconds afterwards that the satellite microwave arrays turn whoever claims responsibility into carbon

magdalen: brb, gotta pee

Rev_Baphom: whyaskwhybot: because whoever takes it is going to be slaughtered.

REVJC: Hey you know what would get us a whole lot of publicity!

Rev_Baphom: and possibly their goverment too

REVJC: Since no one had claimed rewsponsibility yet....

whyaskwhyb: LETS CLAIM IT!

absNBC: REJC: claim responsibility?

whyaskwhyb: STAND DID IT!

DasCNN: you go ahead, I'll sit back

anonymouse: I was just out on the street. It's eerie with no planes up. It's probably the first and last time I ever saw a completely empty sky. It'll be like this all the time after X Day.

whyaskwhyb: STANG

absNBC: "BOB" DID IT!!!

anonymouse: "Stang"

*** superkate is now known as k8-food


Rev_Baphom: jc: go ahead..i didn't like my job anyway

Stang: I'm sure that eventually drunkenness or machismo combined with a big mouth will blow somebody's cover, but, by then a handier "culprit" might be in use. God am I untrusting.

anonymouse: I always thought he had shifty eyes.

Cozmodiar: shifty eyes are the signal

absNBC: THat Goatee proves his guilt

whyaskwhyb: LOOK AT HIM

*** MADneuman ( has joined channel #subgenius

whyaskwhyb: he LOOKS guilty!

Stang: Those aren't my EYES, those are my NOSTRILS. My EYES are the RED DOTS just under my hairline.

DasCNN: @ A Delta flight makes emergency landing in Cleveland and all passengers are safely evacuated. Federal officials search the plane for a possible bomb.

anonymouse: You ever notice you never see Stang and Janet Reno in the same place at the same time?

absNBC: MAad!

Rabbi: You know who has to be secretly thrilled right now? Gary Condit. NOBODY is thinking about him right now.

magdalen: back

MADneuman: Hi abs!

absNBC: Rabbi: lOL

magdalen: hey remember that kid that said he was "going RL with a list of seven"? maybe it was him!

absNBC: CHANDRA did it!!!

MADneuman: All I got to say if ECHELON can

Cozmodiar: blae canada

absNBC: BOy I cvant wait till HOur of The TUIrks this morning!!!

anonymouse: Monica Lewinski did it.

Rabbi: Emergency Control HQ for NYC was actually located in the Trade Center? Oy.....

absNBC: BOy I cant wait till HOur of The TUrks this morning!!! they will be raising six kinds of hell in here tonight

*** Marinn ( has joined channel #subgenius

jeek: There was a man who entered a local paper's pun contest. He sent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

DasCNN: UAB has been contacted asking whether or not they have the space and the beds for victims

MADneuman: All I got to say is if ECHELON can't stop this what the fuck do we have it for?

Stang: Never since the OJ Simpson trial has America been so galvanized. (A sick thing to say but perhaps literally true. THE MEDIA IS THE GREAT SATAN I TELL YOU!!)

Rabbi: Stang- Probably true.


anonymouse: OJ Simpson did it!

absNBC: AKto did it!

MADneuman: Stang: I agree with that!

absNBC: Kato did it!



Rev_Baphom: Jerry lewis did it!

absNBC: Jerry Lee Lewis did it!

Rev_Baphom: was..LEE HARVY OSWALD!

absNBC: No- it was the FIVE DILLINGERS!

Rabbi: Christ. I just saw the second plane hit for the first time. My brain is just not accepting the image.

Rev_Baphom: Rabbi: don't worry they'll replay it ten more times for you

Rabbi: I was better hearing it on the radio.

absNBC: Bush is in "Barksdale"

magdalen: Rabbi: that was the first image I saw

magdalen: hard to wrap your brain around

MADneuman: It all look staged like a movie

Rabbi: I had no TV all day.

anonymouse: YOu know it's so fucking stupid. They went to the trouble to blow up a building as a protest, but now they won't say they did it. So what's the fucking POINT!? "Somebody doesn't like America"

magdalen: bush is no place that they say he is

absNBC: NAcy Reagan did it!

ecstasensu: it looked jest lahk a moovie!

Rabbi: It was like tuning in to War of the Worlds 15 minutes into the program.

absNBC: mags- hence the quotes

anonymouse: Orson Welles did it!

Rev_Baphom: and that shocks you? suuure lets' tell everyone where target number one is!

Stang: Since it might be internal, I say we bomb Idaho and Mississippi, then round up all gun owners, pot smokers, sex fiends and free thinkers. Since it might be Ay-Rabs of some kind, we should round all of THEM up if they live here, and smart bomb them all if they live elsewhere. Since it might be lone nuts, well... I want all of you to lie down on the floor while I call the Authorities.

absNBC: MErcury Theatre presents..."America Under Attack"

absNBC: What about the camp david attack???

*** andreux ( has joined channel #subgenius

Rabbi: Absent- Is that confirmed?!

MADneuman: I'm on the floor

absNBC: hey andreauxx

*** Signoff: DokSikki (Leaving)

Rabbi: Hey Andreux. Pull up a pew.

MADneuman: with my dobbs head

Stang: Well well look who dragged himself out of the honeymoon suite.

magdalen: rabbi: depends on which channel you watch

andreux: nick and_sikki

andreux: gah

absNBC: Rabbi: I h ave heard nothing more about it, I think It s a rumor or cover up

Stang: The Butcher of Bakersfield did it.

andreux: well, shit. i've been glued to the tv since 7:45am.

absNBC: Oh, OK

absNBC: We're safe now

anonymouse: Maybe it is a coverup. Like Hitler and the Reichstag.

Rabbi: Small wonder I couldn't get in touch with one of my customers this morning. He's a green beret.

absNBC: NBC says the attacks are over

MADneuman: I think Bush looked like he had a smile made me sick


ecstasensu: wants to call up his radio station and request that one old REM number

anonymouse: Marinn: ?????

*** Signoff: piscesWORK (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))

andreux: but regardless, nice to see everyone still behaving normally in moments of extreme panic...

magdalen: I think "in basket" doesn't mean what you think it means, Marinn

Stang: HUH! -- I wonder what the LUCIFERIAN LIBERATION FRONT boys are doing!

*** Signoff: Marinn (Leaving)

andreux: especially you, Stang. I figured you'd be the first to whip up the Kool Aid.

Rev_Baphom: among the insane extream panic is the norm

Stang: Them being some kind of secret military guys.

MADneuman: andreux: ya I didn't think the subs would hold up like dis

Rabbi: Andreux- This is nothing. People in Manhattan were being HELPFUL to each other.

Stang: Andreaux -- earlier it was MUCH more tense.

anonymouse: SLF=Oliver Haddo

Rabbi: Stang- How so?

andreux: madneuman: actually, yeah, what rabbi said. I've been glued to the TV for the past few hours watching something that I thought I'd never see in my lifetime: New Yorkers being supportive to each other.

Stang: Andux -- Imean this chat room was more tense. Some folks were waiting to hear from relatives and other Subs (and did, fortunately)

Rabbi: Ah.

Rabbi: Is Pope Meyer still in NY?

andreux: Stang: I can imagine.

magdalen: from the cnn chat: <BUCKSNORT> HOLLY @@@@@. A GROUP of f15's are flying over here .. i live about 5 miles from site r ( the backup pentagon ) their is millitary EVERYWHERE

andreux: I heard that the Chicago Loop was a zone of confusion a little while ago. (probably still is)

*** guest2 ( has joined channel #subgenius

Stang: Actually the last thing I sent Meyer got returned! Not sure where he lives but PROBABLY NYC.

MADneuman: andreux:I know i hope the country can get more of a community back togetherness after this

anonymouse: MADneuman: It will probably do exactly the opposite.

magdalen: stang: I blieve we have a number for him in the holy rolodex, should we try calling it? it's probably old

Rabbi: Andreux- Chicago is a mess according to my brother because they evacuated the Sears tower and other stuff.

anonymouse: Especially until somebdoy takes credit.

ecstasensu: does anybody know wher ebrittany spears is?

*** guest2 has left channel #subgenius

*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)

andreux: rabbi: indeed. thank the gods i quit my corporate job for "Bob"! I used to work across the street from there.

Rev_Baphom: ecstasensualist: i could tell you but the police might be listening

MADneuman: anonymouse: I hope not its up to ourselves it should be a wake up call


anonymouse: Luther Blisset did it.

k8-food: no, Brittney Spears is irresponsible.

Stang: You know it's weird, in that video game that was never finished, Run and Gun's BURNIN' FIREMEN, the story opens with Air Force One AND a commercial airliner BOTH crashing into the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago.

*** k8-food is now known as k8

Lilith: WHOA. Somehow I was stuck.

*** k8 is now known as superkate

*** Yemee ( has joined channel #subgenius

Rabbi: Andreux- My brother was supposed to be on a plane out of there this weekend. He's driving now, but he's getting the HELL out of there. Of course, now he's looking at DC, which has the family thrilled at the moment...

Lilith: Stang: I think we can blame Chicago. Now they have the biggest building in North America again.

*** Mode change "+o andreux" on #subgenius by Lilith

Stang: Magdalen -- yeah, call him! We need to know where he is!

MADneuman: Hi Lilith glad your unstuck

*** Mode change "+o MADneuman" on #subgenius by Lilith

Lilith: Hey MAD

*** BRASILEIRO-22 has left channel #subgenius

*** Signoff: ecstasensualist (SubG WebIRC!)

MADneuman: Lilith: you at work?

Rabbi: Okay, I need to head out. I'll stop in later. Bye all!

andreux: Rabbi: ah, it's all lookin' just about good right now for land.

*** Rabbi has left channel #subgenius

MADneuman: by rabbi take it easy

Lilith: MAD: Yes.

*** testure ( has joined channel #subgenius

whyaskwhyb: Stang: buy a truck and drive that tool out to me, I'll weld you up an EXOSKELOTON

magdalen: huh, there's a card in the rolodex that just says "Drummond, Philo" and nothing else

MADneuman: Lilith: is work going on as normal?

absNBC transforms

Lilith: More or less, yeah.

*** absNBC is now known as ABSFOX

Stang: Magdalen -- DON'T LOOK AT THAT CARD TOO HARD or Philo will appear!

ABSFOX: hey, Is GGG doing better?

magdalen: ok

anonymouse: Wait is philo drummond the same as "Col Sphinx Drummond"?

Stang: Whyaskwhy -- I could really use a Waldo actually... thanks!

xenon: any news form US?

ABSFOX: anonymouse- no

superkate: anonymouse -- they are brothers

Stang: Sphinx is Philo's younger, "good" brother.

whyaskwhyb: Waldo?

whyaskwhyb: what is 'waldo"?

*** Signoff: testure (SubG WebIRC! [EOF])

Stang: Philo is the evil brother. I just spent 10 days with him.

*** testure ( has joined channel #subgenius

superkate: anonymouse -- and a veritable force to be recokned with...

*** Signoff: Yemee (Ping timeout)

Stang: Actully I'm surprised that Shining Path hasn't chimed in!

magdalen: shit, it says here that bleepo lives in nyc too

ABSFOX: whyaskwhy - no, it's "Where's" waldo

*** ONAN ( has joined channel #subgenius

ABSFOX: he does

*** Mode change "+o ONAN" on #subgenius by PtexAFK

andreux: I'm going outside a few moments to enjoy the fine AIRPLANE FREE SKIES.

superkate: Stang-- is Philo really evil? I live a couple miles away from him and was thinking of asking him to go put and play sometime...

Stang: Onan, did I mention to you that Sivet is moving to your old home town in God's Country?

MADneuman: any conspiracy theories? I only got 21 from adding todays dates?

whyaskwhyb: WEAR A BELT

ABSFOX: well, expect cheney to take charge any minute....

ONAN: philo is 'good evil' and not 'bad evil'

PtexAFK: holy fuck

anonymouse: Madneuman: 21 theories?

Lilith: Stang: That reminds me, GGG was bitching that he never hears from you anymore.

xenon: I just heared that...US aircrafts has been attacking iraq for a week or two

ONAN: STANG - why, why, why?

whyaskwhyb: todays date 9-11

magdalen: can't get through on the meyer number -- all circuits are busy

ABSFOX: xonon- we have been attacking iraqw for months

superkate: wow. all circuits are busy...

anonymouse: That's fucking Guuber for you.

MADneuman: anonymouse: I thought it would add to 33 or 13 or something

xenon: months...enough time to prepare this terror act

Lilith: Onan: I heard that Iraq shot down a spy plane earlier....

ABSFOX: They are trying to get bush to go to Cheyenne mountain

anonymouse: Let's bomb Iraq. Let's threaten China. Let's insult every religion in teh world. ... oops? Somebody's mad at us?

ABSFOX: his advisers are saying no

Stang: Onan -- 'cause it's not Dallas, probably. Something about Exercise Training courses.

ABSFOX: SS wants hiom in NORAD headquarteers

anonymouse: We should sacrifice Bush to propitiate whoever it was. Whoever it was, definitely hates Bush.

anonymouse: Burning Man 2, anybody?

MADneuman: Does anybody think theres going to be another attack?

whyaskwhyb: The sons of the prophet were hardy and bold,

whyaskwhyb: And quite unaccustomed to fear,

whyaskwhyb: But the bravest of these was a man, I am told

whyaskwhyb: Named Abdul Abulbul Amir.

*** Signoff: testure (Read error: 32 (Broken pipe))

ABSFOX: Bush will be executed by cheney in a matter of hours

Stang: Lil -- every time I try to call GGG to worry about his health, he's out partying with "Marvin"!

ABSFOX: COlorado Springs

whyaskwhyb: This son of the desert, in battle aroused,

whyaskwhyb: Could spit twenty men on his spear.

whyaskwhyb: A terrible creature, both sober and soused

whyaskwhyb: Was Abdul Abulbul Amir.

superkate: oof.

magdalen: huh. I got through to bleepo's number, but it was some guy named "Gary"s answering machine

whyaskwhyb: When they needed a man to encourage the van,

whyaskwhyb: Or to harass the foe from the rear,

whyaskwhyb: Or to storm a redoubt, they had only to shout

whyaskwhyb: For Abdul Abulbul Amir.

MADneuman: Karreem Abdul Jabar

anonymouse: OJ Simposn


*** Dodeka ( has joined channel #subgenius

MADneuman: Creamed Abdul Jabar

whyaskwhyb: Young man," quoth Bulbul, "has life grown so dull,

whyaskwhyb: That you're anxious to end your career?

whyaskwhyb: Vile infidel! Know, you have trod on the toe

whyaskwhyb: Of Abdul Abulbul Amir."

xenon: damn...even estonian gov had started preparations for a war

Stang: This probably isn't a smart time to call NYC.

ABSFOX: Cream Abdel Jabber

Dodeka: hello

magdalen: yeah

xenon: something terrible is about to happen


MADneuman: ABSFOX:Cram Abdel Jabberwackey

ABSFOX: The estonians are badasses

magdalen: xenon: something terrible has already happened!

anonymouse: Something terribel is always about to happen.

Dodeka: terrible only to Us

MADneuman: xenon: again where?

anonymouse: Dodeka: that counts.

ABSFOX: magdalenm- see, if only I wouldn't have voted for nader!

superkate: A Thai airliner just landed at SFO under full military escort

xenon: estonia

Cozmodiar: har

*** PtexAFK is now known as ptexFUCK

whyaskwhyb: Then this bold mameluke drew his trusty chibouque

whyaskwhyb: With a cry of "Allah Akbar!"

whyaskwhyb: And with murderous intent, he ferociously went

whyaskwhyb: For Ivan Skavinsky Skivar.

xenon: it seems like every single country is about to get ready for a war

xenon: so...i'm affraid that the war aint far

*** duke0uke ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** ABSFOX is now known as absFOOD

whyaskwhyb: LETS ROCK AND ROLL

Cozmodiar: howdy duke

*** Mode change "+o duke0uke" on #subgenius by Lilith

duke0uke: BOOM

ptexFUCK: Bush wanted his war.....

whyaskwhyb: I mean OTHER PEOPLE'

Cozmodiar: star wars can't save us now

anonymouse: boom boom boom

Cozmodiar: missle defense

ptexFUCK: He's gonne have NO PROBLEM increasing defence spending.

Cozmodiar: they just crashed polanes

Cozmodiar: missle defense

Cozmodiar: har

Cozmodiar: har haw

MADneuman: HI duke I love your Uke songs!!!1

magdalen: I really don't put it past him to have done this

Lilith: No, but he looks kinda stoopit worrying about missles.

duke0uke: mad- thx

Stang: I met an Estonian last week, at the El Monte RV Rental place near San Francisco. A VERY VERY hot looking young woman... she showed us how to work the RV we were renting.

magdalen: he hates saddam SO much

MADneuman: the nirvana ones are my fav

whyaskwhyb: if he had that Asteroids game in the sky everything would be hunky dory

xenon: Stang: estonain women usuallly are hot hot hot

*** Signoff: Dodeka (SubG WebIRC!)

Lilith: Mags: "We have a plan to somehow stimulate the economy", or something to those effects....

Lilith: Estonians are ROXOR

*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)

whyaskwhyb: EMMANUEL GOLDSTEIN is behind it

duke0uke: why- we're gonna need a SHITLOAD of quarters

Lilith: But not quite as roxor as LATVIANS.

Stang: If the LIBERALS had let reagan build "Star Wars," this never would have HAPPENED!

xenon: what do you know about estonia anyway?

ptexFUCK: Shit, I'm watching the footage and expecting Spider-Man or someone to come save the day. It's not REAL.

anonymouse: I've got a quarter. Someone else will have to take the rest of the game.

Lilith: I've been waiting for Dr. Evil to take over the TV networks and make demands for money.

MADneuman: Stang: the liberals should have let REagan build Darth Vader

whyaskwhyb: xenon: it's a third world shithole?

anonymouse: ptexFUCK: it's real.

*** joegreen ( has joined channel #subgenius

Stang: Seeing the New York skyline utterly changed in the space of an hour DOES impart a rather dreamlike feeling of unreality, doesn't it.

Stang: Like a sci fi movie.

Lilith: "A little off the top, sir?"

xenon: whyaskwhybot: you are very wrong understandig about this country

anonymouse: Dr. Evil: I demand: TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Stang: James Bond always stops the terrorists before this happens, in the movies.

MADneuman: Like armegeddon movie

ptexFUCK: Right............. just LOOKING at that SKYLINE...... it ain't REAL.

duke0uke: I turned on Howard Stern this morning, and I thought he was doing "War of the Worlds" at first

Stang: God damn Bruce Willis, laying down on the job.

whyaskwhyb: any BIG BUILDINGS in estonia?

xenon: same way like you just did...i might say that US and most of the world is a shithole

anonymouse: James Bond mst have run out of quarters.

MADneuman: Stang: James Bong does not

ptexFUCK: Where are the fuckin' SOOPERHEROES?

*** ptexFUCK has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Where are the fuckin' SOOPERHEROES?

superkate: Christa-- I'm afraid there isn't much I can do at this point.

xenon: whyaskwhybot: well...quite much actually...and many to be built soon

superkate: Going to donate blood this afternoon

ptexFUCK: Oh? What's your power, Kate?


ptexFUCK: Not a bad idea.


superkate: I try to stamp out boredom and evil whererever I find it and feel like doing something about it.

MADneuman: Bruce Willies needs to grow his wig back to fight terrorists

Lilith: I'm wondering if they'd accept our blood, Christa. :(

Stang: xenon, don't worry, whyaskwhy is only kidding...

ptexFUCK: Actually, Why, I was thinking of that to the tune of the Trolley Song.

whyaskwhyb: MAYBE

ptexFUCK: Here in SF they will. >={

DasCNN: I still expect more damage

Stang: Don't believe anything that any SubGenius says. Or anything that anybody says.

magdalen: I'm all sweaty

superkate: And if I could, I would do whatever it took to make things better.

Lilith: Christa: I hope they do in Seattle too.


xenon: i should say that us, estonians are ready to defend our country till the last man will fall


Stang: Superkate -- great "quote" there!

xenon: that's something you don't see in US

Lilith: EVEN NOW, as I warn you not to believe me. Don't believe THAT either!

whyaskwhyb: ESTONIA would take about 10 MINUTES to WIPE OUT

DasCNN: estonia is a much smaller country

superkate: :}

MADneuman: Lilith: We're not letting a nuclear war stop the LONG MARCH though

Lilith: MAD: Of course not!

Lilith: MAD: But it'll be a Longer March for it.

whyaskwhyb: like <fump> GOODBYE ESTONIA

duke0uke: lil- I plan to get bombed, myself

joegreen: did they find out it was the estonians?

MADneuman: eiyiyyayayayyayayyiayiayaiayiaayyayayya

Stang: Now, whyaskwhy, Estonia has nuclear armaments too... let's not start something... for all you know, Xenon here is the Commisar in charge of Abandoned Soviet Nukes.

Lilith: Duke: And I'm sure you'll BE Da Bomb, too.

duke0uke: ping estonia: estonia not found

xenon: muahaha

Stang: It would be ironic if WWIII started on a SubGenius chat channel because of some joking.

magdalen: brb, smoke break

superkate wonders how that would effect our numbers

magdalen: don't start the war without me!

anonymouse: Stang: you say that like it's a bad thing.

MADneuman: it would start with a broken pipe!

whyaskwhyb: it would be IRONIC if xenon and his ESTONIAN COHORTS were the ones that BOMBED OUR BELOVED TRADE CENTERS!

duke0uke: The kingdom was lost for lack of a lighter

Lilith: Stang: Hopefully enough of us have read *Dies Irae* that we can be ready for when it happens.

xenon: u see...there's a rumour going around for a many years that there still is some nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union army...but that most likely something like a rumour about UFO's

ptexFUCK: How Will "Bob" Profit?

DasCNN: they've got shelf lives

xenon: whyaskwhybot: yeah...we did it... :P

whyaskwhyb: I KNEW IT

xenon: far as i'm concerned...estonians wouldn't do such thing


Rev_Baphom: ironicly lots of post solviet countries want to sell their nukes to the bigger ones since they can't afford to keep them up

MADneuman: the only time I will crash my saucer is into planet X

xenon: yeah

duke0uke: I'm listening to the BBC feed. Somehow the English accents are strangely soothing

jeek: My friend's brother is in the reserves. He just got a mysterious phone call, and left with his uniform, not saying anything to his family.

Cozmodiar: brittish report the endtimes very well

Cozmodiar: bbc is great

whyaskwhyb: in honor of the tragedy in NY, I'm going FISHING tomorrow

whyaskwhyb: like GWB

anonymouse: I'm wondering if anybody will lob a nuke before tomorrow morning.

MADneuman: jeek: where was he stationed?

Lilith: Duke: It's the illusion that someone in this world is still civilized.

Lilith: Duke: It'll pass.

jeek: MAD: No idea.

whyaskwhyb: I hope not, the trout don't bit under those circumstances

jeek: I'm in Jamestown, New York.

xenon: if even one nuke goes of...the world war 3 has been started

Rev_Baphom: not nessicarily.

MADneuman: jeek: oh okay

xenon: and fortunally we all gonna die quite fast

anonymouse: Whyaskwhy: but then they float to the surface, precooked.

whyaskwhyb: no way ESTONIAN

whyaskwhyb: we are way over HERE

duke0uke: I like how they say "new yoork" on the BBC

Rev_Baphom: xenon: not those of us who survive...I will die quickly..i'm near a primary target

Cozmodiar: yeah, so things like nuclear winter can't harm us

Cozmodiar: lol

jeek: Jamestown, NY, is 7-8 hours from NYC.

DasCNN: I've heard on NPR that all flights and planes are now accounted for -- but that a fifth crash has occurred in an undisclosed location. As well, a car bomb did go off in front of the State Department, and there was a crash near Camp David.

whyaskwhyb: nobody has $ to buy missles, just the AMERICANS

DasCNN: so says hemos on slashdot

MADneuman: anyone here from SexMortus?

whyaskwhyb: I have a trenchcoat that is guaranteed to ptotect up to 3 rads

Lilith: Jeek: Many of us are familiar with Jamestown, it's near the Brushwood campgrounds around Sherman.

anonymouse: whyaskwhy: you don't need $ to buy missiles if you've got 50000 religious fanatics willing to suicide a plane.

xenon: whyaskwhybot: you buy all these mmissles...and what it gives you? nothing but lots of shit

Rev_Baphom: or a bus

duke0uke: Jamestown is home to the Lucille Ball museum


whyaskwhyb: see here's the thing: it's EASY to get ragheads to blow themselves up, but raghead PILOTS?

*** ChaosIsrael ( has joined channel #subgenius

whyaskwhyb: now that's perplexing

anonymouse: Have they scrambled f-15s yet? OUR CULTURAL LEGACY MUST NOT DIE!

MADneuman: hi Chaos Man

*** Mode change "+o ChaosIsrael" on #subgenius by Lilith

Lilith: Hey Chaos

DasCNN: hey, someone claimed responsibility

whyaskwhyb: who?

duke0uke: The Discordians

DasCNN: reading the article now

whyaskwhyb: other than the palestinians?

DasCNN: err, it's still loading

ChaosIsrae: The Word trade Center, gone. Pentagon hit. FUCK.

DasCNN: FOX News reported Tuesday morning that the Democratic Front For The Liberation Of Palestine (DFLP) has claimed responsibility for the World Trade Center disaster.

whyaskwhyb: it was an OLD BUILDING ANYWAYS

DasCNN: their death knell

MADneuman: all sports events cancelled tonight

Rev_Baphom: DasCNN: an annonymous call gave them that claim..they deny it now

duke0uke: The Peoples Front of Judea

whyaskwhyb: 2 Jewish college kids called that one in

duke0uke: or The Judean Peoples Front

DasCNN: ahh

DasCNN: Judean Front's People

whyaskwhyb: FUCK OFF

anonymouse: Baphomet: Yassar Arafat denied it, but he's in charge of the Judean People's front, not the People's front of Judaea

xenon: oh...ok...will take with you later on...but for now...i need something to eat fast


*** xenon is now known as xen[away]

duke0uke: *always look on the bright side of life*

DasCNN: Clyde Ebanks, vice president of an insurance company, was at a meeting on the 103rd floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center when his boss said, "Look at that!"

duke0uke: * do doot do do do do do doot*

ptexFUCK: Eris is a bitch goddess.

Lilith: What about Judas?

Rev_Baphomet mumbles <splitters>


Lilith: Oh, Judea. Never mind.

anonymouse: People called Romani, they go the house!

MADneuman: Even thought I never cared much for sports" -Frank zappa

ChaosIsrae: The Mossad certainly has reason to promote Arab -hate here. Not that I'm suggesting anything...

DasCNN: Dicerbo led his 44 colleagues down 47 flights of stairs, He staggered away from the building, his clothes torn; the workers were stunned, dazed and coughing.

duke0uke: Are they going to blow up the Internet?

whyaskwhyb: NOOOOOOOOOOO

whyaskwhyb: not THAT

whyaskwhyb: how will I get PORN?

MADneuman: no not that this is our lives for real virtual reality!

DasCNN: palestinian police stopped palestinian celebrations

*** ptexFUCK is now known as PtexHalfHere

whyaskwhyb: thats a damn fine idea

DasCNN: "we don't want to get blown the fuck up"

anonymouse: whyaskwhy: Stock up on porn and cigarettes now. That will be the main form of currency in a couple days.

ChaosIsrae: "You could see people jumping from the upper floors"--MSNBC Shit.

whyaskwhyb: what with the head of the great snake being chopped off and all

MADneuman: and comic books!

Rev_Baphom: ChaosIsrael: a couple of them had images of it

MADneuman: Rev. really didn't know that

Cozmodiar: da mossad

Cozmodiar: word to your hassy

Lilith: "If anyone dies while you are kept in your fallout room, move the body to another room of the house. Label the body with name and address, and cover it as tightly as possible with cellophane, paper, sheets or blankets." -- beginning of Damad, "Worldless"

Lilith: Seemed like good advice to me. *shrug8

whyaskwhyb: who else would dump it into the side of a building to make a statement?

duke0uke: lil- did any jets crash into Redmond?

Lilith: Duke: Alas, no.

MADneuman: good advice a prophet!

anonymouse: Maybe it was a fashion statement.

duke0uke: lil- damn

DasCNN: I've read that a fifth plane has crashed

Lilith: Duke: The Space Needle is still standing, too.

MADneuman: Redmond is crashing into other buildings globally

whyaskwhyb: the G8 guys said they wouldn't go to China because the chinese would be TOO MEAN

Rev_Baphom: DasCNN: they landed a 5th plane and are searching it for bombs..but another crashed at an undisclosed location they say so far

whyaskwhyb: white people talk shit about this sort of thing but chicken out at the last minute

magdalen: back, did I miss anything

*** rev_otto ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mode change "+o rev_otto" on #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet

magdalen: oh god, bush is praying again

DasCNN: A uniformed Secret Service agent, holding an automatic weapon, directs evacuees from a building near the White House on Tuesday. The Capitol, White House, Pentagon, State Department and other buildings were evacuated as an apparent terror attack spread chaos in the nation's capital

Cozmodiar: boom boom

whyaskwhyb: out go the lights


duke0uke: Where's Hellpope Huey when we need him?

Lilith: He's busy going BOOM.

anonymouse: Where IS Huey?

Cozmodiar: yo otto

rev_otto: In Afghanistan, taking vengence

Cozmodiar: on all net registration forms like for hotmail and such

*** Signoff: REVJC (SubG WebIRC! [EOF])

Cozmodiar: i've been putting afghanistan as my country for the past 5 years

rev_otto: might want to change that

MADneuman: John Hogue on Rense tonight. "Prophecy fullfilled"?

whyaskwhyb: thats going to bite you in the ass, isn't it?

rev_otto: scary to hear conversations about revoking civil liberties

jeek: Cozmo: Nice knowing you.

anonymouse: I just remembered: I signed up for a new usenet account recently, and I put my nationality as Afghanistan. It was a joke. Sorta. I put my age as 106.

MADneuman: Hi otto!

rev_otto: hoy

whyaskwhyb: I already heard Nostradamus ambiguously predictd this almost exactly

*** Ven0m ( has joined channel #subgenius

Cozmodiar: ayo'

Ven0m: anyone in the us?

MADneuman: a hoy chips ahoy cookie monster


anonymouse: I think Nostradamus did it.


anonymouse: boom boom boom

MADneuman: Hi Cozmodiar!

jeek: It was JHWH-1.

*** Thea ( has joined channel #subgenius

*** Mode change "+o Thea" on #subgenius by Rev_Baphomet


DasCNN: a big fucking bunch

Rev_Baphom: unknown

Lilith: reThea *hugs tightly*

Thea: No one knows how many dead

DasCNN: thousands, probably

Ven0m: it's so damned SAd!

anonymouse: Venom: I don't know; it will be in the tens of thousands.

Thea hugs Lilith

whyaskwhyb: they just ran it back on infrared slo-mo and it was a GIANT FIST coming out of the sky

*** absFOOD is now known as ABSfuck

*** ONAN ( has joined channel #subgenius

Cozmodiar: BUNG!!

ChaosIsrae: 50,00 ppl worked in WTC.

*** Mode change "+o ONAN" on #subgenius by Cozmodiar

Cozmodiar: BUNG

ABSfuck: BUNG!

duke0uke: hi onan

ChaosIsrae: 50,000 I mean...

ONAN: DUKE OF UKE - got your call late, thanks, raincheck for sure soon

Cozmodiar: BUNG

MADneuman: Hi Onan of the Oregan

magdalen: ChaosIsrael: yeah, and only a few thousand are in hospitals right now

magdalen: so the rest...

rev_otto: two birds and two castles

rev_otto: we should find FT

*** Signoff: rev_otto (Connection reset by peer)

whyaskwhyb: 50,000 VISITORS is what they said this morning chaos

Cozmodiar: he's fine otto

whyaskwhyb: they said more like 110,000

ABSfuck: 5000 visitors

ABSfuck: 5000 visitors

anonymouse: Evil motherfuckers. Fucking lunatics.

MADneuman: cloud is still there

DasCNN: well, I haven't heard any news in half an hour

Ven0m: I can't get over it, how can they do it????????????

duke0uke: onan- can you account for your wherabouts this morning?

anonymouse: Venom: cause they believed.

MADneuman: because they didn't believe in "bob"

Cozmodiar: sure a lot of new faces in here today

ONAN: has david meyer been contacted? earthstation1 checked in

slitta: what about kafiristan?

ABSfuck: Anyone remember "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK"?

whyaskwhyb: same way you do anything: think it up and FUCKING DO IT and don't take NO FOR AN ANSWER

Stang: James Baker was just on, saying as how Congress better let the CIA get back to assassinations and "dirty tricks" like in the old days if they don't want this to keep happening.

Ven0m: they're just fucken grrrr how can I say it?

Cozmodiar: sure a lot of new faces in here today

Cozmodiar: BUNG

Cozmodiar: BUNG

anonymouse: KURT RUSSEL DID IT!

magdalen: onan: meyer's number is not available -- all circuits busy

whyaskwhyb: CALL ME SNAKE

Lilith: Stang: HAHAHAHAHA.

MADneuman: ABSfuck: great movie

magdalen: I'll keep trying

ABSfuck: Cozmodiar- its fed in here because of us baiting echelon all the time by saying OSAMA BIN LADEN


ABSfuck: Reno

Thea: Is the president in Virginia?

ABSfuck: Steak knife

MADneuman: Stang: about time

Ven0m: Where are you all FROM??????????????????

ABSfuck: The pestident is

*** Signoff: joegreen (SubG WebIRC! [EOF])

Stang: Maybe I should put a thing up fromt on SubSITE, telling NYC Subs to email me to "check in"? Should I post the log of this chat I wonder?

whyaskwhyb: poison Osama's cigars?

magdalen: the president is supposed to be in omaha now

ChaosIsrae: Barksdale AFB Louisiana.

MADneuman: James Baker is an ass-anator

*** Modemac (jirc@ has joined channel #subgenius

Ven0m: Is anyone in here actually from USA??????????????

magdalen: how he got there from louisiana is a mystery

magdalen: Ven0m: most of us are

Cozmodiar: almost all of us venom

ABSfuck: thea: no they have him in the midwest, and they are trying to get him to go to Colorodo springs "under the mountian"


Ven0m: OMG, are you ok??????????

Cozmodiar: we're fine homes

MADneuman: Stang: yah do it!!! we need to know if the coven is okay!

*** Mode change "+o Modemac" on #subgenius by Cozmodiar

jeek: Happy International Day of Peace!

Ven0m: Well I'm from far away so hopefully I'm ok :)

Stang: I would be surprised if the CIA *hasn't* actually been doing that stuff all along anyway. OF COURSE they'd say they weren't!

duke0uke: my unix account has a "bin" directory -- does that link me to Osama bin Laden?

magdalen: Ven0m: we are an elite group of satirists. we're still figuring out if everyone in our group is ok

Thea: What a significant date 9-11 the ultimate emergency

anonymouse: Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, former supreme NATO commander, said the aircraft appeared to hit the southwestern side, or the Army side of the building, the area responsible for planning and logistics.


whyaskwhyb: everytime ANYTHING happens 10 years later they dig up some REALLY COOL info on what REALLY HAPPENNED

Ven0m: Mmhmm you're right Thea

MADneuman: hi thea you're on to the numerology

anonymouse: We've known for some time that some group has been planning this," he said, adding that "obviously, we didn't do enough" to prepare for such an attack.

ABSfuck: I wonder what castro has to say?

MADneuman: Castro rocks

*** ABSfuck is now known as ABSENT

jeek: Good news!

magdalen: my god, american says they may start flying again at noon tomorrow

jeek: The Backstreet Boys were on flight 11!

Rev_Baphom: the cubans have expressed sympathy and stated that they oppose terrorisim against civilians

Thea: Of course I am MadNeauman, witch that I am.

Cozmodiar: hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaah

jeek: Oh, wait.. never mind. False alarm.

whyaskwhyb: Castro ignored it and said "PASS THE SWEET AND SOUR SHRIMP"

jeek: :(

Cozmodiar: oh

Cozmodiar: i almost got happy

Thea: And flight 93, how thelemic


Cozmodiar: no

Cozmodiar: i killed them

Cozmodiar: with a gun

Rev_Baphom: it was the OTO!

ChaosIsrae: We'll my lunch hours over. Warning: If you can give blood, do so; if yopu've got a spare twenny, sed it to the Red Cross, and whatever you do, DONT BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT EXPLANATION.

anonymouse: 11 is thelemic too.


MADneuman: thea I was thinking all dates added = 21

jeek: OTO?


duke0uke: ODO

ABSENT: jeek- no thanks, Im driving

magdalen: galleria mall voluntarily closed and evacuated

*** Signoff: ChaosIsrael (SubG WebIRC!)


MADneuman: I was hoping the obvious 13 and 33

Cozmodiar: venom, yes

Thea: Is the red cross "allowing" gay people to donate their blood?

jeek: Ven0m: Apparently not.

ABSENT: VenOm- yes

Cozmodiar: they died

whyaskwhyb: MAD _ IT's 9-11 TODAY! LOOK NO FARTHER!

Cozmodiar: one of the planes

Cozmodiar: there were like 5

Cozmodiar: they are now dead





Cozmodiar: BUNG!

Cozmodiar: BUNG!





Cozmodiar: BUNG ^ bung POWER

Cozmodiar: bung CUBED

Cozmodiar: BUNG


MADneuman: whyaskwhybot: 21 ace of spades cliff burton died in the bus crash!

Cozmodiar: bung years old/bung hole/bungspring bungerbama

ABSENT: BUNG^aleph 1

MADneuman: Metallica hippie!

MADneuman: coinciednce?

ABSENT: BUnger king

*** Modemac has set the topic on channel #subgenius to How come the psychics didn't warn us?

whyaskwhyb: apparently

Cozmodiar: bungerama

ABSENT: Mayor McBung

Cozmodiar: stinky mcbung

magdalen: local news: flags are selling out at all stores that remain open

ABSENT: BungnanaBungma

whyaskwhyb: shouldn't LEMMY have died then MAD?

Cozmodiar: fucking patriots

Cozmodiar: ven0m is a new zealand spy

ABSENT: Osama Bung Laden?

ABSENT: ha ahaa

Cozmodiar: hw hahahaha

Cozmodiar: oooh

Cozmodiar: good one

MADneuman: whyaskwhybot:why your name whyaskwhy coincedence

Stang: Magdalen -- figures --primate lynch mob impulse comes to fore in times of big special effects.


Lilith: Now remember, folks, when you tape up the flag with your duct tape, tape up the flag so the blue is in the LOWER LEFT corner.

duke0uke: In Lemuria, the catholic schools are closed, but the regular schools are open . What does THAT tell you?

magdalen: well I'm going to get one

Cozmodiar slaps his knee and wipes away a tear

whyaskwhyb: speak ENGLISH MOTHAFUKKA

magdalen: don't want the neighbors to think we're funny

ABSENT: BungAskBungaskBung?

Stang: Magdalen -- you were SUPPOSED to have already HAD one!

Cozmodiar: bungy mggee

MADneuman: Lemmy died on the day of the song the one you see is a clone he has extra lumps on his face

ABSENT: CozMungiar?

Modemac: What will happen if the mastermind turns out *not* to be Muslim or Bin Laden?

Ven0m: This isn't ww3 is it?

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ABSENT: Cozbungiar?

anonymouse: I don't know what's scarier: primate lynch mob behavior or primate bung mob behavior.

Cozmodiar: abungsent

Lilith: Duke: Tells me the Virgin Mary knows something.

magdalen: Stang: whoops

Cozmodiar: bung!

ABSENT: Its amazing the way New yorkersa pulled together though

magdalen: we have a canadian one in the garage, will that work?

Thea: Magdalen, is your child home now?

Cozmodiar: ,11BUNG!

Cozmodiar: 2,11BUNG!

magdalen: thea: yes, he came home at eleven, praise dobbs

Cozmodiar: canadibung

MADneuman: Mr. bung an bungers

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ABSENT: Le2,11BUNG!lia

Cozmodiar: bung-o-rama

Cozmodiar: bungtastic

Thea: praise dobbs. My child has not left my sight since we got him.

magdalen: he is not worried about this at all, because he coincidentally got presents from grandparents in the mail today

ABSENT: 2,11BUNG!Tastic!!!

magdalen: he is busy beating up an inflatable spiderman

anonymouse: Mag: how old is he?

Modemac: Maggie: That's good Slack.

magdalen: he is almost six

whyaskwhyb: 36

Modemac: Slack is knowing that your child isn't hurt.

Thea: My son has stopped crying and is doing math.

anonymouse: Good. Too young to understand it.

anonymouse: I wish I was.

duke0uke: W says that we will "hunt them down". Sounds like the next reality TV show. "Terrorist!"

PtexHalfHe: Who can understand this shit?

ABSENT: ,4A/S/L!???!

MADneuman: whyaskwhybot: did you say speak english mothrfucker to me?

anonymouse: Duke: git the dogs out, boys!

Stang: Absent -- it i interesting the way New Yorkers, in that pressure cooker like environment, cuss at each other so constantly yet will "get real" when the chips are down. Probably that's true anywhere, it's just surprising in NYC because of their normal everyday surliness.

Cozmodiar: ,13BUNG?

whyaskwhyb: reality television is going to have a tough go of it this week

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Cozmodiar: ,13BUNG?


PtexHalfHe: New Yorkers are really very cool, tho'.


Stang: Duke -- DON'T tell that idea to Fox!

*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)

Modemac: BTW, is Howard Stern okay? Did he have to cut his show off?

ABSENT: ,11oochie,4wa wa

MADneuman: whyaskwhybot: I love you I really love you really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


duke0uke: Mo- I was listening to him this morning. He stayed on the air, taking calls and forwarding news.

anonymouse: Modemac: No, it's people of the Jewish persuasion who have to cut tehir shows off.

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whyaskwhyb: again, whoever got that first that was a beaut!

ABSENT: Heh the palestines are acting like we would if htis happened to the French

Thea: whyaskwhy, have you heard from your brother?

ABSENT: they are just being humans ho

whyaskwhyb: Mad: I'll french you LATER

ABSENT: Duke- was he serious abouyt it?

*** Slyde ( has joined channel #subgenius

Slyde: afternoon, evening all.

ABSENT: Hy Phloyde

phloighd: so, economic ruin and war, ya think?

MADneuman: whyaskwhybot: okay but you have to germerman me later also!

whyaskwhyb: MY BROTHER IS DOWN AND SOUND. In San Fran ready to TAKE OFF on a Delta Flight when they were grounded

duke0uke: abs- yes, he was very serious, and very caring about he people in the city.

Slyde: not to be alarmist, but I heard that gas prices will be rising.

ABSENT: Sombdoy latvian me please

PtexHalfHe: why, does he have a place to stay?

Thea: I filled the gas tank ansd drew all cash from bank.

ABSENT: Slyde- HA@! I filled up this morning when iut happened

*** humpty-du ( has joined channel #subgenius

humpty-du: hi all

Slyde: what about the subgenii in NYC? anyone check on them? is there anything we can do? a fund? donations? anything?

ABSENT: Zongree went out and bought firearms- removed cash from the bank

whyaskwhyb: Yup, he's a Delta flight attendant and they stay at all the posh joints on the tab'


ABSENT: SLyde- Sexmortus==ok

MADneuman: hi humpty don't fall now

PtexHalfHe: GOOD.

ABSENT: slyde== no word from sifu

ABSENT: slyde== or Bleepo

Slyde sighs

magdalen: sifu is no doubt embalming bodies as we speak

Slyde: I heard the phones on the east side were gone

MADneuman: paranoia culture is mainstream now

Stang: Magdalen has been trying to phone some of the Subs we know there, but no luck getting through.

Slyde: we finally got through to chck on a friend of mine.

ABSENT: Anyone check on Mannix?

Thea trying hard not to hate the dancing Palestinians on TV

Slyde: thanx magdalen for this info too. I appreciate it.

MADneuman: the planes are out to get you

magdalen: ABSENT: I believe someone said Mannix was ok

humpty-du: why i'm falling

*** ABSENT is now known as absent

phloighd: dancing palestineans?

absent: mags- thanks

*** Signoff: Ven0m ()

MADneuman: humpty fell off and put himself back together

phloighd: howabout Sinphulitus Exmortis, anyone heard from him

Thea: They are showing Palestinians Dancing for joy at what has happened phloighd

anonymouse: phloighd: This is a happy day for them. All those American satans dead.

Modemac: SEx is okay.

absent: SEXMORTUS is okay

Stang: I should probably split and put something up on SuBSITE telling NYC subgenii to email in to me and alt.slack.

magdalen: thea: the banks here have enforced limits on withdrawals

MADneuman: so be careful ahead of time

PtexHalfHe: dammit, it's really fucked, but I feel let down by the superheroes. Probably because it's only in that kind of sci-fi fantasy world where shit like this seems POSSIBLE.

Modemac: He showed up here on IRC at maybe 11:30.

absent: modemac- but always use a condom!

humpty-du: ok

Slyde: is there any thing they would need up there besides blood?

humpty-du: brb

*** Signoff: humpty-du ()

Slyde: like, goods and stuff?

MADneuman: Stang ya cool!


magdalen: they need plastic surgeons and burn specialists

Thea: Slyde at this point no one knows what will be needed.

PtexHalfHe: Yeah, this one needs to be posted.

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