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Lilith: Stang: Remember *Watchmen*? This is our world's equivalent of the psychic alien monster.
pisces2 hugs everyone
MADneuman: yowza tribes
IvanStang: Lil -- I wish...
MADneuman: hi all bros and sistas
pisces: stang- its just fucking scary
MADneuman: almost a saucer crash
absCNN: OK
Lilith: Stang: Well, there's no Ozymandias to take advantage of it.
pisces: my mutant radar is going crazy
pisces: i am really worried about my freind at work
pisces: he is egyptian and is already getting shit from folks .. since he is muslim.. and they want someone to blame
pisces: all the rednecks were on talk radio talking about killing muslims
MADneuman: alliekatt: Iknow i'm trying to be a hedonist obtomistic chainsaw masiker
IvanStang: Boy, for people who are all bloodthirsty to massacre "Pinks" on X-Day, we sure do get all upset when a little bit of a preview happens, don't we. I guess that's why we aren't proper terrorists but instead just gripe a lot.
alliekatt: Aw man, the guy at the quickie mart was really burned out...he got a lot of shit from customers and I think he' pakistani
pisces: stang- yeah.. i guess so
Lilith: Stang: Well, *I* didn't get to do it, did I?
pisces: my biggest fear.. is ww2 things
pm: i wonder how many lawyers were in there
pisces: like after pearl harbor.. when we put asians in camps
MADneuman: alliekatt:that sucks cause i see those quickee mart employees taking shit all the time
MADneuman: from frat boys
Lilith: I have to admit, I like the fuxors' STYLE, given the low technology, but I can't help but think this is small potatoes, IN COMPARISON.
pisces: lilith- yweah... it seems this could be the begining
alliekatt: It's not the Pinks who went, it was their Mutant netadmins that were a tragedy...and all the latent Mutants who hadn't found it in themselves yet and never will now.
pm: its amazing what you can do with a glock and a plane ticket, isnt it?
pisces is scared.. her town was # 5 on sadamns list druing the gulf war
mqphive: Altogether, the four crashed planes had 266 people aboard
pisces: hUGE munitions plant here..
pisces: theere is cops everywhere
mqphive: for good info
Lilith: pm: Most reports say the hijackers were apparently using knives.
pisces: you cant even get into radford
MADneuman: Lilith:really?
pm: ahh, holy knives no doubt
pisces: crazy cops stuff going on
IvanStang: Like, we hate the Military Industrial Complex too, but do we really want to fly around, maiming and killing its slaves? I think, when we finally get our escape vessels, we'll probably just LEAVE. And blow off the masscre-ing. Don't you think? I mean this mass killing stuff just isn't getting me off like one might expect.
alliekatt: prolly those hard plastic knives that pass the metal dets
Lilith: Passengers on two different flights, with cell phones, reported that the hijackers had knives.
pisces: stang- i agree
IvanStang: In fact I'm hideously bummed if I stop and think about it from a human rather than SubGenius perspective.
mqphive: whoa - i cant wait to see the before and after pics of new yourk skyline - that and the jumper footage - that footage will be strictly on the internet - the hand in hand jumpers from 70+ stories was visually stunning and poignant
alliekatt: I know I always feel better when I just leave...unless they're in my face and in my way
Thea has lost her desire to indulge in mass killing, I agree lets just leave
IvanStang: Even from a cruel heartless vengeful SubGenius perspective its totally sickening.
MADneuman: Lilith:wow I'm suprised they all didn't revolt at once
mqphive: alliekat - you mean those ceraMic knives ? theyre sharp as fuck
mqphive: ./,m
EvilDrN: he coulda had an oxygen mask and a plastic knife, knife the stewardesses and the pilots, kill the oxygen in the plane, leaving him the sole conscious person on board
skullY: Seems to be up
alliekatt: mqp: oh yeah.
pisces: i think on the whole this is a bummed subgenii day
pisces wants to get drunk and cuddle up with someone
pisces: :(
alliekatt: typical pisces response ;)
pisces: yeah.
Jimbo: hey, sinphaltimus is okay, yah?
Lilith: Jimbo: Yah.
pisces: jimbo yeah .. he emailed me
MADneuman: yah
pisces can let yall hear the email if yall want
IvanStang: I posted Part One of this day's "chat" on SubSITE -- 250 k of it! -- and afterwards I thought, Man, if Norm-Worms read this, they'll think we're all heartless... but then I remembered, Eh, Fuck 'Em if they can't take a response to unthinkable horror.
alliekatt: lol
Lilith: AWYMYN
MADneuman: hah!
IvanStang: What I realized a little while ago is that I haven't realized ANYTHING yet. I mean, it hasn't sunk in. It's all still abstract.
mqphive: bush is in the whitehoush -
MADneuman: I agree
mqphive: stang - did you post the section where i was kick banned for no fucking reason ?
IvanStang: People who SAW it happen were saying they felt then and NOW that it seemed unreal, like, "What I am seeing isn't really happening."
alliekatt: Well like I said earlier we'll sleep on it and wake up in the morning going "JEEZISFUCK WHAT HAPPENED"
Lilith: Well, what do we have to prepare us for something like this? MOVIES?!?
pisces: 9/11 @ 11.26a "I'm scared shit for people i know. I'm freakin here. I can see the city from my house and no more twin towers... its bad.. just smoke... i gotta go but wiil keep in touch l8r.. i need to know people are ok.. phones are fuked.. its like WW3" Reverand sinphaltium exmortus
MADneuman: armeggedon
Thea: I just want to wake up and come on here and share with you all the HORRIBLe dream I had of terrorism.
IvanStang: I posted the whole thing... let history be the judge.
pisces: *sigh*
IvanStang: I mean History. I meant to capitalize History.
pisces: i am just worried that.. well humanity has too major things in crisis.. blessed kindness.. and horrible hatred..
alliekatt: I hope they don't turn it into a historical theme park 100 yrs hence
MADneuman: later Pisces
pisces: i hope that the pinks.. chose to be kind
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Rocknar: re
pisces: madneuman- i am not going...
pisces: that was the email i got from rv sex
Rocknar: *hugs pi*
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MADneuman: oh okay missunderstood
Rocknar: have SexM mail the SubG mailing list, if he can
Thea: Children are so resiliant. My son was so terrified earlier. He is now on the porch laughing and playing with a friend.
MADneuman: Hi Rocknars
Lilith: This whole thing has been compared by REPORTERS to that scene in ID4.
pisces: yeah...
pisces: shit head
Lilith: Of course it seems unreal.
alliekatt: creexpy
pisces: and pearl harbor
PtexAWAY: Appearently both towers were fully occupied at the time.
Lilith LISTENS to the towers collapse
Rocknar: this is our generation's Pearl Harbor
Jimbo: geez. this really happened
pisces: i dont like the pearl harbor imagry
mqphive: stang - did you post the section where i was kick banned for no fucking reason ?
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Lilith: Christa: SOME people got out.
alliekatt: mqp: DROP IT
Jimbo: only out of the second tower
Thea: This is worse than Pearl Harbor
Rocknar: far worse
Ptectrix: Only the lowest floors.
pisces: *sigh*
mqphive: drop it like its hot ?
mqphive: =p
Jimbo: terrorism is worse than war, and there was far more casualties
Rocknar: this is the opening shots of World War III
Ptectrix: Do we know if the Day Care got evacuated?
pisces is hella depressed..
Thea: oh ghods
mqphive: subg kiddie kare factory
pisces: christa.. god i hope so
Thea: I hope daycare got evaced
Lilith hugs Christa tightly
Jimbo: i dont think so
Thea: oh ghods
Ptectrix: They were on the first floor, so there would have been time.
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Lilith hugs Pisces and Thea and Christa and alliecat together
Ptectrix hugs Lilith.
pisces gets all sniffly again
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Jimbo: been a while since i cried, but i did today
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IvanStang: Now you kids, remember, this isn't the End of the World; or, if it is, it isn't like you all weren't BEGGING for it last July! Of course it is kind of worrisome that it's stupid Pinks duking it out rather than mighty space monsters.
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pisces: stang- yeah this SUCKS
pisces: there are no sex goddesses
Lilith: Stang: If it's the End, it's happening WAY TOO DAMNED SLOW.
alliekatt: I remember being in Littl Italy just a yr ago...walking down the wet street at night...trees lit up with xmas lights...and the WTC at the center of the street I was walking down...majestic in a heartless pleasant NY sort of way
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pisces: this is like my horrid nitemare with david byrne in it.. where no one could ahve sex or smoke frop.. or do anything
Jimbo: i want to donate blood, but i got my tattoo recently
Jimbo: *too recently
pisces: adn the false xists took us captive and stole our slack!
Thea: i want to but health precludes it
pisces is giving blood tomarrow.. since she is O neg.
alliekatt: The blood bank has lines around the corner here
IvanStang: Yeah, I was just remembering how my SON lived a few blocks from the WTC for the last 4 years!!! (Now in Dallas.)
Lilith: I'm transsexual, so I probably can't give blood.
Thea: I am O neg, i wish I had working veins
pisces: lil- have you had homosexual sex since 1977?
Ptectrix: THe Pentegon has said definitavely that the attacks in Kabul aren't by the US...... and since they're in a state of civil war, they might be telling the truth in this instance.
pisces: if not you can give
Rocknar: I take anti-histamines so I know they won't take my blood
alliekatt: AB+ but with very shy veins
IvanStang: Actually the time to donate blood is NEXT WEEK. They have plenty right now and not enough jugs to put it in... it's in a couple of days that they'll need MORE... so plan to do the blood thing later when the Pinks have blown it off.
pisces: rocknar- actually they wont care
mqphive: ahhh - time for dessert - fresh espresso and hazelnut wafers
Rocknar: what about my frop usage?
mqphive: i am truly a gourmet
Ptectrix: Lil...... the people at the "Transie House" are all safe.... a few blocks from the WTC, but they just have ash to clean up. Sylvia Rivera's OK.
Thea: Attorney General speaking now
pm: +b *!*@*.AF to ban afghanistan
Lilith: Yes, donate blood within the next few days.
Ptectrix: brb
Lilith: Christa: That's good. I'm glad.
Jimbo: ashcroft is echoing through the dorm room
alliekatt: Rocknar: guess it's all ditch now unless thru Ontario
pisces doesnt want to listen
pisces doesnt want to know
pisces is tired of all this
IvanStang: You know what I was just thinking? I was just thinking, "War Is Hell." That's what I was thinking.
Lilith hugs Pisces tightly
pisces knows what is about to happen here in b-burg
Jimbo: *armed with knives
IvanStang: Cosmic, huh.
Jimbo feels the same as Ivan
Lilith: This isn't war.
Lilith: This is worse.
pisces: the rednecks.. are already talking of killing arabs.. they are on teh radio now..
Thea: oh ghods what good will that do
mqphive: im dunking imported hazelnut wafers into a coffecup full of espresso
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pisces: teh godcunts get on the radio and talk about how this is punishment for americans sins
Lilith: Pisces: When it turns out that the hijackers were all crazy rednecks, I hope they won't mind when the Arabs start talking of killing them.
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IvanStang: Well, the Arab rednecks have been talking about killing Honkies too. These monkeys just won't leave each other alone.
Cozmodiar: yo
Rocknar: get your gas now
Thea: And it just goes on and on so many dead so many more will die damn them all motherfuckers
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Cozmodiar: my damn client can't connect to anythign but vendetta
alliekatt: well the godcunts should be locked up for drumming up hatred
pisces: the debate on talk radio when i got home was.. pray to god.. or killing in the name of
Rocknar: gas prices are already $5 a gallon
Cozmodiar: and it says vendetta is full
MADneuman: be right back stay where you are
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IvanStang: I hate to see monkeys die needlessly and I hate to see even HUMANS die needlessly. Although if we get our way, ANY death will become STRICTLY VOLUNTARY -- *AND REFUNDABLE*!
pisces: stang- can we get out saucers early please!!!
Lilith: EARLY?
pisces: ok.. NOW please
Lilith: Hon, I've been waiting for years now.
IvanStang: I suspect all the IRC nets are jammed tonight -- I had a hard time getting through -- just kept trying.
pisces: yeah..
Cozmodiar: #islamhahahahahahahahahaha
Rocknar: MTV suspended normal programming and they're showing CBS..
Cozmodiar: #islam
Cozmodiar: wow
pisces: gah..
Cozmodiar: that's impressive
pisces: it wont stop..
pisces: it cant stop
pisces: there is momentum
alliekatt: BYOS. It's still build yer own...tried to get as much help as possible but the hyperspace bypass project is still getting precedence
Rocknar: it's the End Times
pisces: it keeps on going
mqphive: rapid skyline depletion 3 max zaniness
Jimbo: "leaving tortured ethnic madness for a land of joy and gladness"
alliekatt: Why is my watch still working
Jimbo: why dont we send out a team to find the entrance to the Hollow Earth?
Jimbo: live down there for a while
pisces: YES
Thea: Please let this be a dream.
pisces: good idea
Lilith: I'm mostly disgusted by the e-mail I got from CoffeeCup Software.
Cozmodiar: anyone know how long absent has been afk
mqphive: cozz - whats happining over at @islam ?
Ptectrix: WE're at war. And worse, we don't have a TARGET yet........ there are gonna be LOTS of brown-skinned folks lynched right here in the US before this is all over
pisces: coz- he is nappin
mqphive: max fights ?
pisces: coz- msg him
Cozmodiar: drag'
IvanStang: Rocknar -- unfortunately it's been the End Times since about 1973 or so.
Lilith sets up an underground railroad for Muslims
Cozmodiar: it aint important- not really
pisces: christa- that is very much my fear
IvanStang: It's taking for fucking ever for the End Times to end.
Cozmodiar: just a soundfont i wanted to know if it worked for him or not
Thea helps Lilith in that effort
IvanStang: Maybe that's why Dobbs called it the Time and Half Time.
pisces joins thea n lilith
Jimbo: what a sick sick disgusting world
Rocknar: it's only now with so much going on and so much at stake, the end times just got a kick-start.
Jimbo: even the supposedly religious blow stuff up
Cozmodiar: endtimes been hyappening for a while
pisces: i still want to get drunk and curl up in bed with someone
Cozmodiar: but indeed, this is a good kickstart
pisces: or three
Lilith: Pisces: If I could help....
Cozmodiar: i want my acoustic transducer pickup to get here
pisces: lilth- i wouldnt ask anyone to come into town now
Thea wishes more than ever she could be holding onto to Lilith
mqphive: mtv is showing the best footage right now - lmao @ a huge crowd of people stampeding from the billowing cloud of smoke after implosion
Cozmodiar: those towel heads delayed my mail
pisces: we are nearly on lock down here
Ptectrix: I'd hate to be of Arabic descent and living in the US right now. >:(
Lilith hugs Thea tightly
Ptectrix: People won't give a fuck.....
mqphive: i am really surprised the buildings imploded - i thought they was gonna stand
Jimbo: i'm going to be pissed when the first wave of false people taking credit for this comes around
Cozmodiar: mmmm. stampede
pisces: christa- i work with an egyptian.. he looked like he was gonna cry when he came into work
Lilith: Well, that DOES include Kasey Kasem and Paula Abdul.
Ptectrix: Xenophobia's gonna make people lash out at anyone different.
Lilith: To be fair.
Cozmodiar: jimbo, they already have
Ptectrix: Indeed, Pisces..... and no wonder!
IvanStang: When the world appears to be ending, SubGeniuses always get this urge to fuck as if their very lives depended on it... funny how that works, though certainly understandable from an evolutionary point of view.
IvanStang: So, you kids get to work...
pisces: yeah..
mqphive: man , they were like - last time we went from the bottom and it didnt work - this time were hitting them from the fucking top !
pisces: stang- must get more yeti in the pool so to speak
Lilith would love to make love to Thea right now
alliekatt: dude it's far worse than Iraq now for the pakistanis and even the INDIANS who live around here. The honkies are queuing and slavering to get their spiderweb tattoos
Thea: We do not have the comfort of prayer so we fuck Stang.
Jimbo: i dont know who i want to fuck
Ptectrix would jump in any pile of screwing yeti right about now.
Thea would love nothing more than to be making love to Lilith. I know we always want that but it it so MUCH more today
Jimbo: female, definately, at least
pisces knows "BOB" will deny her
Lilith: Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?
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Lilith: Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
alliekatt: Yeah if Hollywood FX can happen in real life then why can't Superman >:(
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Thea: Our Nation turns it's lonely eye's to you
pisces: whats that you say ms robinson
pisces: jo-dijo has left and gone away
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Lilith: Hey hey hey.
osama_bin_: allah allah, la la lala
alliekatt: I want to help you learn to help yourself...
EvilDrN: locked in my basement
Achmed-McB: luck--plane-0-rama for the NYC subs
Achmed-McB: i tel lya what
Rev_Dr_Lon: dude, jimbo....i was sayin that exact same thing
Jimbo: christa: theyre busy pulling bodies out of the rubble
Achmed-McB: good thing none of them have jobs in those strupid ass buildings
pisces: indeed
pisces: jimbo- indeed
*** Ptectrix has set the topic on channel #subgenius to WHERE ARE THE SOOPERHEROES WHEN WE NEED 'EM?
IvanStang: I hesitate to say this, but... at this point I will be happy if this remains "DIE HARD" with an unhappy ending instead of THE 12 MONKEYS directors' cut.
pisces: yeah... no shit
alliekatt: lol
Jimbo: darn tootin
alliekatt: to practice
Achmed-McB: how'd that come out
Achmed-McB: all die?
Thea: Many of the superhero's died. How many firefighters were in that thing when it fell?
Ptectrix: Can't Superman fly around the earth and make it spin in reverse, thus turning back time, then Wonder Woman could get in her jet and lasso the hijacked planes?
pisces: yeah
pisces: that woudl be kewl
Jimbo: i want Spawn to do something
Ptectrix: Point taken, Thea.
Jimbo: what can Spawn do?
Achmed-McB: what
osama_bin_: puff puff
Rev_Dr_Lon: then aquaman could to some fish...
IvanStang: MEGAVOLT!!! Megavolt will stop them. He is the ONE super hero with real super powers. or at least a super suit. Well at least he won't get electrocuted. Oh hell, even Megavolt can't save us now.
Rocknar: I guarantee you next year when we gather in New York there will be a somber tone...
pisces: thats great it start with an earthquake birds snake and AEROPLANES lenny bruce is not afraid
Ptectrix: Shit, The Flash coulda evacuated the whole damn thing, both towers.
IvanStang: (I secretly met Megavolt this last Burning Man and praised Megavolt to his "unmasked" alter ego.)
Lilith: There were fire fighers, listening to other fire fighers on the radio, begging to be found and freed from the rubble....
Ptectrix: Megavolt?
Jimbo: the flash can turn back time too
Lilith: Where's GAMERA?!?
Ptectrix: Can he?
Jimbo: now theyre singing
Lilith: Where is the Protector Of All Children?!?
Jimbo: he did it once before, when he was racing death
Ptectrix: I watch the people running through the streets, and I SWEAR I'm looking at Godzilla footage.
Jimbo: screw Gamera! I want the MAN, GODZILLA!
IvanStang: Lil, those are the little details that kept me away from the news for these two years... sigh...
Jimbo: hell, he was in a hollywood movie!
Ptectrix: JINX
magdalen: well
Ptectrix: sorta
Jimbo: he was even in Manhattan!
magdalen: hi guys! good to have you all back again
Lilith: Stang: I know. I know.
IvanStang: Protectrix -- YEAH! You're right. It's horribly like Godzilla footage.
Lilith hugs Mags tightly
pisces: Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn - world
pisces: serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs. Feed
pisces: it off an aux speak, grunt, no, strength, Ladder
pisces: start to clatter with fear fight down height.
Ptectrix: Spider-Man lives in New York.
Lilith: They're singing "God Bless America".
Lilith: GAH.
osama_bin_: yup
pisces: Wire
pisces: in a fire, representing seven games, a government
pisces: for hire and a combat site.
Jimbo: oh, spider-man couldnt do jack shit
Ptectrix: I know... I mean, I see it, Stang, and that's all I can think of. This isn't the news, it's Godzilla clips.
magdalen: ah, for a few moments there, out on the porch, havin a smoke and a fresh cup of coffee and reading the latest "Barbie Bazaar" magazine, I forgot it all
Lilith: SURE he could!
Lilith: He could've strung up the planes in his webs!
pisces: Six o'clock - TV hour. Don't get caught in foreign
pisces: towers. Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself
pisces: churn.
Ptectrix: There was the teaser trailer for the Spider-Man movie where he caught some thieves getting away in a helecoptor by spinning a huge web between the twin towers.....
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Rocknar: holy shit I HEAR A PLANE IN THE AIR!!!
IvanStang: Pisces -- I always wondered what a lot of those words were...
Rocknar: *runs outside*
Lilith: They're coming for YOU, Rocknar!
magdalen: Rocknar, easy now
Ptectrix: WHERE ARE you, Rock?
pisces: stang
Jimbo: i heard planes all day, from the Wright Patterson Air Base. One crashed
magdalen: there are two planes allowed to fly at the moment, in addition to the military ones
pisces lives REALLY close to a muntions plant.. and is WORRIED
magdalen: american airlines executives are being flown from Dallas to somewhere else
IvanStang: Rocknar is in RocknarLandia.
pisces: seriously.. muntions plant and the town of radford are on lockdown
pisces: rock is in KY
*** Signoff: mqphive (Go Sumo)
Ptectrix: SF"s closed down.
Achmed-McB: everything is in lockdown
Ptectrix: As is San Diego.
osama_bin_: pisces maybe you should go back to ohio
Lilith: The Team at CoffeeCup would like to send our heart felt sorrow to those that perished in these attacks.
Lilith: We would like to also say on record that if any country is found responsible for these attacks, we call for that country's complete destruction and annihilation.
Lilith: Do not let terrorism which is designed to create fear and stop production, halt your life or work.
pisces: pm- i would.. if i though i could
Lilith: Stay focused and do not stop what you are doing.
Jimbo: rock, it could be jets from Wright Patterson. they been in and out all day
Slyde sighs
IvanStang: I should go out and rent THE STAND 4 hour miniseries... that'd cheer me up...
pisces: stang- UGH
magdalen: Lilith: I got that too, it made me mad, I was like, I'm waiting for emails from friends who might be dead, and you bother me with this?
Rev_Dr_Lon: wright patterson is an awesome base
Rocknar: military choppers...tats what these were.
Jimbo: *just described the soot in manhattan as "likened to nuclear winter"
Lilith: 800-HELP-NOW is the Red Cross donations line.
magdalen: the kids on cnn chat are REALLY pissy today
Ptectrix: That's what it looks like.
Lilith: I recommend those who can, donate.
pisces: lilith- i am giveing my lifes BLOOD
magdalen: I got totally flamed just for saying Bush didn't give a very good speech
magdalen: well he DIDN'T, dammit
Lilith: Pisces: They won't take mine.
Jimbo: mags: so what else is new?
IvanStang: It also resembles the ash-fall after a volcanic eruption.
magdalen: "these folks"????
Ptectrix: If they decide to take queer blood, I'm there.
magdalen: come on
Rocknar: under these circumstances...
Achmed-McB: this is all a trick to institute a ocugh coughb policstate
Achmed-McB: ugh cough
Achmed-McB: cough cought- stop opposition to the prez
Jimbo: i hear that
Achmed-McB: wag the dick
pisces: *sigh*
Jimbo: i think its more a coincidence though
Achmed-McB: SHIT- wag the dog was BACKWARDS- clinton's sex covered up the CMDA
Lilith: Yes. If they will take TS blood, I will donate.
magdalen: I don't think they did this specifically to stop opposition to the prez, but they are definitely milking it
Jimbo: they did this, and theyre going to use it to enforce a police state
Achmed-McB: millenial communications decency act
osama_bin_: all your skyscrapers are belong to us
Jimbo: but i dont believe they orchestrated it
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Slyde: fucking irc client won't let me on here.
IvanStang: Magdalen -- the Patriotism gland is getting all fired up. I remember this distinctly from the Gulf War -- it's fucking incredible, it even infected me. (John Shirley also admitted to me he had the same problem) -- the Con will exploit this for its own benefit.
osama_bin_: jimbo, i agree
magdalen: IvanStang: true true
Jimbo: haha, "all your skyscrapers are belong to us
Achmed-McB: con is not evil enough or devious enough to blow up the pentagon
Rocknar: pm, drop the osama nick
Achmed-McB: they'd poison a few large cities
IvanStang: It's very easy even for an apolitical slacker to get all fired up and hot to wage war when a good solid (yet still symbolic) enemy is propped up in front of them.
Rocknar: and you "Achmed"
Achmed-McBomb hits rocknar over the head with a beer bottle
Achmed-McBomb hands rocknar a joint
*** osama_bin_pm is now known as amaso_bin_pm
Lilith refuses to get patriotic... especially since most patriots will kill flag-burners but will throw their empties on the goddamn highway.
Rocknar: you two fuckheads are gonna get the CHURCH blamed for today
IvanStang: I kind of agree with the old spies, maybe assassination and dirty tricks are the kinder, gentler way to wage war after all. More political assholes and less civilians get killed that way.
amaso_bin_: rocknar: suck my hairy balls
Achmed-McB: no no, that'll happen once i call NPR
Rocknar: Present them.
Ptectrix: The stages of grief..... "Drink Alcohol Before Doing Anal"
Achmed-McB: whoahhhhhhh
Slyde: the only enemy we have is the people who are violent
Ptectrix: I'm on Drink.
Slyde: who call for violence
Achmed-McB: i'm on space-viola
Lilith: "I always thought of America as a superhero, and, like, nothing could hurt us, right?"
magdalen: IvanStang: when Bush first came into office he said he was going to "re think" the no-assassinations policy
Achmed-McB: mind altering viola
Jimbo: well, it didnt hurt us THAT much, physically
IvanStang: Magdalen -- AHAHAA!!! He said "think"!
Jimbo: damaged our pride
Achmed-McB: economically
Achmed-McB: economics
Ptectrix: (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.)
magdalen: heh
Achmed-McB: it kicked us in the balls
Jimbo: economics, ya
Lilith: Stock exchanges in Europe have collapsed.
Achmed-McB: good for them
Achmed-McB: we'll bring down the euro
pisces: well i got a call
Lilith: And I'm sure that, when OURS finally re-open, they won't be all that great either.
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IvanStang: Collapsed? You mean, imploded?
Achmed-McB: i gotta poop
magdalen: I just can't believe they did it with knives
Ptectrix: Collapsed.
magdalen: KNIVES
Achmed-McB: shivs
Jimbo: everyones getting pissed about that. goddamn terrorists are spitting in the wind
Achmed-McB: shivs
Achmed-McB: hahahah
magdalen: that's so 12th century
Lilith: I bet those were ceramic knives.
Achmed-McB: it's so prison rape style
Achmed-McB: shivs
Ptectrix: Had to be, Lil.
IvanStang: Lil that's a bummer, I just checked and my piddly holdings were at their peak today! (The fucking Con must have KNOWN it!!)
magdalen: still though
Jimbo: we even have Iran condemning this. IRAN
Lilith: Deadly sharp and doesn't show up particularly on X-Rays.
magdalen: how hard is it to kick a freakin knife out of someone's hand
Achmed-McB: nah, they coulda been the same kind of plastic Glocks are made out of
Achmed-McB: i've played with those knives
magdalen: something fishy about the whole thing
Lilith: Mags: Depends on how quickly they worked.
Achmed-McB: ehll, i've even drawn blood with them
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Jimbo: if america gets enough support, particularly in the middle east, then Osama, if it is indeed Osama, will find himself powerless
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Lilith: America has nothing BUT support.
magdalen: curbside check-in will no longer be allowed!
Lilith: We're having to reign in not just ourselves but our allies too.
IvanStang: (As long as I stay online, reading SubGeniuses, I won't have to THINK about that TREMOR in the FORCE!!)
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Lilith: If a country is implicated, half the world will carpet bomb it two millennia back.
piscesphon: yea
magdalen: it's just unbelievable
Jimbo: hell yeah. they already been bombed, but Wolf said it was the civil war
magdalen: the towers, they're just gone
magdalen: I watched them fall
magdalen: boom. gone.
Jimbo: i fucking cried when i watched that
Rocknar: up to 200 New York city FIREFIGHTERS DEAD
Jimbo: in disbelief
IvanStang: Starting to sink in, it seems.
Lilith: Jimbo: Could be Bin Laden destroying evidence. Could be civil war in Afghanistan.
piscesphon: :(
Jimbo: could be america destroying evidence so we dont lose support
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Lilith: Possibly.
amaso_bin_: i wouldnt have blamed those firefighters if they didnt wanna go in there
*** Koenig ( has joined channel #subgenius
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pisces: that was mama
Rocknar: it's the fire fighter's DUTY to give his life.
magdalen: yeah, that's why firefighters get the chicks
pisces: my cousin shelly in DC is ok... so is my uncle who was supposed to work at the pentagon today.. instead he got sent to fredricksburg
Rocknar: those 200 who died did so knowing this would be their day.
magdalen: because they're willing to die for people
amaso_bin_: then they were as dumb as the nut that crashed the plane
Lilith: You know, reading the financial reports, I wish I had invested in gold and oil earlier.
pisces: whats oil like now?>
Jimbo: pm: not hardly
Lilith: I could've sold to people scrambling to invest in "secure" investments.
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amaso_bin_: you know what? i bet they didnt try to go into the second building like they did the first one
Jimbo: giving your life trying to save someone is the most honorable thing someone can do. this was a cowardly act of sadism
amaso_bin_: ..everyone thought it would stand
Lilith: Meanwhile, financial markets were hit around the globe as investors digested the implications of the attack. Stocks in the United Kingdom saw their biggest one-day point drop since October of 1987, with a 5.5 percent fall wiping roughly $98 billion off the value of London's FTSE 100 index.
Lilith: Even worse was trading in Paris, off 7.4 percent, and Germany, off 9.2 percent. Trading was down 4 percent on the Toronto Stock Exchange, before being halted, while Brazilian markets were down 9.2 percent before they were closed.
IvanStang: It could be that none of us could even GUESS what any of this was REALLY all about, any better than that Keaunu Reaves character in THE MATRIX. One thing is for sure, a whole shitload of plain ordinary folks of every race creed and color, got fucked over -- probably because somebody else thought they were doing GOOD. OH the humanity of it all, to kipe a phrase.
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Jimbo: yeah. people are stupid
magdalen: 78 NYPD officers missing tonight
Lilith: Stang: Am I "evil" for thinking that "good" is "evil"?
Jimbo: nuff said
pisces: no
Lilith: And is that "good"?
pisces: we can only hope.. folks dont get stupid
IvanStang: Lil -- HOLY SHIT!! My logical initial Vulcan like fears are realized.
Jimbo: like the book says, good is equal to evil, cosmically speaking
Jimbo: stupidity is whats wrong with the world. blind ignorance
IvanStang: Stupidity doesn't kill people, people kill people.
Jimbo: stupid people kill people
pisces: yes
amaso_bin_: ok we're gonna start having everyone go thru a metal detect0r befroe they enter the channel
Jimbo: but yeah, HA
Jimbo: just got that as the joke it was meant to be
pisces: stupid stupid stupid people do stupid stupid stupid things in the name of whatever ideology they so belive
Lilith: The Discordians say convictions cause convicts.
IvanStang: Remember, from the point of view of our, say, Palestinian counterparts, they are the Rebel Forces and we are the robotic soulless decadent Empire.
pisces: adn now as a repreecussion.. more stupid stupid folks will retaliate with out facts
amaso_bin_pm frisks jeek for weapons
Lilith: I think that's almost cheerfully optimistic.
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Lilith: Convictions cause EXECUTIONS.
Ptectrix: eeek... alt.religion.islam is scary.
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Jimbo: christa: send me some of that? my usenet aint a-workin
IvanStang: "Ya know... heh heh... to them Martians, heh, maybe WE'RE the monsters!"
Lilith: Stang: Only the WTC isn't the Death Star. It's more like the Endor Moon. And they KILLED THE EWOKS! THE MONSTERS!!!
Jimbo: well if we're the monsters, then the Taleban is about to put on a Red Shirt
Ptectrix: I'd never heard of the term "Sand nigger" before. =p
pisces: christa- dont you wished you still had never heard it
Lilith: Judas had to explain to someone how a plane full of fuel could destroy a tower.
IvanStang: Oh, I'm not saying we're the monsters, I'm saying that to THEM, we appear to be the monsters.
Jimbo: hell, a plane WITHOUT fuel could likely destroy a tower
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Lilith: Apparently that someone's geometry teacher (!) swore that a plane could NEVER destroy the tower, and so the tower HAD to be loaded with explosives ALREADY, blah blah bullshit bullshit
pisces: wahtever
Slyde: ugh. finally.
pisces: jet fule is hella flamable
Lilith: Jimbo: Yes, but with all that fuel, burning hotter than steel melts....
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Ptectrix: I hate to criticize the President, at a time like this, but Damn
Ptectrix: people -- He's a weenie! At a time like this, he could have seized
Ptectrix: the moment, and finally talked to the people -- from the guts! ...but
Ptectrix: as always -- he read his little statement!
Ptectrix: I wish Swarzkopf (msp.) were the President! ....or better yet --
Ptectrix: Theodore Roosevelt, Andy Jackson, Harry Truman, or George "the Man"
Ptectrix: Washington -- you know -- men with "yarbles"! But what do we have
Jimbo: ohh god.
Ptectrix: -- ....a bonafide 'moron-weenie'.
Ptectrix: These Islamics (rag-heads) -- are at war with us people -- They are a
Ptectrix: wild boar attacking! You are not going to talk sense to this
Ptectrix: attacking wild boar. This is even more serious than the Nazi's in
Ptectrix: WW II, because the Nazi's were political! This Islamic crap, IS
Ptectrix: RELIGION! They will fight to the death, till the last Rag-head!
Ptectrix: That means we MUST act NOW, and eradicate this RELIGION ----- DEATH
*** Signoff: Slyde (Read error: 0 (Error 0))
Ptectrix: TO ISLAM NOW! OR you have just seen the beginning of GIHOD!
Ptectrix: God Bless America!
Ptectrix: Death to all Rag-Heads, Bin_Laden, BUT more importantly --- DEATH
Ptectrix: TO ISLAM!
magdalen: is this teddy kennedy I'm watching?
pisces: EEE!
Ptectrix: oops... didin't mean to spam that to everybody.
magdalen: this reception is so bad on this little handheld
Jimbo: can we convince "Bob" to sell peace to Osama?
Lilith: What a moron.
Ptectrix: No, that's the house speaker, Mags.
amaso_bin_: now, i will ping out
pisces: oh great..
pisces: fuckign hell
pisces: stupid shits
pisces: GAH>>>
Rocknar: the hospitals in NYC say they've only seen a fraction of the dead and wounded.
pisces: so now we will encourage the public to kill based on religion and skin color
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Lilith: They're starting to bring in cranes and tractors and generators....
pisces: why didnt her just geive out the addy for the fucking KKK
magdalen: is this daschle on now?
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Lilith: BRB
pisces wants to scream and cry and shake sense into these dumbfucks
Ptectrix: Some discussion titles:
Ptectrix: Fuck Bin-Laden! Death To Islam! This is war!
Ptectrix: I hate to criticize the President, at a time like this, but Damn
Ptectrix: people -- He's a weenie! At a time like this, he could have seized
Ptectrix: the moment, and finally talked to the people -- from the guts! ...but
Ptectrix: as always -- he read his little statement!
Ptectrix: I wish Swarzkopf (msp.) were the President! ....or better yet --
Ptectrix: Theodore Roosevelt, Andy Jackson, Harry Truman, or George "the Man"
Ptectrix: Washington -- you know -- men with "yarbles"! But what do we have
Ptectrix: -- ....a bonafide 'moron-weenie'.
Ptectrix: These Islamics (rag-heads) -- are at war with us people -- They are a
Ptectrix: wild boar attacking! You are not going to talk sense to this
Ptectrix: attacking wild boar. This is even more serious than the Nazi's in
Ptectrix: WW II, because the Nazi's were political! This Islamic crap, IS
Ptectrix: RELIGION! They will fight to the death, till the last Rag-head!
Ptectrix: That means we MUST act NOW, and eradicate this RELIGION ----- DEATH
Ptectrix: TO ISLAM NOW! OR you have just seen the beginning of GIHOD!
Ptectrix: God Bless America!
Ptectrix: Death to all Rag-Heads, Bin_Laden, BUT more importantly --- DEATH
Ptectrix: TO ISLAM!
Ptectrix: sorry
Ptectrix: I was trying to do something else.
Ptectrix: see alt.religion.islam yourselves.
Ptectrix: it's all "KILL THE SAND NIGGERS NOW" shit.
Jimbo: pm: jesus christ
pisces: :(
Ptectrix: Anyone check the KKK site to see what thjey're saying? Probably loving it.
pisces: christa- i would.. but i might puke
Jimbo: they havent updated their site
IvanStang: Some people find hate just DELICIOUS, and they MILK it. It's their only way of feeling superior. I used to have fits where I'd get like that, that's how I know how delicious it is. Fucking gives me the creeps just thinking about it when I'm in my right mind, i.e., fropped to the gills.
pisces: *sigh*
pisces: someone.. any answers...
Jimbo: HEY, can "Bob" sell peace to the Middle East?
Jimbo: or does he stand to make too much on arms deals
Ptectrix: War's more profitable.
IvanStang: If I leave SubGeniusland and look at the human world right now I'll start thinking about "IT" -- must stay up here in my tower, surrounded by protective Dobbsheads.
Ptectrix: for REAL.
IvanStang: That's it, I'll just meditate on how many protective Dobbshead images there must be inside my hard drive and in all these disks and all those boxes of old art and layouts.
pisces: oh jesus..
Achmed-McB: milk in what now?
Achmed-McB: oh hate with mil,m
IvanStang: Dobbs will save us, Dobbs will save us, Dobbs will save us...
pisces: woman talking about bodies falling out of the tower
Achmed-McB: ok
IvanStang: (mumble mumble)
IvanStang: (fidget with rosary butt beads)
Lilith: Stang: If it's any consolation, in other news, I got into trouble at work today because, apparently, one of the NT techs were complaining about my... appearance.
Ptectrix: THis didn't really happen.
Koenig: In drag?
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IvanStang: Lil -- christ! Just because you're a Vampiric American! Have they no respect for other ways of life?
Achmed-McB: i thought you had to go to work in double drag- as a guy
Jimbo: oh jesus christ
IvanStang: Ort death I mean?
Lilith: Achmed: I do.
IvanStang: Living death, whatever you people call it.
Achmed-McB: so you should stop going to work in double drag
Achmed-McB: or in drag
Achmed-McB: i mean
IvanStang: They're gonna be hassling all the Demonic Americans now, too.
pisces: *sigh* yup
Lilith: Stang: Well, I was wearing a blouse to work today that kinda shows off my tits.
pisces: any non-christains will get harrassed
IvanStang: Aetheric Americans will be about the only ones to escape the troubles, 'cause they're already dead. Little consolation.
Lilith: It's MODEST--the HR department had no problems!
Jimbo: will there be a crackdown on SubGenius you think?
pisces is worried
ONAN: "There is no 'I' in 'Thayme'" - J. R. "Bob" Dobbs
Ptectrix: Appearently the MSNBC message boards are full of people frantically trying to see if anyone's see their loved ones who work at the WTC.
Koenig: Everyone will have to look like Fred MacMurry!
IvanStang: Onan -- !!!
Lilith: But they saw HARD NIPPLES.
Achmed-McB: they're fucking dead, get over it
Lilith: And this apparently offended them during their grieving.
magdalen: at least there's still coffee
Jimbo: HOLY SHIT you did not just say that
Lilith: Jimbo: Who didn't say what?
Achmed-McB: assume they're dead- then if you find out they're alive- woohoo
Ptectrix: Oh fuck, Lil... the HR dept should have smacked 'em upside the heads and told 'em to get OVER it.
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Jimbo: have you ever lost a loved one achmed?
pisces: well considering the stickers on my car... (god protect me from your followers .. and if going to church makes you a chirsitain does going to a garage make you a car).. so be prepared.. subs and wiccans atheists and agnostics.. you are in danger
Achmed-McB: yup
Lilith: Christa: I think they wanted to make sure I wasn't wearing something indecent first.
IvanStang: Only "Bob" will eb safe.
Jimbo: so how can you tell anyone to get over it
Achmed-McB: cause it's whatcha gotta do
ONAN: "Bob" will ebb safely back to the primordial slime from whence he came.
Lilith: I have a big stick that says "GET OVER IT" right on the knobby end.
Achmed-McB: not pester other people who dont know anythign about the situation
IvanStang: Nobody cares about the Subs... they think of us like they do about homeless people and rodeo clowns. Harmless. Rats in the walls.
Jimbo: you dont have to do ANYTHING
Ptectrix: Ah. But they're on your side?
Koenig: Shell dwellers
Ptectrix: I know I had to wear a sports bra my last few months at work. =P
Achmed-McB: hope those rats are on our side
Jimbo: Stang: potential Taleban SPIES!
magdalen: IvanStang: we're not even as scary as mimes
Ptectrix: Until even THAT wasn't enough to work.
Lilith: Christa: I might have to do that too.
Jimbo: and dont expect people to get over it THE DAY OF
Lilith: Christa: Entirely on my side.
Lilith: Me heap big UNIX haxor chixor.
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IvanStang: Magdalen -- hey, that's going too far. We;re scarier than MIMES.
Lilith: HR no messum.
magdalen: heh
Ptectrix: Cool. The Time of PeE not upon you yet?
Lilith: Nope.
Lilith: Although I shall pee my vengeance.
Ptectrix: (The time of PeE affects trannies in that we're not only judged by WHAT we pee, but HOW and WHERE we do it. =P )
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Lilith: And it affects my pee, too.
Ptectrix: Deutchebank slumped 14 FUCKING PERCENT.
Lilith: FUXOR.
IvanStang: I don't think we're on anybody's Anti-American lists... I mean, some SubGenii might be, but I don't think me or The SubGenius Foundation are under any scrutiny ANY MORE. Although... the FBI did phone the sheriff of Sherman NY about the suicide cult gathering at Brushwood in July 1998.
Lilith: And I had moved some of my 401(k) funds to Eurofunds when the US economy started going soft.
Koenig: Ja, they said that this gwarantees a recession
Ptectrix: The pan-European FTSE Eurotop 300 index fell 6.4 percent, with the insurance sector falling nearly 13 percent. Transport and life assurance also were among the biggest losers.
Lilith: Stang: HA.
Lilith: AH, well, none of these funds were insurance funds.
Ptectrix: heh
IvanStang: And... hmmm... way back when, when we opened for the Dead Kennedies outside the Republican national Convention in (sigh) 1984, there were Secret Agent guys photographing us and following us around.
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Achmed-McB: yummy
Lilith: All of a sudden, I kinda MISS 1984.
IvanStang: But yet under my human name I was able to ENTER the Republican Convention and sit within slingshot distance of nancy Reagan! Poor security if you ask me.
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Ptectrix: I guess Bush will be on TV in about 15 minutes.....
Achmed-McB: you shoulda raped her
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IvanStang: Lil -- christ, it's horrifying to think of 1984 as "a more peaceful, innocent time..."
pisces: okee...
pisces: stang- no shit
Lilith: Stang: And yet...!
ONAN: i think those less crippled by the media disease of the information age remembered chat about an hour ago - difficult to get in here now
pisces: i remember being a little gurl .. skeerd of when the nukes would hit...
pisces: back in 84..
IvanStang: Onan -- yeah, I had to repeatedly "dial" to get in.
Jimbo: Subject: Re: Uh oh.
Jimbo: View Full Headers
Jimbo: List Thread in New Window
Jimbo: List Thread in Group Window
Jimbo: List Thread in Article Window
Jimbo: From: Sister Decadence <>
ONAN: we had 'tornado drills' in elementry school in tennessee, back in the 1970s. not so many tonadoes out there, y'know?
Jimbo: Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 20:14:36 GMT
Jimbo: Message-ID: <>
Jimbo: Newsgroups: alt.slack
Jimbo: On Tue, 11 Sep 2001 07:30:20 -0700, "Abbess Abyss"
Jimbo: <> wrote:
Lilith: Yeah, I remember thinking we were doomed, I'd never get to adulthood, and Reagan would go down in history as one of the worst mass murderers of all time.
Ptectrix: I'm pretty scared of nukes about now.......... Bush is itchin' to fling 'em, I'll bet. Plus gawd-only-knows WHO has 'em.
pisces: *sigh*
pisces: hide under the desk little children
Jimbo: >
Jimbo: >"SPM Armory, North Annex" <> wrote in message
Jimbo: >news:3b9e1cf6.1434610@news...
Jimbo: >> So begins the next war. :-\
Jimbo: >>
ONAN: earth... first.
pisces: dont fear the nuclear winters snow
IvanStang: Onan... whew...
ONAN: 1/2 the year nuclear winter, 1/2 the year global warming. welcome to 'earth'
Lilith: Seasons don't feer the Reaper, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain... (We could've been like they are.)
IvanStang: DOBBS PREDICTED: "It's Gonna Be a Bummer, Man" -- PROPHECY FULFILLED!
ONAN: squeeter don't fear the squeeter, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain
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Jimbo: >
Jimbo: >Been nice knowing you guys. Gulp.
Jimbo: \
Jimbo: Oh come on get a grip. This won't last any more than any other
Jimbo: terrorist attack lasted. Fer chrissakes.
Ptectrix: Duck & Cover.
ONAN: there once was a turtle by the name of burt...
Ptectrix: Another Usenet Socrates weighs in: Fucking Islam bastards. I can only hope that all of you and your kind
Ptectrix: are destroyed.
Ptectrix: The US and its allies try to not harm civilians and then you people do
Ptectrix: this. I hope all of you die. It's sickening.
Ptectrix: Stupid motherfucking muslim cocksuckers. Take your allah and shove
Ptectrix: him up your collective asses, you goddamn motherfucking backwards
Lilith: Cock and Lover... Cock and Lover....
Ptectrix: camel-fucking assholes.
IvanStang: Last time I checked on the Princess, she was on the royal bed watching the royal ABC News... I must descend and see if she has fallen asleep in horror.
Lilith: Teedle dum dum.
Ptectrix: God Bless America.
Jimbo: but the difference is: its on american mainland soil, and it worked the way they wanted it to
Jimbo: we have what, 3 nukes?
Jimbo: i need more cigarettes. i'm aiming for 3 packs today.
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Jimbo: later gators
*** Jimbo is now known as JimboSMOKING
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Lilith: There once was a turtle by the name of Burt, and Burt the Turtle was always alert....
luked23luk: !list
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Lilith: "Their top priority is to get the *S.O.B.'s* who did this." -- Peter Jennings, just now
pisces: okee
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pisces is all sniffly again
magdalen: what channel is jennings on
Lilith: ABC
Ptectrix: That's not even the worst of it, Pisces.
*** Mode change "+o pisces" on #subgenius by Lilith
Ptectrix: One more before I quit, from the shitheap of Usenet:
Ptectrix: "Americans now say "Allah is a SHIT ASSHOLE. Islam is full of shit!!"
Ptectrix: Now it is time for the entire world and international community (including all
Ptectrix: muslims) get rid of the stupid
Ptectrix: religion called "shit islam" which is preaching war and destruction every
Ptectrix: where..
Ptectrix: Human beings are fed with "Islam shit and Allah shit".
Ptectrix: Americans are saying "Why is this SHIT ASSHOLE animals bending their ass and
Ptectrix: singing - Allah O Allah on loudspeakers???"
Lilith: BTW, that was Peter's emphasis.
Ptectrix: US will do anything to get rid of a cult which is preaching destruction and
Ptectrix: terrorism..
Ptectrix: US is getting ready to nuke bomb Osama bin Laden group who is hiding in
Ptectrix: Pakistan/Afghanistan...
Ptectrix: UGH.
Lilith: Christa: People like that have no sense of HISTORY... or IRONY, for that matter.
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Ptectrix: People like that gain the UPPER HAND when people are scared enough.
Ptectrix: I'll be back..... AFK
*** Ptectrix is now known as PtexAWAY
Lilith: People like that will find me peeing on their leg.
*** notaw ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o notaw" on #subgenius by Lilith
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Thea: I return
magdalen: president to speak in ten minutes
magdalen: brb
Lilith hugs Thea tightly
magdalen: don't let him start without me
Thea holds Lilith
*** StankAway is now known as IvanStang
Lilith: I still think that the planes were hijacked by the Bush girls.
IvanStang: My Wei is asleep and Peter Jennings is saying it could be Colombian drug lords for all we know.
amaso_bin_: everything on the air sounds pathetic and mushy. why aren't yelling KILL! KILL! KILL!
Lilith: Stang: He described the reaction of blaming Bin Laden as "something of a tradition".
ONAN: and have better news than today
amaso_bin_: i think the pope is behind all this
*** frank ( has joined channel #subgenius
frank: yay'
frank: i own a tv now
frank: just went and bought one
frank: at least i had cable for internet, so i can get channels and wahtnot
*** Signoff: ONAN (SubG WebIRC! [EOF])
magdalen: you mean I could stick my cable modem cable into the tv and get cable?
frank: if you have a cable modem that works, yo'uve got cable
magdalen: cool
amaso_bin_: maybe
magdalen: too bad it's just a handheld so there's no ports for it
frank: yea mabye, i don't know much about cable
*** Signoff: Thea (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
frank: i have super basic cable, cuz i didn't have a tv
*** ONAN ( has joined channel #subgenius
frank: i just wanted net access
frank: my office building was evacuated today
ONAN: that photo at drugereport is pretty spooky
frank: at whwere?
*** Signoff: amaso_bin_pm ()
ONAN: frank
frank: thanks
ONAN: any word from david meyer yet?
ONAN: any first-hand sightings of gasoline prices increasing? i read it, haven't seen it yet.
magdalen: no word yet
magdalen: but his whole area code is unavailable
magdalen: I emailed him but if he has a dialup he won't get it of course
frank: the ney york mecintile exchange was destroyed
frank: without nymex, you can't trade oil futures
magdalen: damn here's bush
frank: it's gonna go up.
Lilith: Well, it's official.
frank: i work in the oil and gas industry
Lilith: I'm visiting Atlanta to train the wimps down there in how one REALLY supports a web server.
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*** Mode change "+o frank" on #subgenius by Lilith
*** Mode change "+o Koenig" on #subgenius by Lilith
frank: thanks lil
Koenig: Thanks
*** Cynthia ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Cynthia" on #subgenius by Lilith
Koenig: "My fellow Amurikins..."
Lilith hugs Cynthia tightly
Cynthia: Knocked off again dammit
Cynthia holds tight to Lilith
Cynthia: I cannot get on with IRC again.
Cynthia: What can he say?
Cynthia: What can he say?
Lilith: The usual "America is strong" song.
Lilith: He can't dance, though. Too white.
ONAN: bush is quoting psalms 23
magdalen: he's done
Lilith: Still playing on the "live" stream....
ONAN: you can reconfig the blurbco subg chat to get the cnn chat - very steady and fast
*** pisces (orb@ has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o pisces" on #subgenius by Lilith
pisces: danke
magdalen: why haven't they come forward to claim responsibility?
magdalen: whoever did it
ONAN: #cnn_newsfeed <-- that is the closed caption text of cnn
Lilith: Mags: Cuz they aren't stoopid?
*** Legume ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Legume" on #subgenius by pisces
Lilith: Hi Legume.
magdalen: but why DO it at all if you're not going to crow over it later
Cynthia: Hello Legume
Legume: Hello
magdalen: hi Legume
Lilith: Mags: I imagine we'll get the crowing later.
Legume: I had to come in through the SubSite java link
ONAN: several have claimed it already, including japan's red army. all liars i think
magdalen: really? I heard nobody at all had claimed it
Cynthia: Go to Blurco site on SubSite Legume. It works better.
Lilith: Cynthia: BTW, I got confirmation. I'll be going to Atlanta on the 24th.
Lilith: That's what he's using.
Legume: I'm on Blurbco now
PtexAWAY: Lil..... much as I'm not a fan, Riki Anne hasn't been heard from, and she works in that area.
Cynthia: Oh sorry I read worng, brain still not working
*frank* how's it going boss?
PtexAWAY: she's no stranger to the WTC.
Lilith: Christa: I hope she's OK. :/
PtexAWAY: Me too.
Legume: Mojo's dad works in the WTC
PtexAWAY: Granted, I don't like what she's done with GenderPAC and her ego trips...... but.......
*** PtexAWAY is now known as Ptectrix
frank: what a scary day
magdalen: worked
Legume: Luckily, he was in LA today
Cynthia: Oh good to hear that Legume
Cynthia: That he was on Subsite?
Cynthia: OH! Atlanta!
Ptectrix: You're going to Atlanta? To work, Lil?
Lilith was messaging but guesses she can talk about it on-channel.
Lilith: Christa: To train.
Lilith: Three, four weeks. I don't know exactly how long.
Ptectrix: Ah.
Legume: Wasn't there a Bruce Willis movie like this?
Ptectrix: Will you be there during Southern Comfort?
Lilith: Legume: Aren't you thinking of ID4?
Lilith: Christa: When is that?
Cynthia: My irc connection attempt is up to 48
pisces: no diehard3
Legume: I swear I saw one where they declared martial law in NY and put the Muslims in a concentration camp
Cynthia: Lilith, if I have a car by then I will drive to Atlanta for at least one weekend.
Ptectrix: 18th-23rd, Lil.
Lilith: Legume: There's been lots of Usenet posts like that. :(
Lilith: Christa: Of this month?
IvanStang: Legume -- I saw your picture -- very touching.
Legume: No, this was real.
Ptectrix: Yep.
Lilith: Christa: Doubtful.
IvanStang: The one of you eating the chihuahua that is.
frank: what is building 7?
frank: how was it hurt?
Legume: Ivan, that's the one I figured you meant
Ptectrix: It was a 40-something story building by the twin towers.
Koenig: 47 stories
frank: was it hurt by the falling of the twin towers?
frank: what comprimised it?
Koenig: part of it
IvanStang: I was just on the phone to my ex's relatives, trying to find out if someone else's sister was in NYC today -- my ex sister in law. Just got answer machines.
ONAN: the two towers
magdalen: it caught on fire
Ptectrix: It caught on fire.
Ptectrix: Luckily, iy was evacuated when it collapsed.
Ptectrix: Anyone hear what happenewd to the kids in the Day Care yet?
Ptectrix: I want to know.
IvanStang: As long as you people keep typing, my mind won't keep ENVISIONING the NIGHTMARISH DETAILS. Somebody say something sarcastic.
Lilith: If they had only used Flubber, the WTC would still be standing.
Lilith: I blame Disney for holding out the secret recipe.
Lilith: (That work?)
IvanStang: I hear ya Lil...
IvanStang: Thanx...
IvanStang: Oh, they must all be watching Bush.
Lilith: Bush is off.
Lilith: Dubya is out. General... what's his name... is in.
IvanStang: Then they must all be dead. Well... Lil... I guess this is it... been nice knowing you...
Lilith: O
IvanStang: Nothing left but Seattle and Cleveland... how ironic...
Lilith: I feel...
Lilith: Like I'm...
Lilith: Starting...
Lilith: To drift...
Lilith: Apart.
Lilith wraps her head with rubber bands to hold together
*** amaso_bin_pm ( has joined channel #subgenius
IvanStang: Damn. I was always afraid I'd be the last sum bitch left alive, like some Twilight Zone character... o, there's someone.
Ptectrix: BBC is providing good coveredge of what overseas reaction is.
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Lilith: Stang: Like the guy with the robot hand and the missing finger?
IvanStang: I whole shitload just got swept away in a mighty Net Split.
*** sisterzute ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o sisterzute" on #subgenius by Lilith
Lilith: Wow, I wasn't expecting the fireball to be so... SMALL.
Lilith: It's so anticlimatic.
IvanStang: It's weird, it's like all the Southern Subgenii were suddenly Raptured.
Lilith: We should've STAYED!
Lilith: Now we're stuck here.
Lilith: With Zute.
Lilith: HMM.
IvanStang: SPOOOOKY. Leaving me stranded on this abandoned continent with Lil and Protectrix.
IvanStang: And "Zute."
sisterzute: hay
Lilith: Hey.
*** amaso_bin_pm is now known as KernalTrout
Lilith: Since we're the last four living creatures... OK, five....
Lilith: Well, you know I think you're awfully cute....
IvanStang: Sister Zute, about the time that you showed up, a dozen people got bounced out of the room by a huge "netsplit".
*** SolCat ( has joined channel #subgenius
KernalTrou: i must find Rambo
sisterzute: one of us may be a bot or something
*** Mode change "+o SolCat" on #subgenius by Lilith
SolCat: ahh! i got in!
Lilith: Sol!
IvanStang: Lil, that would be incest... we THINK...
SolCat: lil!
Lilith: Some of us are still ailve!
IvanStang: It would be at least THREE combined perversions, I know that... maybe 4.
*** pisces is now known as piscesphone
sisterzute: I treid for ages to get in and it just now worked wierd
Lilith: AH. I just realized I have FRESH FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES in my pocket!
Lilith: I'll be OK.
KernalTrou: man they keep talking about thing exploding likes panckakes now im hungry
IvanStang: FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES! That's the key.
IvanStang: No SubGenius wants to end up like the guy in the sermon.
Lilith: That, and my Utili-Key.
Koenig: Condoms!
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Lilith: WHOOT
Lilith: Reverse Rupture!
magdalen: thanks, frank
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*** Have a great time.
SolCat: plenty o' batteries
IvanStang: --- THEY'RE BACK!
Legume: welcome back
SolCat: and gasoline
IvanStang: The tribe reunited again!
magdalen: frank fixed the netsplit by hand!
Koenig: And vaseline
SolCat: woohoo
frank: i think it did it itself
Legume: OK everyone, listen up
frank: but i was about to :)
SolCat: koe: well, of course.
sisterzute: the ROTC dudes from my school made a big patriotic show of force this afternoon it was way scary
magdalen: oh he's just modest
IvanStang: Hail Frank! Sewer of rips in the fabric of the MESH!
Legume: wanna try something that's creepy and surreal
magdalen: hey sisterzute: I talked to mom on the phone
Koenig: Hup, two,hup two
frank: heh :P
Lilith: Oh sure! On a day like today I'm ALL FOR creepy and surreal.
frank: my sister goes to a boarding school near DC
frank: the windows where blown out by thee xplosion
SolCat drinks her lemon water
Legume: you ready?
IvanStang: I'll watch.
SolCat: i like a little water with me lemons
frank: and like 10% of the student body had parents in the pentagon
Lilith: Hit me.
SolCat: wow
IvanStang: Let me get my video camera.
Rev_Dr_Lon: gas prices just hit $5 a gallon
Koenig: I like water on my lemons
IvanStang: The what?
magdalen: why
frank: lon, where?
IvanStang: Oh, you mean the dome.
magdalen: will it be scary?
frank: what city?
Lilith: You mean that big blue thing straight up?
Legume: This may well be the only day of your life when you won't see airplanes
magdalen: the last time a subgenius looked at teh sky he almost got arrested but his mom bullied a judge into letting him go
IvanStang: Better do what he says...
Lilith: TRUE.
Lilith: No contrails.
Lilith: The Art Bell fans should be appeased.
Legume: right. No contrails
Koenig: No entrails
sisterzute: ok, I need a smoke anyhow
Lilith: O
Legume: no stars that blink as they travel across the skies
Lilith: I'll do it in an hour.
magdalen: yeah, what the hell, I'll go do it
Lilith: I'm *pretty* sure the sky will still be there.
Lilith: I think.
Lilith: I hope.
SolCat: hopefully
magdalen: if it's not we won't know
magdalen: brb
Legume: I live a mile from the airport
Lilith: OK, I secretly fear that, if I look too hard at the sky, it'll fall.
Legume: And today, I looked up, and all I saw was about a half-dozen monarch butterflies
Lilith: That's ironic.
frank: i can't wait till andrea gets home
frank: i really just want to calm down and have her here
IvanStang: The news pictures of downtown Cleveland at 5 PM looked like THE OMEGA MAN scenes -- empty, spoooky.
KernalTrou: i love that movie
IvanStang: I have found myself refering to sci fi "end of the world" movies about 25 times today.
IvanStang: Each time a different end of the world movie.
frank: ivan, for real.. or the criten <sp?> book
frank: where this pretty much happens in the end
IvanStang: I used to collect End of the World movies, but after awhile I simply couldn't keep up with them.
Lilith: "I am terribly concerned the President and his Cold War mandarins will attempt to trivialize this as a terrorist attack. Instead, this should be seen as this century's Pearl Harbor. Even more so this should be seen as the equivalent of the burning by fire of a thousand monks and Quakers in front of the White House," Steele told
frank: i can't recal the title
IvanStang: THE OMEGA MAN was based on Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND.
*** Cynthia ( has joined channel #subgenius
Koenig: Shit, this is 12-hrs into it, the Pentagon is still on fire
frank: brb - bathroom
KernalTrou: hmm
SolCat: it can't equate to pearl harbor because it's not an organized *country* that we can go declare war on
Cynthia: Back
*** Telepod ( has joined channel #subgenius
SolCat: and yet it feels to us just like pearl harbor did
Koenig: I can't wait for the mini-series
*** Mode change "+o Cynthia" on #subgenius by Lilith
Lilith hugs Christa tightly
Cynthia: Thank you Beloved
Koenig: They've sevt 50 sq ft of skin from Texas
Koenig: burns
Lilith: Kewl.
Cynthia has turned the news off and is watching children's television
Telepod: where do you go to donate skin?
Koenig: Dunno
IvanStang: Recalling bygone treacheries of a distant past, like Pearl Harbor, and trying to make comparisons with this situation -- whatever it really is -- is just another way of dumbing down an issue that isn't really understood yet at all.
IvanStang: Signifying.
SolCat: cyn: what's on?
jeek: My mom's brother works at the WTC.
Koenig: not any more
Cynthia: Watching Noggin. A show on how veins and cappillaries work. Bill Nye the Science Guy.
IvanStang: The monkeys geta ll upset and they start signifying like crazy -- their vain way of fighting back against an enemy they can't even see -- plus their own fear. Scares the fuck out of ME.
SolCat: bill nye is the greatest!
Cynthia: Yeah, my kid loves his show
piscesphon: ugh..
piscesphon: back pain
*** piscesphone is now known as piscesBATH
Lilith holds Cynthia tighlty
Cynthia holds onto to Lilith and does not know whether to cry or just be numb
piscesBATH: gonna go get all nekid and wet and relax adn not think about this choas
IvanStang: It isn't remotely like Pearl Harbor; nothing like this ever happened before and they're just slow to admit it. Hell I'm trying to avoid even thinking about it in any serious way, by staying here with you crazy people.
Lilith: Gah. I got little goth girls wanting to know if I'd join their Yahoo! club.
piscesBATH hugs yall
SolCat: ivan: yay!
piscesBATH: bbiab
SolCat: lil: whatever you do, say NO
Cynthia: I wish my IRC connection would work.
Lilith: Stang: This may sound wrong, but I was expecting far, far worse much, much sooner.
IvanStang: But at least I can admit I don't understand it yet. No way would I wanna hear talk shows right now -- that would drive me fucking crazy. Signifyin', gone mad.
Koenig: Signifyin' monkeys
IvanStang: Lil -- I was too -- since high school. But, I got kind of lulled probably.
jeek: None of this would have happened if we weren't backing Israel.
IvanStang: And it still only happens to "the other city" until it's YOUR city.
Lilith: "We made it to the 21st Century before our first major terrorist attack? WOW, we're lucky."
Koenig: Gettin' jinky with it
IvanStang: Whew, I shouldn't have even MENTIONED signifyin'
Lilith: Stang: I remember a Hustler from the 80s with an article about when terrorism would eventually hit the US.
IvanStang: The monkeys started howling.
Lilith: That's not a good way to get your paranoid fantasies fueled, reading a sex mag.
Lilith: Especially when it's your DAD's sex mag.
Koenig: And monkeys started flingin' dung!
IvanStang: Oh, I always figured we'd be LUCKY to get a ROAD WARRIOR world. But then I calmed down...
*** dweezil21 ( has joined channel #subgenius
Cynthia: hi Tim
Lilith: I wonder if we really ARE lucky, though.
Koenig: Now I'm a sidewalk commando, no longer a road warrior
dweezil21: Hey Princess :)
Cynthia: Do you work open with me tomorrow Timmy?
Lilith: I mean, what's better? Living in a nightmarish dystopia, or working for the Conspiracy?
Lilith: Not that there's that much of a difference for ME, but hey.
dweezil21: nah, i come in at 1:30
Cynthia: Okay
Lilith: GAH. They're saying the knives used were BOX-CUTTERS.
dweezil21: unless you want to switch :)
SolCat: how'd they manage that?
Cynthia: Cannot work til 8pm tomorrow have to go get Bud, blah blah blah
Ptectrix: BOX-CUTTERS?!?!?!!
dweezil21: blargh
magdalen: ATTENTION!
magdalen: POPE MEYER IS OK!
Lilith: SolCat: Those are very sharp and easy to sneak onto a plane.
KernalTrou: "Barbara Olson, the wife of U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson, used a cell phone to tell her husband that her plane had been hijacked by attackers" "attackers" hrm
Ptectrix: WHEW!
IvanStang: For all we know, Lee Harvey Oswald masterminded those attacks, or Hitler's brain from a jar, or rich drug lords, or the Mob, or a Secret Society of Rational Scientific Humanitarians. Nobody knows SHIT yet, and even when the mass media "explains" it all to you, you probably STILL won't know shit.
*** magdalen has set the topic on channel #subgenius to POPE MEYER IS OK!!
frank: texas is now in a state of emergancy
frank: for price gouging over gas and suppolies
Lilith: Frank: Big shock.
IvanStang: Magdalen -- how'd you hear?
frank: yea no doubt
SolCat: lil: but they're enough to force someone to fly into a building?
IvanStang: Tell that fucker he better tell me when he moves if he wants his MEMORABILIA.
Cynthia: Why did not the passengers swarm the terrorists?
SolCat: cyn: exactly!
Cynthia: They may have got cut, some may have died but goddamn!
KernalTrou: the black box will tell all
SolCat: if it hasn't fried
Cynthia: Have americans become such sheep?
dweezil21: did they ever find out if there was a bomb on the plane that landed at Hopkins in Cleveland?
Lilith: SolCat: I seriously think they managed to kill the pilot and take over the controls.
KernalTrou: also, i have deployed vambo to the scene
magdalen: stang: he answered his email
Lilith: Once you are in the air, it is easy to fly.
Lilith: It's taking off and landing where 90% of the pilot's job lies.
Legume: why are there no armed guards on planes?
KernalTrou: dweezil21, they were halting for merely matching a profile
Cynthia: And I guess a careful landing was not high on their priority list
dweezil21: aaahhhh
IvanStang: Magdalen -- Ahhhh Sooo
magdalen: Stang: I told him to come into the chat room
Legume: there's a fucking armed guard at the local 99 cent store
Lilith: Well, if they kill the pilot, I guess they don't intend to land.
magdalen: sent him the web link
magdalen: brb
Legume: there are armed guards at the bank, at schools, but not on planes
Ptectrix: Shit, yeah; why not an armed guard in the cockpit?
KernalTrou: oh they whacked the pilot first for sure
Ptectrix: no doubt.
Lilith: Cynthia: I'd be tempted to rush the terrorist if I had a chance.
SolCat: lil: yeah, ok, but there is so much that could have been done by the passengers. did they not know?
KernalTrou: these dudes obviously knew how to fly planes
Cynthia: Lilith, put that way I cry. I would not want that.
Lilith: I'm sorry.
Lilith hugs Cynthia tightly
KernalTrou: the one in PA got shot down by a squadron of 16 f-16's
Cynthia: But I know you would and I probably would too.
Lilith: SolCat: Well, one passenger locked himself in the bathroom and called 911 on his cell phone.
IvanStang: For all we know, they GASSED the passengers, or blew out the air pressure, or, and this is perfectly possible, they simply MACHINE GUNNED EVERYBODY like in a fucking video game.
Cynthia hugs Lilith and wishes for the millionth time today that the hug was in real life
Legume: kernal where'd you hear that
KernalTrou: legume, im fucking kernaltrout, its my job to sound like i know this shit
IvanStang: For all we know, the passengers were teleported to Venus and evil Venusian criminals were put in their places for execution.
IvanStang: Just tossing out ideas. It beats making assumptions.
KernalTrou: haw haw
SolCat: we appreciate it ivan, at least i do
Lilith: I do too.
KernalTrou: all 4 planes were either boeing 767's or 757's
Cynthia: The planes were chosen because they were all filled to the max with fuel.
IvanStang: There's a whole bunch of people who had a REAL bad day today. There really was a tremor in the Force and I don't even believe in that shit.
Legume: The pilots were all raptured
IvanStang: I can't imagine the details but I can't stop visualizing them. I fucking HATE the news!
Cynthia: Yeah, well i am still holding onto the hope that this is a bad dream.
IvanStang: I mean I CAN imagine the details and I don't WANT to.
Cynthia: Stang, I so know what you mean. I ALWAYS avoid the news.
*** Signoff: alliekatt (Ping timeout)
SolCat: and this you can't avoid, because everywhere you go it's being thrown at you
Cynthia: Lilith, do you have a ride home tonight?
Lilith: Yes.
Cynthia: Good.
Lilith: Do you want me to call when I get home?
Legume: I think GWB should turn the Dome of the Rock into a sheet of shiny black glass
KernalTrou: actually Cynthia those models of airplane airplanes are esentially the favorite trojan horse in that of the culprit, an elite team of individuals were trained specifically for that particular vessel
Cynthia: Yes please Beloved. i need to hear you.
Legume: That'd take balls.
Lilith: I need to hear you too. It'd do me so much good.
Cynthia: Yes.
Legume: "America Is Coming, Ans We're Gonna Kick God's House Down"
Lilith: I've been up for nuking Jerusalem for a while.
Cynthia lays her head on Lilith's shoulder
Legume: This is all about God
IvanStang: Good old God.
Telepod: legume- why? you think it was plotted in jerusalem?
Koenig: And McVey
SolCat: there's a good question: what is the church's standing on this?
Lilith strokes Cynthia's hair
magdalen: so that just leaves sifu and bleepo unaccounted for
Lilith: God, how lame.
Lilith: Mags: Sifu is on vacation.
Legume: When your superstitions cause this kind of shit in America, we should reserve the right to kick the living HIT out of you God.
IvanStang: Actually it's not necessarily about God. It PROBABLY is but it might not be. It might be about Mammon.
Lilith: Sifu is in the Alleghenies.
Lilith: So he's OK, I'm sure.
magdalen: oh good
Telepod: not that I've been there or anything, but the dome of the rock is sacred to christians, jews, moslems, probably somebody else, too. I don;t see the point of nuking it, except to make some scared americans feel less hurt and small
Legume: SHIT
magdalen: though I suppose he's probably been called back to deal with all the bodies
Lilith: Bleepo has me worried, though.
Legume: Telepod, that's good enough for me
IvanStang: It might have been done by 5 rich kids with a dream.
IvanStang: For all we know.
Telepod: well, OK then. Can't argue with that
IvanStang: I'm not saying it IS.
Legume: Stang, I said that very thing to Susi tonight. GOD AND MAMMON
Lilith: I don't know, it's not like everyone can get embalmed when thousands die at once.
Koenig: I don't care if it rains or freezes...
Lilith: Stang: I still think it was Jenna Bush, getting back at her dad.
Telepod: a committee of five concerned suburban housewives could have done it- it required phenomenal hubris but almost no manpower or equipment
Cynthia: No one knows or if they know they are not telling I still feel like this is domestic. If it were some arab extremist group they'd be crowing their victory
KernalTrou: yeah thats how they killed joel rose
Legume: I think we should tear down the Holy Land and build a fucking Sand Disney theme park there
*** etherslip ( has joined channel #subgenius
SolCat: lol
Telepod: I think we should tear down Disneyland and build a swamp
SolCat: hey lil, question for ye
Cynthia: You know, I do not think I am going to be able to get over my fear of flying now Lilith. Sorry.
Legume: I'll go ONE FURTHER
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Lilith: Yes?
Legume: I'll give up MY freedom of religion if we can wipe out THEIRS
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Telepod: ??
SolCat: you wouldn't happen to have temujin's phone #, would you?
IvanStang: Legume -- PRAISE "BOB"!!!
Lilith: Cynthia: Please, that'll make me cry....
*** JimboSMOKING is now known as Jimbo
Lilith: Sol: No, sorry....
Jimbo: is thea here?
IvanStang: Legume has the SPIRIT!!!
Cynthia: Oh honey, you do not have his phone number?
SolCat: no, i don't
SolCat: he has mine
Cynthia: Yes Jimbo, I am Thea
Telepod: Ok, but it means you all have to be Zoroastrian. No choice about it-- sorry
IvanStang: Kill 'em all, let "BOB" sort 'em out! YEEE-HAW!! Do the SLIM PICKENS RIDE! WHOOOOP! WHOOP!
Jimbo: turns out it was 2 sonic booms and an unrelated fire
Lilith: Cynthia: I'm already on the verge of tears as is.... :(
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Cynthia: I am glad that a plane did not crash in Dayton. thank you for the news Jimbo
Telepod: If you give up your freedom of religion, naturally it doesn't amount to much if you keep the one you wanted to start with,.
Jimbo: yw
Koenig: The sky is falling!
Cynthia: I am sorry Lilith. I will try to not let this haoppen. I will still have the hyponotism.
SolCat: jim: there was a fire too? i heard the booms
Legume: UNJIHAD!
Lilith hugs Cynthia tightly
Telepod: Plane just flew overhead.... Hmm...
Cynthia holds onto to Lilith
IvanStang: WAR ON GOD!!!
Lilith: Cynthia: We'll talk soon....
Telepod: at war, on drugs
Telepod: Filet the masters instead
Cynthia: Yes Lilith, i cannot wait until you get home
ChaosIsrae: Allah is all-merciful: it's his servants who are the assfuckers.
Legume: Fuck Allah as well!
IvanStang: "HOLY GHOST" is more like it.
Lilith: *sigh*
Legume: c'mon, yahweh, ya dress-wearing poofter
Koenig: hO hO hO cHI mINH!
Cynthia: Lilith, may I call you now?
IvanStang: Oh, that's right, it's His followers. He's OKAY. He just sits back and LETS this shit happen.
IvanStang: He doesn't get INVOLVED.
IvanStang: Well FUCK THAT SHIT!
SolCat sighs
IvanStang: It's time old man GOD, GOT involved!!
IvanStang: GOD DAMN HIM!!
Jimbo: yer darn tootin!
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Cynthia msg lilith does this work?
IvanStang: Wait... uh...
Koenig slaps KernalTrout around a bit with a large trout
ChaosIsrae: "/msg"
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Lilith: I think you typed in /me msg
Telepod: Creating bacteria was probably the last active part GOD took in things; it's all been fun and frolic since then
Koenig: Yay! Onion!
Telepod: slacker
IvanStang: Well anyway, if these people REALLY thought so highly of MISTER GOD, they wouldn't have to fight His BATTLES for Him, now WOULD they??
SolCat: oh, the onion has something?
IvanStang: Maybe they don't have quite so much FAITH as they PROFESS SO VERY LOUDLY.
Legume: Stang and I will REACH UP YOUR ASSHOLE and pull you inside out, Yahweh!
IvanStang: Maybe they figger that PORE OLD MAN GOD needs THEIR HELP.
Ptectrix: Oh,THIS log needs posting!
Telepod: yeah, they'd be like "hey, God, that evil nation is pickin' on me again! Smite them for me, huh?' and god would make with the metiorites and lava and dinosaurs and shit... but that's not how it goes
IvanStang: Since He's so doddering and distracted. They need to be GOD'S "TOOLS" ... Uh huh.
IvanStang: Fucking god damn god-ists.
Telepod: meteorites even
Koenig: I'm off to see the Wizard
*** Signoff: Koenig ()
Jimbo: yeah! at least "Bob" does SOMETHING
IvanStang: And GOD-FUCK *LETS* this go on!!! Probably FROPPING and CHUCKLING like we do at a BAD MOVIE.
Legume: Stang, let's sic the SAMUELS BROTHERS on Bin Laden. THEY'LL fix his ass
IvanStang: They'll hang a PACK up ol' GOD's ass.
IvanStang: Oh, I mean, Ass, sorry!
Telepod: Bin Laden's been laid up in a cave smoking hash for months... he probably just got woken up and told the news
Legume: fuckin A they will
IvanStang: GOD must be ONE INSECURE MOTHERFUCKER to pick on MERE HUMANS like this. Not to mention what he does to SWEET BLAMELESS ANIMALS.
Lilith: OK, I'm heading home. I'll be back on soon.
Telepod: what? they did? well, I'll be damned... <phhhfp!> <hack hack>
Lilith hugs the worthy
Cynthia holds onto Lilith
Cynthia: I love you Lil
Lilith: I love you too, Cynthia *hugs*
IvanStang: Makes me fucking SICK!!! As a semiconscious primate I am SICKENED by this blatant disregard for His supposed "CREATIONS"!
Ptectrix gets in on the hugs
Cynthia: *hugs*
IvanStang: I think he let US "happen" by accident TOO!
SolCat hugs
Legume: Yeah! I call upon you all to go out right now and hang banners from every building and overpass, "FUCK GOD"
Lilith hugs Christa and SolCat too
piscesBATH: you know what
*** piscesBATH is now known as pisces
Ptectrix hugs Lil.
IvanStang: Just sat back and WATCHED while we struggled up from the slime and ignorance and brutishness to this EXALTED peak we see before us today.
IvanStang: PHOOEY!!!
Lilith: BBIAB
*** Lilith has left channel #subgenius
IvanStang: PHOOEY I say on the humans an all their things.
pisces: gume was right... its mighty damn nite to go outside and wish on a star and KNOW ya aint wishing on a boeing
Telepod: exaltation is a matter of perspective. I think we're still lumps of slime
Telepod: pretty cool lumps of slime tho
IvanStang: God damn fucking nattering bickering filthy monkeys, brutalizing each other 'cause they can't FUCK RIGHT.
pisces: however.. i realized just now.. the star i star at every nite.. is actually mars
SolCat bows out
IvanStang: EUGH!!! If only I wasn't ONE OF THEM!! That's the worst part.
pisces: aww stang
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IvanStang: Right in the thick of it with the rest of the monkeys.
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IvanStang: Thanks Jimbo I needed that.
Cynthia: Aw Stang. Wei looks happy you gotta be able to fuck right
Rocknar: it's the viagra
IvanStang: But I won't FORGET this, "GOD," if You're reading this... BASTARD!! You and your "EVOLUTION." AAAARGH!!!
pisces: indeed
IvanStang: And this "DEATH" thing. WHAT WAS THE BIG IDEA???
pisces: no shit
pisces: its kinda grody
pisces shudders...
Cynthia: No merciful god would allow this. There is no god. You rail at the void.
IvanStang: Well then tell the fucking VOID to meet me and Legume behind the old barn tomorrow night!
IvanStang: VOID DAMN IT!!!
magdalen: God can't just control us like puppets
magdalen: that wouldn't be any fun
pisces: indeed
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magdalen: it has to let things like this happen
pisces: its sorta a grand experiemnt..
pisces: kinda like a big ass ant farm
IvanStang: For all we know, the deed was done by POSSESSED POSTAL WORKERS.
*** Mode change "+o NedWreck" on #subgenius by pisces
NedWreck: have you heard from the nyc crew yet?
NedWreck: thanks
IvanStang: Might have nothing to do with God so perhaps I too was making assumptions and jumping to conclusions.
pisces: np
Jimbo: right now you and i both need to be made asses out of
Cynthia: NedWreck, most accounted for safe.
Jimbo: snap america out of a senseless war frenzy
IvanStang: If the martians wanted us to KILL EACH OTHER, they might want to start a war between human factions.
pisces: indeed
Telepod: I think it was the work of a deadly microbe bent on human suffering- it lodged in the brainstems of ordinary American citizens and took over their actions. Or it could have been our own military/industial complex; they'vew got more motive than most
pisces: killing each other is best..
pisces: after all its less work for the martians
Cynthia: I am going to go look at the stars until Lilith calls me. Goodnight all.
pisces: so maybe..
NedWreck: this may well have been an inside job, much like OK city
Telepod: g'night. happy gazxing
Telepod: zing, even
Rocknar: Who had time to stop and listen to God? Everyone was too busy watching television.
ChaosIsrae: Rev_Dr_Lon: the Pentagon; Does anyone know if the Demon got out????
pisces: well.. okee.. tell me why every nite.. i go out and stare at the sky at the redish star
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Telepod: ChaosIsrael: I think the Inner Seal held just fine, they only lost a wall
NedWreck: they've had 12 hours to peruse the passenger manifest
IvanStang: I mean the False Martians... WE being the REAL Martians. But... that's another story.
Telepod: pisces: because it wants you to
pisces: telepod.. why doses it want me too
ChaosIsrae: That was directed at the entire board, BTW, not just RDL I dunno what happened...
Telepod: woops. \msg, \me, whatever
IvanStang: I can't believe this -- I have been on IRC the whole day! (When I posted the first half of today's log on SubSITE, it was 250 k or so! HUGE!)
sisterzute: My dad has a theory that the pilots themselves did it and that they where fundamentalist Christians, maybe retired pilots.
NedWreck: being the misanthrope that i am, none of this really got to me until i heard about the 250 or so firemen
pisces: ohhhh
pisces: stang- ya know.. we kinda like you in here
IvanStang: I much prefer getting the horrible news from the SubGenius community than from authorized sources -- even though ya'll are getting it from authorized sources, it's PROCESSED through so many different CARTOON FILTERS that by the time it gets to me, it's ... not so PARALYZING.
pisces: not quiet as SKEERY
KernalTrou: puff puff
IvanStang: BOO!
Telepod: Ekk
ChaosIsrae: Ned...Oddly, the Petagon thing hit me hardest. Maybe cause I'm ex-GI...
*** Mode change "+o KernalTrout" on #subgenius by NedWreck
pisces: *sigh*... but you know..
pisces: we all knew it would happen
pisces: hell i had been having dreams about it
Telepod: So, what about the plane (I forget it's number) that crashed in an 'unknown location?' Was it classified or they really don't know?
ChaosIsrae: pisces: Yeah; song running thru my head all yesterday: "Oh, you can tear a building down, but you cant erase the memory." Spooky.
pisces: its wierd
IvanStang: I've gotta eat, roll the Princess over, and do something else to get my mind off the monstrous reality of Their world. I'll CULL AND TWEAK THE BURNING MAN PICTURES, that'll be a return to the Escape from the Planet of the Humans.
pisces: that.. and i have had bad sneakers.. in my head for days..
Telepod: if anyone else caught that- there were several mentions of a plane that the airline had no information about, that they said they were 'very concerned' about...
sisterzute: oh got now there on about the greatest generation shit and how this will bring out the best in us,
ChaosIsrae: Telepod. I only heard about 4 plans: WTC1 WTC2, Pentagon, & near Pitt.
Telepod: 'bye, Reverend!
pisces: g'nite dear old stang
NedWreck: funny about that one, the military started denying they shot it down before anyone actuall accused them of it
KernalTrou: haha
Log file closed at: 9/11/01 9:55:05 PM