Every Thursday night at 8 pm PST (11 PM EST, same time as ESO Radio, darn it!)!

St. Byron Werner is the guy who coined the term, "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music," and probably created the first collections of same, AS A GENRE. He has THE most amazing record collection of ANY SubGenius I have ever met, and now, finally, the whole world can rip him off just as me and the other Doktors have done for so long! (In truth, Byon Werner is the "missing link" that has held the entire underground together for 25 years, WITHOUT THE CONSPIRACY OR ANYONE ELSE BESIDES THE ELECT, EVER HAVING THE SLIGHTEST IDEA HE WAS EVEN THERE!)

I am happy to report that The Millionaire's new venture WORKS PERFECTLY as streaming music sites go. I tried the Quicktime stream and it sounded SO SWEET that it crashed my stupid machine. The RealAudio verion streamed without a hitch however, EVEN ON MY DECK! The jazzy, spacey, cartoony, Esquivellian stuff Byron was spinning was EXTREMELY recordable. Byron doesn't talk much, he just spins the plats and ploots it all pleetingly.

The site itself is lovely to look at and inventive, original and gimmicky. I'm jealous. Congrats to Rev. The Millionaire and Rev. Werner!

Here's their p.r.:

LUXURIA MUSIC.COM MAKES HISTORIC WORLDWIDE DEBUT ON VALENTINES DAY 2000 New Web Community Convened by Musicologist/Tastemaker Chuck Kelley and World-Renowned Gentleman of Leisure "The Millionaire" Brings Exotic Culture, Music to the OENet 24/7

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- What kind of person will visit Luxuria, the bold, sensual and thrilling new music lifestyle community, when it goes live on the web next Monday, Valentine's Day, February 14, 8 p.m. PST?

The unrepentant eccentric whose cultural taste runs from haute cuisine to shabby chic and whose musical taste runs from Trip-Hop and Surf to Exotica, Jazz, Hindi film soundtracks and beyond. The worldly and curious sort with a voracious appetite for the vibrant and the innovative. Refined yet wild, co-founders Chuck Kelley and The Millionaire have worked hard to ensure that Luxuria Music ( will become the Internet address of choice for those with a burning need to know about the coolest in both contemporary and retro music and culture.

Like the wide-ranging demographic it will serve, recognizes no cultural boundaries. To enter their world, visitors need only appreciate the fine aesthetic thread that links Finnish designer Eero Aarnio to French crooner Serge Gainsbourg, surf legend Dick Dale to filmmaker David Lynch and spaghetti western composer Ennio Morricone to Beach Boys songwriter Brian Wilson. Luxuria finds aesthetic commonality amongst diverse icons of culture like The Ventures, Esquivel, Frank O. Gehry, Oscar Wilde, Raymond Lowey, the Coen Brothers, Yma Sumac, Jazzanova, Prada, Charles Mingus, Stanley Kubrick,Van Dyke Parks, Armando Trovajoli, Peggy Lee, Federico Fellini, Herman Melville, Air, Russ Meyer, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Divine, Dustty Springfield, Helmut Newton and more.

When they enter for the first time next week, visitors will glean only the tip of the iceberg. This Summer, upon the community's official launch, Luxuria will function as a full-service cultural outpost including lifestyle, music and culture editorial features, news, visuals and as well as a 24-hour day broadcast with the most unusual format ever created for digital-age nonconformists and 21st Century hedonists alike. Luxuria will soon offer branded merchandise including recordings, clothing, bio-engineered synthetic organisms, jewelry, books, home accoutrements and more.

"We're out to update the concept of the Jet Set," says The Millionaire. "Initially, the term 'Jet Set' came from the notion of affordable world travel, and a whole culture sprung up around that notion. The only problem was, you had to be rich to be part of that scene. But the worldwide web is a virtual Jet Set -- anyone with access to a computer can experience it. With, we're recreating that vibe. It's even in our name. We're luxury for the people."

Throughout the process, will depend on the anticipated keen instincts of its visitors. "If somebody can hip us to some incredibly cool and funky Thai organ music or Serbian tango music, that's great," says co-founder The Millionaire (nee Michael Cudahy, a veteran of the popular and critically acclaimed band Combustible Edison.) "Within any genre -- be it pop, rock, r&b, jazz, Latin, standards or whatever -- there might be tracks that are appropriate for If it's smooth and sophisticated without being insipid, then we hope our visitors will tell us about it."

Interactivity, exclusivity, inside information, timeless music, a great brand and related merchandise -- it all adds up to a new Internet community that defies easy description. Just don't make the mistake of calling "lounge"; the community far and away transcends swizzle stick cliches. "It's true, our music programming isn't as genre-specific as, say, metal or rap," says The Millionaire. "Our playlist is unified by underlying set of values that circumnavigate both era and style. So we represent a lot of different styles and times, from the past and into the future."

Kelley can speak to the commercial appeal of musical eclecticism. As music consultant for the hit soundtrack "Pulp Fiction," he witnessed first-hand the commercial allure of smart, hip, diverse musical entertainment. "That soundtrack wasn't just a collection of pop songs -- it was a real mix of styles," Kelley says. "It had a couple of surf songs, a country song, some funk songs. Yet, when you put it all together, it worked because fans of modern culture are more eclectic than they're given credit for being. The success of that record lets us know that people can accept the kind of melange that offers."

The seeds of Luxuria Music were sown in the late OE80s when Chuck and the Millionaire met at the notorious Tijuana bucket-of-blood, "El Alacran de Oro", bonded immediately by their enthusiasm for bullfighting and the Beach Boys. At the time, Chuck was employed at a suburban Los Angeles video store, working alongside a clerk and aspiring filmmaker named Quentin Tarantino. When Tarantino hit the big time with his critically acclaimed film, "Reservoir Dogs," he tapped Kelley's musical expertise -- and massive record collection -- for the soundtrack to his 1997 box office hit, "Pulp Fiction."

Eventually, Kelley landed at Enigma Digital, home of KNAC.COM, and other dynamic Internet music communities, based in Santa Monica, Calif. When he learned his friend The Millionaire was planning to move to Southern California, he persuaded Enigma Digital honchos to tap his musical expertise. Within weeks, Chuck and the Millionaire were building what was to become one of the most innovative new music destinations on the Internet.

Presently counting down to Valentine's Day, Chuck Kelley and The Millionaire will be joined by a virtual air staff of fellow cultural connoisseurs.

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