Francis E. Dec kookrant

From: "His Holiness the Reverend Doktor Xenophon Fenderson, the Carbon(d)ated" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Subject: Saint Francis E.
Date: 31 Jan 1999 22:49:53 -0500

THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL. This IS the Rant of Saint Francis E., courtesy
of Psychic TV, and forwarded to you, Dear Friends, for your

---begin rant---
Look at the picture!

See the stars!

The part of bowls removed,
the master race Frankenstein radio controls,
the brain thoughts broadcasting radio,
the eyesight television,
the Frankenstein earphone radio,
the threshhold brainwash radio,
the latest new-skull reforming to contain all Frankenstein controls,
even in thin skulls of white-headed free males,
visible Frankenstein controls, the synthetic nerve radio directional
antenna loop.

Make copies for yourself. There is NO escape from this worst gangster
police state using all of the deadly gangster frankenstein controls.

In 1965, CIA gangster police beat me bloody, dragged me in chains from
Kennedy New York airport. Since then I hide in forced jobless poverty
isolated, alone in this ... house. The brazen deadly gangster police
spray me with poison nerve gas from automobile exhausts and even lawn
mowers. Deadly assaults even in my yard, with knives; even bricks and
stones; even deadly touch "tavid" or electric shock flashlights; even
remote electronically-controlled, around corners trajection of deadly
touch tarrantula spiders, or even bloody murder accidents---to shut me
up forever with a sneak undetectable extermination, even with trained
parrotting puppet assasins in maximum security insanity prison---for
writing these unforgivable TRUTHS.

Until my undetectible extermination, I, Francis E. Dec, Esq., 29 Maple
Avenue, Hampsted, NY, I stand alone against your mad, deadly,
world-wide conspiratorial gangster computer god Communism, with
wall-to-wall deadly gangster protection.

Lifelong sworn conspirators, murder incorporated, organized crime, the
police and judges, the deadly sneak parroting puppet gangsters, using
all the gangster deadly frankenstein controls---these hand and rope
sneak deadly gangsters, the judges and the police, trick, trap, rob,
wreck, butcher and murder the people to keep them terrorized in in
gangster Frankenstein earphone radio slavery from the Communist
gangster government and con artists parroting puppet gangster playboy

The secret work of all police, in order to maintain a Communist closed
society, the same world-wide mad deadly Communist gangster computer
god that controls you, as a terrorized gangster Frankenstein earphone
radio slave parroting Commie---you are a terrorized member of the
master race, world-wide, four billion eyesight television camera
guinea-pig Communist gangster computer god master race---your living,
thinking, mad, deadly, world-wide Communist gangster computer god
secret overall plan: World-wide living death frankenstein slavery, to
explore and control the entire universe with the endless stairway to
the stars (namely, the man-made inside-out planets, with nucleonic
powered speeds much faster than the speed of light).

Look up and see: The gangster computer god concocted new fake starry
sky! With world-wide, completely controlled, deadly, degenerative
planet atmosphere for the new world-round translucent exotic gaseous
envelope, which the world-wide Communist gangster computer god
manipulates through countless exactly positioned satellites, the new
fake, phony stars in the synthetic sky.

World-wide, systematic, instant plastic surgery butchering murder:
Fake aging so old people are dead or useless by age 70---done at night
to you as a Frankenstein slave, parroting puppet gangster slave.

Now even YOU know I am a menace to your world-wide mad deadly
communist gangster computer god! Therefore I must go to extermination
before I am exterminated by this gangster computer god, concocted and
controlled, worst mongrel organized crime, murder incorporated,
gangster Communist government.

I hand you the secrets to save the entire human race and the entire
---end rant---


Rev. Dr. Xenophon Fenderson, the Carbon(d)ated, KSC, DEATH, SubGenius, mhm21x16
Pope, Patron Saint of All Things Plastic fnord, and Salted Litter of r.g.s.b
"When I was a kid, I used to think that Dammit was God's last name, just like
Christ is Jesus' last name." - Kimberly Chapman in

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