Joe Christ Newsletter for June of 2000


SAT, JUNE 17 - Private Party - CHATTANOOGA, TN FRI, JUNE 30 &
SAT, JULY 1 - Dragon*Con - ATLANTA, GA (Premiere of "MY STRUGGLE")


As most of you know, I've been working on-and-off for the past year on my newest movie, "MY STRUGGLE". During the past few weeks I've been in post-production with it, using a Media 100 editing suite to finish the project. As usual, I've given myself a pretty tight deadline, in this case it'll be Dragon*Con weekend. I'll be premiering "MY STRUGGLE" at Dragon*Con, with screenings on both the Friday and Saturday nights of the convention. In addition, some of the stars of the movie will be there, and I'll have a table in the 'dealer's-room' with various movie-related merchandise items.
If I say so myself, this is probably the most tasteless & vile piece of cinematic trash I've produced yet! There's something in it for everyone...plenty of bodily fluids, rape, ethnic and racial stereotypes, shit-flinging retards, plus more! Even white males will be offended by this flick (if they have any class at all)
Visit the web site for "MY STRUGGLE" -


In the past week we've bought a Sony Digital Studio, so that after I'm finished with "MY STRUGGLE", I'll be able to work on new material here at home, whenever the mood strikes me. Instead of putting out new movies once every 2 years or so, I'll now be squeezing them out one after another. Even better, in the very near future you'll be able to own DVD versions of every one of my movies! Check my home page regularly for the updated catalog, soon to include 'Joe Christ movies' on disk.


Those of you in the Atlanta area (& surrounding states) are already familiar with the LOVE CAMP 2000 events I've been hosting with my wife, NANCY A COLLINS. The quarterly event is a combination of a club night, party and mini-convention featuring live music, DJs, nude body-painting, art gallery, book-signings, and so on. We've been holding these nights every three months in we're expanding the event to Dallas, TX! We'll be keeping the same format, just expanding the whole thing. If it goes well in the 2nd location, we'll expand even further, into a 3rd city later this year.
The next Atlanta LOVE CAMP will be held on Sat, July 29. The first Dallas LOVE CAMP will be on Sat, August 26. Check the LOVE CAMP 2000 web page for specific details:
LOVE CAMP 2000: A celebration of debauchery

Help us pick the 3rd city for LOVE CAMP! After the Dallas LOVE CAMP, we'll be picking the 3rd city in which to hold quarterly LOVE CAMP events. As of right now, we're deciding between Philadelphia, Chicago or Denver. Your input is important to us! If you live in or near one of the cities listed, please let us know if you'd like to see the event occur near your home.


As many of you know, some people think free speech is only a good thing if what's being said is nice and doesn't upset anyone. If someone's opinions or statements offend anyone, there are always special interest groups around who attempt to gag the individual who expresses those opinions and statements. There are even people in our government who would like to pass laws against so-called 'hate-speech'.
I take this kind of censorship personally, since many people consider my work to be 'offensive'. It really is ok to hate people and/or their ideas. People have always hated me and my movies...that's just the way it goes. If what I say or do ruins someone's day, well, that's good.
Lately, special-interest groups have been trying to suppress the free speech of a popular radio (and now TV) personality. While I don't particularly like the individual whose show is being attacked, I still see this as a personal assault on my freedom to say what I like to say. I (or you or someone else) could be next. Which is why I'm giving you this link:
The Coalition To Save Dr Laura:
Dr Laura attacks my lifestyle on a regular basis. That's one reason I find her and her show amusing, and I try to listen to her at least once a week. For the same reasons, I also like to listen to Christian talk radio.

That's all for now...
See you soon!
-Joe Christ


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