Announcing the Chick Tract Club

From: (Monsterwax)

Date: Sun, Jul 30, 2000 11:40 PM

Announcing the Chick Tract Fan Club! Yes, THE Jack Chick-- mastermind of the infamous Chick Tracts. Except no SUBstitute, it's gotta be Chick or else it's all gonna burn!

There's a special discount for the first 100 people, so check out the Chick club site now if you're interested.

This club is long overdue, and to celebrate it, we're giving members a VERY SPECIAL premium:

The First ever English printing of THE WICKED MAGISTRATE!<<<

That's right, the rare Korean tract shipped abroad and never heard from again since the 1980s has been specially translated and printed in English JUST FOR CLUB MEMBERS! It is fully licensed and printed by Chick Publications specifically for us!

This is a great tract. It features super art by Fred Carter and looks like a Kung Fu saga, complete with ancient Asian characters in 500 year old costumes, soldiers getting beheaded, and more! Once they are gone, we WILL NOT reprint them, so don't delay, join today!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT to the FIRST 100 Members!!!

Pay only $9.95 ($5 off!) for the FIRST 100 members only.

Make Checks or Money Orders to:


3202 Enterprise Drive

Tallahassee FL 32312

Your one time club membership includes ALL the following items & services:

1. Certificate of membership. You can proudly display it on your wall at home or in the office!

2. Membership card with your special member number. The sooner you join, the earlier number you'll have. (The first 100 are considered Charter Members.)

3. Exclusive Chick Club button. A real conversation piece and great for picking up Chicks (tracts, that is).

4. Exclusive Jack Chick tract - The first ever English printing of The Wicked Magistrate (Only available here!)

5. A Collecting Guide explaining the best way to collect and organize your Chick tracts. It's short and basic, but provides helpful tips on finding and displaying your Chick collection.

6. E-mail updates on Chick news, collecting information, and special items for sale. (Assuming you have e-mail.)

For more information on the Chick Tract Club, check out our special Chick Club site at:

P.S. The public announcement will be Tuesday night, August 1st. If you want your spot RESERVED (and recieve the discount), please email your name as you want it to appear on your membership. Your space will be held for ten days to allow payment. THANK YOU!

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