"Ask Dr. Hal" Continues its Run; Chicken John's Saloon to Become Salon Again on Wednesday Nights

Bishop Joey Ends Interim Substitute Performance, Recuses Himself to Star in Ongoing S.F. Mime Troupe Smash Hit

For Immediate Release

After an artistic interlude on Manhattan Island and a historic performance in Brooklyn with cacaphonists John Law and "Chicken" John Rinaldi, Harry S. "Dr. Hal" Robins has returned.
Tanned, ready and fit, Robins recently expressed his enthusiasm and willingness to continue in the phenomenally popular "Ask Dr. Hal" act, still running Wednesday nights from 9:30 PM until "last call" at the Odeon bar, located where Mission and Valencia meet in the pulsing heart of San Francisco's colorful Mission District.
The show had continued without its titular performer under the aegis of Bishop Joey, chief instigator of the notorious St. Stupid's Day Parade and charismatic founder of The First Church of the Last Laugh. The Bishop will now shift his attention to the role of heart-damaged, right-wing Vice President "Dick" Cheney in the San Francisco Mime Troupe's ongoing extravaganza, "1600 Transylvania Avenue," according to information released by Robins. Throughout Summer 2001, the Mime Troupe's free show will play in San Francisco and elsewhere in the state.
"Bishop Joey's a real trouper," Robins opined, "but he's seen fit to move on. Now that I'm back, I'll take the reins again and ride this show hell for leather from here to the glue factory."
With this and other semi-incoherent remarks, Robins insisted that "Ask Dr. Hal" would continue in its popular interactive format, wherein "Dr." Hal, in direct response to questions submitted by members of the audience, provides pithy and oracular answers of Delphic significance.
To complete the bill, the Odeon also presents further inspired turntableism with the musical stylings of spinmeister DJ Otto von Stroheim.

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While on the East Coast, Robins joined noted man-about-town John Law and circus impressario/quondam game show host "Chicken" John Rinaldi to give attending Brooklyn, N.Y. residents a taste of raucous, San Francisco-style entertainment. The event at the borough's Madagascar Institute cost a cool five dollars. Distinguished by the breakage of furniture and props during "Chicken" and associate Mongoloid's open drug use on stage, as well as by the forceful ejection of a French-speaking Canadian national who defied "Chicken's" instructions during an "audience participation" segment, this show will live long in the memories of stunned Brooklynites, Robins claimed.
"But even so, 'Ask Dr. Hal' has an advantage over our New York presentation," insisted Robins. "It's FREE of charge to our beloved San Francisco friends."
Robins hastened to add, however, that patrons will be encouraged to add a small gratuity in the envelopes which contain the questions.
"'Chicken' set it up that way," Robins explained. "He'll be back soon, and I wouldn't want him to find that I meddled with the format.
"Especially after I saw what he did to that French-Canadian fellow," he added.

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