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From: HellPopeHuey
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2002


Strangely enough, I first became aware of Dudley Moore as a result of stumbling
across one of his "Derek & Clive" party records, a hilariously vile Pythonesque
turn he did with Peter Cook. While I found his film work amusing enough, I
preferred the edge of the 'Derek" days.

I REALLY began to notice again when I saw him playing classical piano onstage
and holding his own. Unless you've played an instrument or perhaps really had to
hunker down within some similar technical discipline requiring great focus, you
can't quite grasp what a great accomplishment it is to hit the classical realms.
Its particularly impressive when you're 5'3", because your physical REACH is
limited & probably more suited to guitar, for instance. It takes extra effort
and overhand techniques are required that we octave-and-a-half reach folks
aren't asked to take up. His playing was crisp and spritely, less "plodding"
than some; I could hear his character in his style and to have Dr. Oscar
Peterson say you were a great jazz pianist is like having Superman compliment
your hang-gliding acumen.

I was saddened when he became so ill, he was denied his beloved piano. I fondly
remember the bitchin' good laughs I and others received from his humor when I
snuck that evilicious "Derek & Clive" wax in at 3 a.m. on the radio. I was
gratified to hear him wring out the keyboard. I'm glad the weight has been
lifted from him now. Look out, Gawd, here comes Saint Dudley! M'HUNH!  

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From: Modemac

Dudley Moore hosted his own long-running cable TV series on classical
music.  I think it was on Showtime, but I don't have cable so I can't
go into detail over it.  Most people only know him as "Arthur" or the
guy who almost got it on with Bo Derek in "10," but that's their loss.

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In article , Modemac

> Dudley Moore

Important Dudly Moore:

The  Bed Sitting Room, (1969) Spike Milligan and Richard Lester do Post
atomic like it has never been done before or since,

The Wrong Box, (1966)
Bedazzled (1967) (Stop all remakes)

Not Only...But Also (UK TV) 1965-1970 (the Thunderbirds bit is priceless)
Beyond the Fringe (1964) (UK TV) ...

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From: HellPopeHuey

In article , ZONTAR says...

>Not Only...But Also (UK TV) 1965-1970 (the Thunderbirds bit is priceless)

I would swallow a live mudskipper whole to see that one. I've always wondered
why no one parodied the Gerry Anderson sci-fi goods; they're almost like Mad TV
skits as is. Why, the potential for penis jokes from "Stingray" alone is quite

 HellPope Huey, hellpopehuey@subgenius.com
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From: "Paul E. Jamison"


> Important Dudly Moore:
> The  Bed Sitting Room, (1969) Spike Milligan and Richard Lester do Post
> atomic like it has never been done before or since,

Haven't seen this one in a long time.  If the Sci-Fi Channel had any sense of

history, they'd show stuff like this.  What makes the film weirder is that
those heaps of debris actually existed.  Somewhere in England is a small
mountain of discarded false teeth.

> The Wrong Box, (1966)
> Bedazzled (1967) (Stop all remakes)

I enjoyed both films muchly, and I agree about Remakism.

> Not Only...But Also (UK TV) 1965-1970 (the Thunderbirds bit is priceless)
> Beyond the Fringe (1964) (UK TV) ...

I agree with the Hellpope - I'd love to see a Gerry Anderson parody!  MTV
carried something for a brief time, but they got distracted by another shiny
object and dropped it.

Indeed, I think we Yankees are missing a *lot* of great British stuff.  For
every episode of Monty Python and Benny Hill - and those are fun, too,
make no mistake - there has to be dozens of episodes of series that we
never hear about over here.  PBS can only do so much.

Paul E. Jamison


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