R.I.P. Ygrundas Quimby

From: thereheis99@hotmail.com (Rev. Crawford)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, Feb 25, 2002

Fellow Mutants,

It is with heavy heart that I must announce the death of Dr. Ygrundas
Quimby, Jr., a/k/a Jeff Robins (brother of Hal "Dr. Howll" Robins). A
longtime (if not lifelong) resident of Tucson, Jeff passed away last
Thursday at Tucson Medical Center following a protracted illness. A
true SubGenius in every sense, Jeff was an accomplished musician and
auteur. The Naked Pueblo and SubGeniusdom in general have lost a great
talent, and he will be missed.


Rev. Crawford

From: kconvery@ioma.com (The Bishop)

 I didn't know him, but I shall hoist a pot of ale to his sainted
memory. Not only because he was right with "Bob," but because you
don't need much of an excuse to get me to hoist a pot of ale. What
exactly is the SubG death ritual like anyway?

From: thefridayjones@hotmail.com (Friday Jones)

I only met Quimby once, and it was easy to see that he was one to ride
the tiger of life with grace and style before it savaged him.
I remember him talking on the SubGenius Interviews tape (?) about teh
efforts to get a picture of "Bob" (or is that on Arise?) in which I
was always under the impression that he and Papa Joe Mama were the
same person, and that PJM had just had a brow job at some point!
I've lit a candle.


"You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You *have* a body."
---C.S. Lewis

From: Her Ladyship Lilith von Fraumench

I'm quite saddened to hear about this. I've only spoken to Jeff a few
times over the phone but the Robins strain of yetinsyny did burn
strongly in him. The next pinch o' frappie is for him--and I hope that
wherever he wound up he's smoking far finer.

I hope he didn't go to Hell--I haven't finished redecorating!

Her Ladyship Lilith

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From: thereheis99@hotmail.com (Rev. Crawford)

Here's the official obituary, from today's paper:

"ROBINS, Jeffrey Hull, of Tucson, found peace on Thursday, February
21, 2002, after a long and courageous battle with Juvenile Diabetes.
He was 41 years old. He was born in Urbana, Illinois, the son of Harry
Franklin and Mary Louise Scifres Robins, and was a graduate of Rincon
High School. He attended the University of Arizona for six years,
where he took every course that interested him, and none that didn't.

A man of many talents, Jeff was an actor and performance artist who
made appearances in San Francisco as well as Tucson. His final
appearance, in which he performed despite severe mobility issues
brought on by his Diabetes, was in February of 2001, in the
``Devival'' show, Oasis of Slack. Jeff was a film maker and a light
and sound designer for local theaters, including the Invisible
Theater, of which he was an early member. A musician and composer,
Jeff was often involved in performances at the Club Congress in
downtown Tucson. For almost a decade, Jeff was the host of The Machine
Shop, a late night KXCI radio show that mixed music and comedy. In
later years, as his disease compromised his sight, Jeff was a lamp
maker. His lamps were unique compilations of found materials, and each
had its own distinct character.
A resident of Tucson since 1964, Jeff was a devoted naturalist. He
loved the desert southwest and enjoyed hiking as long as he was strong
enough to walk. His friends admired Jeff for his wit, his energy, his
courage, his cooking, and his Halloween mazes, which were a highlight
of his annual October party. Jeff loved parties and showed his spirit
and dark sense of humor when he emerged from the hospital after a
failed kidney transplant and threw a big bash for ``Baby Elvis, the
Kidney that Wouldn't Die.''

His father, Harry F. Robins; his stepmother, Laine Frieman Robins of
Portland, Oregon; his brother, Harry S. Robins of San Francisco; and
his sister, Martha E. Robins of Kinderhook, NY, survive him. He is
also survived by his nieces, Sarah and Rachel Gevlin; and his nephew,
Ben Gevlin of Kinderhook. As well, he is survived by his loving
caretakers, Sue Baker, Dena Ganje, Jody Sullivan and Jim Worden, who
added tremendously to his quality of life and by his beloved cat,

Jeff had many friends who will miss him, and had special relationships
in his life that brought him great joy. He asked that we include in
this space that, for all the bad breaks, it should be remembered that
for a brief time he did frolic in the land of Hanalei.

A memorial in his honor will be held at the Bevel Institute, 530 North
Stone Ave., Tucson, on Friday, March 8, beginning at 7:00 p.m. To
honor Jeff's life, contributions may be made to either the Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation or the The Mary Louise Robins Elementary
School, Tucson."


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