Subject: "Bush Won. Get over it."
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Subject: 101st Airborne's "NO SLACK" brigade
Subject: 3 Days of the Asswipe
Subject: A big cluck for Freedom: Chickens at war
Subject: All Our Freebase Are Belong to "Bob"
Subject: Americans are cunts.
Subject: Americans by an American
Subject: An answer to Stang
Subject: Re: An aside to Zontar
Subject: An Oily Little Rant
Subject: Anthrax Cures Hypochrondria
Subject: Back to "Normal"
Subject: Biologcal Warfare
Subject: Blood for Oil
Subject: Bob/Saddam?
Subject: Bush Orders SARS Quarantine
Subject: Can You Top This?
Subject: Chancellor Schroeder
Subject: chemical weapons facility FOUND
Subject: Clear Channel prepares for war
Subject: Commentary: Illogical reasoning of a war against Iraq
Subject: CU CHI Cooties
Subject: Damn, This Changes This Week's Show
Subject: Dear Subgenius severed statue head expert
Subject: Dubya to outlaw peaceful wanking?
Subject: First Fragging of this War
Subject: Free Clue!!
Subject: Fuck off you peace pussies
Subject: Funeral Dirge for Chemical Ali
Subject: Glorious News, Citizens!
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Subject: Here We Are, Here to Go, Again
Subject: Hmmm. Now, to *really* inflame passions...
Subject: Hope for War sez Rice!
Subject: How I fought for freedom!
Subject: Hussein Overthrown!
Subject: I am Iraqi and I have FLOWERS for you
Subject: I give up
Subject: I was waiting for someone to do this...
Subject: I WONDERED where all those extra launched Palmer heads went
Subject: Iraqi soldiers defect at Borders
Subject: Islam and the Stepford Wives
Subject: It DOES fucking matter, you fucking assholes!!
Subject: Just added to the encyclopedia: nukuler
Subject: Killer Recipe for Booming Business
Subject: Latest US MIA
Subject: Let's LIBERATE someone!
Subject: lighting a fire under the South Koreans' collective ass
Subject: Local insanity. Horeding and looting.
Subject: looting and partying
Subject: Microwave a hamster for freedom!
Subject: Moon over Baghdad
Subject: My Apologies to Everybody
Subject: My idea of Heaven
Subject: Nenslo Elected Mayor of Bagdad and Beijing.
Subject: Re: NENSLO War Diary...
Subject: Nu Lathe of Heaven
Subject: OFFICIAL DRINK TALLY NOT INCLUDING CAMERA PANS was Re: The State of the Union Drinking Game
Subject: Re: One reason I do not support the troops.
Subject: Only Stumbling Block to War
Subject: Operation Bitch Slap
Subject: Palestine blew up four children today
Subject: Party line
Subject: Peace is War
Subject: phuckin TV nooze
Subject: Pinks for Peace
Subject: Post War Business Opportunity
Subject: Pra'Stang!
Subject: Pre-war period a boredom fuck
Subject: pride
Subject: Q:
Subject: Rapture is Nigh, Citizens!
Subject: Re: Baghdad Bob Gets No Respect
Subject: Re: Baghdad zoo
Subject: Re: Bush = Commie
Subject: Re: Clear Channel does the "patriotic" thing
Subject: Re: Clear Channel prepares for war
Subject: Re: debka's science-fictiony take on things
Subject: Re: false alarm, pesticide was Re: they found nerve gas
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Subject: Re: Hellpope Huey's War Prophecy
Subject: Re: Music appropriate for Gulf War II
Subject: Re: The Brutal Oppression of Saddam Hussien
Subject: Re: The First Horseman; The End Begins
Subject: Re: The New Agenda
Subject: Re: The US Re-Education Camps of the Near Future
Subject: Saddam's DNA Sample
Subject: said with a straight face
Subject: Shut up about the fucking war
Subject: Son of a Dog of a...c'mon, what? people. I need some help here.
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Subject: That's My AntiChrist-channeling Bush
Subject: The Brutal Oppression of Saddam Hussien
The Case for Regime Change
Subject: The core of why Bush REALLY needs to be transmogrified
Subject: The History of Hussien (for shitcunt)
Subject: The History of Iraq?
Subject: The Root of "The Problem"
Subject: The US Re-Education Camps of the Near Future
Subject: The Value of a SubGenius Life?
Subject: The war sucks
Subject: They found Hitler's brain
Subject: Thousands protest the war...
Subject: try to avoid paying at least some of your taxes
Subject: U.S. Marines Discover Iraqi Nuke Complex
Subject: Wake me up when
Subject: Wanking for Peace
Subject: Wanking for Victory
Subject: War Begins: 13-03
Subject: War on Terra
Subject: War protests get low TV ratings
Subject: Warspeak Alert
Subject: Well Written Conspiracy Article from Germany
Subject: What Iraq really reminds me of
Subject: What is War?
Subject: Whatever Happened to Fay Wray
Subject: Wheee!
Subject: When is the war?
Subject: Who do they keep talking about?
Subject: Why I support our troops!
Subject: Why is USA at war?
Subject: Why?