From: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Mon, May 20, 2002 5:49 PM

I finally got the revised version revised (removed Burning Man and
Starwood mini-documentaries, replaced with two unbefuckinglievable
collage pieces by Codini) and put the order form in the Scatalog --
Connivin' Ivan's section, natch.

Sample clips are available in the new Video 7 stash


1. SubGenius Foundation Inc. Intro Saucers
Video and Music: Champion Jack Codini

2. Titles Sequence and Dobbshead Morph
Rev. Ivan Stang
Music: The El Queso All Stars ("Save Your Soul 4 "Bob"")
Dobbsheads: Huey, Nenslo, Mavrides, Funway, Vandewalker

3, Dobbstown Animation and LogoMotion "Bob" Morph
Rev. Ivan Stang
Music: The Bishop ("In "Bob" We Trust")

4. MTV-SubGenius ad
Rev. Ivan Stang
Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

5. "The Day of the SubGenius"
bolex brothers
from "The Brag of the SubGenius" by Ivan Stang

6. Web Animations by Internet Subgenii
Animations: Codini, Elvis Bond, Palmer Vreedeez, IMBJR, Stang, Numen
Remissionis; Goo-ing Dobbshead by Stang and Princess Wei R. Doe
Music: The Bishop ("Dance of the Rockets")

7. Il Arte de Stangke
Video, Art, Music by Rev. Stang
(One painting by St. Byron Werner and some Puzzling Evidence photos
also crept in)

9."We Have Total Faith"
Music: Saint N & Hellena Handbasket
Video: Stang

10. The Happy Art of Fernandinande LeMur Vol. 99a
Music: Rev. Ivan Stang

11. "Save Your Soul for "Bob""
Music: The El Queso AllStars
Video: Stang

12. The Art of IMBJR Vol 99a
Music: Einstein's Secret Orchestra "Winterstar 521 Jam"

13. Fascist Funnies
Video: Champion Jack Codini

14. Wei-Stang Recitation
Photoshop Effects on Digital Still-cam Video: Pater Nostril

15. Onan's Confession
Dr. Onan Canobite

16. "Instant Instructions for Those Who Follow No Master"
Song by Saint N & Hellena Handbasket
Video: Stang

17. Bob Luvs U
Rev. Sinphaltimus Exmortus

18. X-Day Drills 96-98 Compression
Home Movies: Stang; Animation: Codini

19. "The XX-Day Experience"
Music: Einstein's Secret Orchestra "Winterstar 521 Jam"
Photography by the SubGenii of XX-Day 99 and XXX-Day 2000 (Stang,
Princess Wei R. Doe, Dok Frop, Geddyns, Popess Lillith, Sister
Decadence, Codini, Dr. Legume, DJ Shaver, Prostata Contata, Lust in
Space, Quijibo; art: IMBJR, Gordon, LeMur)

20. Adventures in Teen Life
Champion Jack Codini

Rev. Ivan Stang
Music: Lamprey Systems ("Brain Pan")

22. Reproduction Cycle
Young Stang

23. Let's Visit the World of the Future
Very Young Stang

24. Love Without Anger animation sequence

25. Mono
Young Stang

26. ARISE Out-Takes
Cordt Holland & Ivan Stang w/ Hal Robins

27. Red Light (incomplete)
Music: Indian Rope Burn
Collage edit: Stang

Thanks to El Diablo for loan of the Amiga Toaster video synthesizer on
the older Arise-warpage used in the "music videos"

4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected (Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)
P.O. Box 181417, Cleveland, OH 44118 (fax 216-320-9528)
A subsidiary of:
The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. / P.O. Box 204206, Austin, TX 78720-4206
Dobbs-Approved Authorized Commercial Outreach of The Church of the SubGenius
For SubGenius Biz & Orders: call toll free to 1-888-669-2323
or email:


From: iDRMRSR <>


I dunno what it is, but your vision of the future video absolutely
fucking CREEPS ME OUT! I can't abide watching it for more than a few
seconds for some reason or other.

I know you were trying to do a Logan's Run/THX1138/1984 sort of thing
full of the angst of youth and defiance of authority, etc. However,
real life in 2002 is SO CLOSE to that fucking short that my bunghole
tightens up just thinking about that shortie again! I can just imagine
hideous clowns holographically projecting everything I see while
Binsky's beer is rammed into my veins and I have to hit the stores
before they close to buy the same crap that was on the shelves yesterday
only today it's NEW and IMPROVED.

It's a good flick, too good. You gotta think about creeps ME
out! ME!!!

So if you are out there mixing more collection-vids, maybe leave this
one off and/or put on an advisory of some sort when you get around to
the next one. I think everybody SHOULD see it if they haven't yet,


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