Dear SubGenius Answer Thing

Why were gods invented?
Dear SubGeebie Cooler'nShit Mixologist AnswerBotFuk...
Dear Slack Fist of Removal F-f-f-f-fashion Supplement Editor
Dear SubGenius Real Estate Agent
Dear SubGenius Terminology Expert
Dear Subgenius Weird French Museum Expert
Dear SubGenius Excremeditation Expert
Dear Subgenius Penis Enlargement Specialist
Dear Amateur SubGenius Urologist/Psychiatrist/Dream Interpreter
Dear Hour of Slack Technical Advisor
Dear Literate Yeti Who Are More Well-Read than I
Subject: Dear Subgenius Advice for New Gods Person
Dear Subgenius baby talk expert
Dear Subgenius Frop Abuse Expert
Dear Subgenius Illuminati Conspiracy Answer Thingie
Dear SubGenius Kookologist
Dear Subgenius Martha Stewart Surrogate
Dear Subgenius baby talk expert
Dear SubGenius Politickz Expert
The Afterlife
If you had a time machine that only worked in reverse...
What is the quickest way to SLACK?
Is BOB intervening in my life?
Is it me????
What the hell is up with "Bob" NOW, anyway?
The eye in the Pyramid
How Come
"It's not my goddamn planet, monkey-boy."
Subject: 23
A Sign of the End Times?
I want my Hour of Slack
If you had a time machine that only worked in reverse...
Just curious
Memory Editing, the Luck Plane, and what IT can do for YOU
No really
Warned at Work Pt. 2 or Dear SG revenge expert
Send help!
U arrival, kill self?
Vehicle A/C Freon Question
Which brings up the question
Worldedness...Who Decides?

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