"Bob" channels a message of Hate!

From: davidvoth@ihateclowns.com (David Voth)
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Date: Fri, Nov 19, 1999 10:26 AM
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Good morning and happy Friday. Please join me in dedicating this fine
day to glorious Hate!

This morning I awoke with a new energy, keenly aware of the people and
things I Hate and why I Hate them so much. This is clearly an
inspiration from "Bob" urging me to remind you all of the importance
of your personal Hate, so vital for your mental health and for this
filthy, stinking ape society in which we find ourselves trapped.

When was the last time you got wall-punching pissed off at someone
other than yourself and actually punched a wall? When was the last
time you shouted "I HATE you!" out loud and didn't care if the
neighbors heard? Is there someone or something in your life right now
that you just can't stand? Can you name someone who lied to you,
neglected you when you were in need, spoke ill of you behind your
back, or borrowed something and never returned it? Or maybe someone
who just irritates you for no particular reason? Today is YOUR day to
find that special person or psycho bitch from Hell or thing and tell
him or her or it and everyone around you how you feel. Even if it's
your boss or your spouse, today is YOUR day to come out of the closet
about your beautiful personal Hate and revel in it.

I want you to identify your enemy right now. Let go of your
inhibitions and bask in the power of appropriate, directed anger. Let
the Hate flow through you and inspire you to greatness. Who or what
do you truly Hate right now? The empty coffee thermos? Your asshole
landlord? A Web server you're working on? Your next door neighbor's
dog? The cop who gave you a speeding ticket last week? The fucking
CD player that won't read your favorite Metallica disk that you wanted
to hear RIGHT FUCKING NOW? The oblivious cell-phone yakking BMW
driver who almost ran you off the road this morning? The "Bob"-damn
ants in your kitchen? Someone who keeps lying to you for no apparent
reason? Your dad? A former lover who betrayed you? Think about it
for a moment then say it out loud: I Hate <thing you Hate here>!

Once you have focused on your true enemy the routine problems and
irritations of your day will seem trivial. You'll be able to spill
coffee on yourself, accidentally delete a file from your computer, get
dissed by a coworker, or have a vending machine eat your money and
LAUGH about it because the slapstick humor, the entertainment value,
is so much more important than the temporary enmity it gives you. The
pathetic short-duration hates of the day wither impotent in the shadow
of your True Hate.

We SubGenii have all experienced the apparent paradox of loving and
Hating someone at the same time. That is no mystery, my friends.
Love makes you stupid and lethargic. Hate sharpens the senses and
gives energy. Love is your lotus blossom, a nap on the warm sand,
your high-calorie dessert, the righteous heroin wiping out your
headache and everything else you thought you were feeling. Hate is
your morning coffee, shouting "Victory!" out loud at the sight of your
enemy's blood dripping from your bayonet, the exhiliration of riding a
monster wave alone, the pharmaceutical cocaine you slammed and wanted
more of RIGHT FUCKING NOW. I believe you aren't truly alive until you
have experienced all of those things and recognized them as the source
of real motivation. If you can't work up a good head of Hate then how
could you ever love anyone? Technically you could, but it wouldn't
mean much.

Try this: Today, whenever you hear mention of love in a conversation
or a song on the radio, substitute "Hate" for "love" wherever it makes
grammatical sense. While working at a sound studio late last night I
suddenly slipped into an altered state and imagined the Jefferson
Airplane with Grace Slick singing:

Don't you want somebody to Hate?
Don't you need somebody to Hate?
Wouldn't you love somebody to Hate?
You'd better find somebody to Hate!

This bitter little filksong got stuck in my head, so I picked up a
microphone and sang it out loud with a little reverb (actually a LOT
of reverb), much to the amusement of my fellow musicians and
producers. It wasn't interesting enough to record but we all had a
good guffaw and felt better about our lives. We became energetic.
Our music improved and we finished our new CD in good time. You see,
my friends, the power of Hate can take you to the pinnacle of your
creative energies without fogging your brain like the "other stuff"
always does.

Let it go! Shout "FUCK you!" out loud at the next stupid error
message you get in Windows. Bitch-slap that stupid Macintosh that
keeps locking up and giving you a meaningless error code when you try
to print. Curse and belittle the annoying phone system that keeps
reviving month-old deleted messages from your ex and turning on the
little red light so you think you have new voice mail and get Conned
into living through that bad experience again.

Today is your PERSONAL day of Hate. Enjoy it, thank you for taking
the time to read this article, and have a fine passion-filled weekend.

Reverend David Voth
President and Executive Producer
South Park Records
San Diego, California USA

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."
- Doctor Johnson

Subject: Re: "Bob" channels a message of Hate!
From: "Keith Smith" <vinylnut@uswest.net>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Fri, Nov 19, 1999 12:50 PM
Message-ID: <H4iZ3.704$cf2.22500@news.uswest.net>

David Voth <davidvoth@ihateclowns.com> wrote in message
> Good morning and happy Friday. Please join me in dedicating this fine
> day to glorious Hate!
Is there someone or something in your life right now
> that you just can't stand?
> I want you to identify your enemy right now. Let go of your
> inhibitions and bask in the power of appropriate, directed anger. Let
> the Hate flow through you and inspire you to greatness. Who or what
> do you truly Hate right now?

Hi David.
For me, it's whoever keeps censoring the subgenii sexboard, the control
freak. Imagine a control freak lording over a supposedly anarchial message
board? Curiouser and curiouser.
Only my relatively "serious" posts just, *tch* don't show up. Strange. No
matter how many times and ways I try it, I cannot get a single serious post
to stay up on that erstwhile stagnant messageboard. The old black and red
board worked perfectly. As some of you probably know, I started using that
one a little before Halloween. Everything showed up great! Then sometime
around Halloween *BOOM*. New board. With all those wacky photos for
commercial sex. It's hard to read, let alone take anything seriously with
all those airbrushed commercial sex pictures. Some s.g. I've read there
post some great stories, but you sort of lose the good part, the hedy
subgenius liquor, with all those silly pictures. Kind of dilutes the whole
thing, huh?
Yeah, every frivilous post I do makes it up there intact (at least when I go
to the site); stuff about dumb dreams, clueless neighbors, mildly amusing
and or erotic whimsies. Anything weightier mysteriously, selectively
VANISHES, along with my super-bitchin' name pissed across the snow, with its
traces of the recently s.g. canonized St. Monty Python, St. JonBenet, and
others. The name has too many characters for subject or name areas, but
posts with it in the text *also* have a way of NEVER SHOWING UP.
I don't hate the ass knave who's doing the lopping, just the lopping. I,
like many, spend all day with bound feet; surely the ONE refuge for
uncensored throbbing, a subgenii message board almost nobody uses, could be
posted RAW and unedited. This is not my wooly imagination: The only posts of
mine that show are the ones that don't mention "entelechy telemetry" and the
Today made the 4th or 5th time.
*Sigh*... sure miss the old board.

The Maid


"Dachshunds with erections Can't Climb Stairs."

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