Family to dig up Hendrix

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>Family to dig up

>THE family of rock legend Jimi Hendrix are to dig up his body and move it to a pay-per-view mausoleum.

>The plan, which has shocked friends of the sixties guitar idol, was announced last week by Hendrix's sister and has been sanctioned by his father.

>The bizarre scheme will even given morbid fans the chance to buy one of 27 burial plots around the legend's new flood-lit resting place.

>Stonemasons have already begun dismantling the simple guitar-embossed headstone which currently marks Hendrix's grave at Greenwood Cemetery in Seattle, Washington. Nearby work is under way on a new tomb flanked by purple fountains.

>The late guitarist's sister Janie, who dresses in Henrix's trade mark purple, signs her name in purple ink and drives a purple car, intends to offer visitors the opportunity to buy gift-wrapped rocks from the ceremony and Pound100 for a brass-rubbing of the original stone.

>Fans of Hendrix, who died in 1970 after choking on his own vomit, have flocked to his grave site, but many have been angered by these plans.

>Kathy Etchingham, a former friend of the late rock star said she felt sickened by the plan, adding that Hendrix would have hated it.

["eggburst, eggblend, eggburial and hatch-as-hatch-can"-- finnegans wake
"their weatherings and their marryings and their buryings and their natural selections"--finnegans wake "toot and come in'--finnegans wake]



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