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From: "Chas Smith" <swampradio@excite.com>

Ahhh... another soul in the rocketbutt bucket. I can just hear the crowd chanting...
"launch the rocketship... launch the rocketship..." as we mount up a ten foot monster.

We shall all gaze together into the single blue eye of Rocketbutt.

>From: "Chas Smith" <swampradio@excite.com>
To: "Onan Canobite" <onan@subgenius.com> Subject: Re: Rocket Away
>Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 02:36:27 PDT
>Message-ID: <934796187.26500.96@excite.com>

>On Sun, 15 Aug 1999 18:28:22 -0700 (PDT), Onan Canobite wrote:

>>I'm proud to announce that I have, in fact, built my own rocket ship:
>>first rocket as an adult, a little bitty guy painted up real good.
>>made my own igniter thing and tested it out today with the Duke of Uke:
>>started a motor just fine, from 10 feet away or so. This upcomming
>>I'm gonna make a launch pad, then the countdown. By XXX-Day I should
>>a fleet ready. THANKS for re-introducing me to this space sport!

>:) Cool AND groovin', baby-cakes. Welcome home!

>The Subgenius Air Defense (SAD) welcomes you to the fold with open fins. SAD SAC (Subgenius Air Defence - Space Access Command) is on the wing.

>WE have taken those next baby steps -while all the others just bitch and moan that THEIR pleasure vessel didn't arrive... WE are pouring our sweat and blood into the humble little rockets that might one day propel us off this rock... or at least get our jollies off trying.

>I've been a outlaw rogue thus far with the high power... mostly 'cause I don't worry about recovery systems too much. I mostly like to JUST SEE
>Heh heh heh.
>The ESO fleet is seriuosly depleted now after xxday... (tho' I do still
>my biggest of all-returned to me at xxday) but winter looms and all I
>to worry about is teaching, working on my book, and rebuilding the fleet
>one hell of a show for the Y2KXXX-day... plus a few night launch
>I'm sure.

>We'll somehow send Stang pics of our vessels and get him to start a
>page for the Y2KXXX-Day Rocket Fleet Development Program (Y2KXXXRFDP). I'll also throw MoJo in on the loop... between us, I'm sure we'll work up
>few surprises for next year. After all... we can't just put on the same
>as this year

>Subgenius Air Defence - Space Access Command Flight Director

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