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Cybercitizens create first online nation

Cyber Yuga, the world's first online nation, is to be launched next month.

Cyber Yuga is being set up by two former Yugoslav citizens who say they want to create a 'homeland' based in cyberspace. In the past three weeks, they have gathered the support of almost 2,000 'remote citizens'.

The project emphasises equality and democracy, with each citizen obliged to become minister of a virtual department of their choice. Their only other obligations are to read the constitution regularly and to vote on proposals to change it.

Ultimate power lies in the Algorithm of the Social System - based on open source code - which chooses national anthems and kicks out citizens who do not fulfil their duties.

Cyber Yuga's ambitions go well beyond existing political sites, such as news portal, Some citizens are treating it as a unique political experiment. One, a political exile living in Slovakia, said: "I think the campaign will show how many people in the world are sick of state as institution."

If and when its population reaches five million, Cyber Yuga will apply to become a member of the United Nations. It will request 20 square kilometres of land on which to place its server.

In the meantime, it needs programmers to help stake out the territory. Cyber Yuga is located at

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