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Subject: STERNO'S FIRST NEW STORY IN MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 14:19:56 -0600
Organization: Church of the SubGenius

Astronautico Disintigrado

by Rev. Sternodox

Once upon a time there was these two guys that moved to this one country
that had a space program that nobody knew about. It was a secret program
that was run by these guys that only liked to buttfuck dead llamas while
they had their own shit smeared all on their tongues and all on their
noses and stuff. These two guys decided that they would be the astronauts
at this country's space program and go into space to do secret experiments
and stuff. But they both got addicted to buttfucking llama corpses with
shit all on them and they found out about this cargo weight limit that
their space ship had and that there would only be enough of a weight
allowance for one llama carcass. So they started in fighting about which
llama corpse they would take since they each had grown attached to a
particular one. Well, one of the astronauts had this one llama carcass
that was a lot older than the other one and so, although it was all rotten
and spraying out rancid body juices and bones sticking out of the putrid
flesh and millions of maggots crawling all in it, it was a lot lighter
than the other guy's llama corpse so they voted on it and decided that
they would take that one guy's llama carcass and use the extra weight
savings to bring just the eviscerated rectum of the other guy's llama
carcass and and other guy said he could buttfuck that while copping a feel
off the other guy's one. But they went into space and when the second guy
started in buttfucking the detached llama rectum and went to feeling up
the other guy's rotting llama corpse, the other guy got all jealous and
stuff and started in killing the other astronaut. Then he found out that
he could line up the cut off llama rectum right over the one on his own
llama corpse and that it was like buttfucking two llamas at once. He was
real happy about it until he remembered that the astronaut he just killed
was the only one that knew how to land the spacecraft. So he called in for
help and they asked him what he learned in all the experiments. And he
told them about how he found out about putting the two llama rectums
together and buttfucking them at the same time and how great it was. So
the country's government voted on sending up a rescue team but when they
got to the astronaut's spacecraft out in space they found out a meteor had
knocked a hole in it and all the air went out and that the guy was dead.
So they went in and started in buttfucking both dead astronauts and both
llama buttholes but they forgot about no air and when they took off their
helmets they died too. Then the spacecraft crash landed in Utah and a
bunch of retarded crosswalk guards found it and buttfucked all four
astronauts but they didn't want to buttfuck the llama rectums because they
thought it was too gross.

The End


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