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From: Johnny Miller <> To:
Subject: Looking for Xist
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 10:56:23 -0400
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Praise 'Bob'

UC Berkeley is running a project using distributed processing to analyze radio telescope data to look for life on other planets. Details can be seen at

They have a feature of being able to create groups or teams of users. I have created a group called 'SubGenii'. It can be found by clicking on the Group link, and searching for 'SubGenii'.

I hope this doesn't take up any of 'Bob's' SLACK (as if that would be in my power to do so). However, if the Church feels anything there should be changed, I will be happy to do so. If the Church feels this helps the CON to possibly find out what the Xist are up to, and should be avoided, let me know and I'll try to have the team erased. (This is not to suggest that the Xist can't hide from the CON. Look how well they keep hiding from us.)

Praise 'Bob'

Rev. John
Church of the Old Bull

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