"God's Plight"

From: atesta@concom.com (Andy Testa)

With absolutely no apologies to John Gillespie Magee Jr., I present to you
the MadLibs (tm) version of his oh so popular and oh so bland
"High Flight" which anyone who even looks at airplanes has seen because
well, pilots and poetry just don't mix. I was kind enough to keep his rythmn
almost exact and even kept alot of the same word-sounds (keep the same
"mouth-feel" for those of you in food testing) and rhyme.

It really sucks but look what I had to work with. The original is sprayed
all over most aviation web sites like shit in a kennel after a dysentary

Tarla, babe, don't you give me no shit. I come up there, I swear it.
This ain't art by a long shot.

"God's Plight"

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of faith,
And pissed on lies of published crystal seers;
Freedom I've claimed and flushed the Holy Wraith
and demon myths and superstitious fears
They can't be free of --
Jeered and trolled and mocked
Faith in the chakra nonsense.
Guiltlessly there
I've trolled the TV priest along and rung
the toll-free line of fundies hawking wares.
Up, up past the spurious, channeled crew
I've trashed the self-help cults with easy grace,
Flushed psychics out, Jehovah's Witness too;
And, while with silent, fearful minds they plod
And cry "Lord Jesus, smite him in his place,"
I Dropped my pants, and fucked the skull of God.

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