A Sermon on Hate

From: fed@cca.org (Francis E. Decstation)
Date: Tue, 14 May 96 12:11:56 EDT

A Sermon on Hate
by St. Francis E. Decstation

We are constantly told by the leaders of mainstream society, through
the mainstream media and the education/indoctrination system, that hate is
wrong and immoral, and that only wicked people do it. "Good, normal
people do not hate" is the message reiterated by the system. Those
who hate are somehow maladjusted and twisted, and in need of help.

There is no doubt that in mainstream society there is systematic
repression of hate, just as there was (and still is in many ways)
systematic repression of sexuality. The system portrays hate as
obscene or wicked, and as morally wrong. Children are taught from
birth that they should not hate (compare this with prohibitions
on various sexual activities). Socially-sanctioned escape valves
are provided for both (you're allowed to hate the Libyans or Iraqis or
Communists, but not the system which screws you or the people who wrong

Abstinence from hate is no more realistic than abstinence from sex.
In the end, both breed perversion and corruption. Sexually repressive
societies such as Victorian England were filled with hypocrisy and
perversion, as upstanding citizens fed their repressed lusts with
bondage and discipline, fetishism and paedophilia. It is similar with
hate. Those who deny their natural instinct to hate that which wrongs
them develop a stunted, twisted form of hate, often one directed at
themselves, which tears them apart. They may snap, killing innocent
people, or killing themselves. Or, on the other hand, they may
shrivel, becoming hopelessly bland, apathetic and pink, even more so
than before.

There can be no love without hate, just as there can be no light
without darkness, no up without down, etc. If you don't hate anything
or anyone, what does it mean to love someone? Not much. What
differentiates that which you hold dear from everything else, and that
which you have no problems with from that which means to destroy you?
(Of course, many people have been conditioned to believe that they have
no enemies and that nothing means them harm. This is all a lie, and
is disproven by the laws of science themselves.) To truly know what
it means to love, including to love life itself, you must know what it
means to hate, to hate without apology and with great force all that
which threatens you or those close to you, all that which stands in
your chosen way, all that which denies you that which is rightfully
yours -- your slack. 'Cause it sure as hell isn't going to get out of
your way if you ask it nicely.

But what is it that stands in your way? What if you have no problems
with the universe, or the established order of things? Then you have
been duped. The way things are right now is not designed to advance
you, or allow you to advance yourself if you wait politely. It is
designed to screw you over and drive you into the ground if you only
let it. Call it conspiracy if you will; I do. Of course, this is
no ordinary mundane conspiracy, in the way that the Trilateral Commission
and the JFK Assassination and the Federal Reserve and the treaty with
the Reticulans are; those are all parts of it, but miniscule parts.
This is the uber-conspiracy, one existing at the very level of the
universe itself and coded into its laws. We can never defeat this
conspiracy. Even if we were to cut off one of its "heads", SEVEN MORE
would rise in its place, or in some other place where we weren't looking,
and meanwhile the system would not even slow down in its driving us
into the ground.

But if you can't defeat the conspiracy, what can you do? You can
at least watch yourself and get what's yours. There will always be
a conspiracy, but there will also always be slack -- the universal
force of something for nothing. Slack is a fundamental principle of
the Universe. But it is not abundant (at least not yet). To get
slack, you have to see it, and where it is. And to do so, you
have to see where it isn't. And you have to see the Conspiracy, and
its million tentacles and claws and slavering maws AND GET THE FUCK
OUT OF ITS WAY, or sometimes make it get the fuck out of yours.

And for that you need hate. You need a pure, unsullied hate. One not
dirtied by fear of losing social sanction, for if they have you
fearing whether or not they'll disapprove of you, they you're as good
as had. A hate not diluted by fear of Hell, because if you fear Hell
then YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE TOP FLOOR OF HELL. But a pure, intense,
slackful Hate, one which can strike out and smite all that which is
against you and your right to slack, all that which conspires to drive
you into the ground. A hate for all things that deny you slack, all
things that oppose you, be they as great as the laws of physics or as
insignificant as faulty vending machines or annoying muzak (the little
things are the worst). A hate for everyone who contributes, willingly
or thoughtlessly, to the machinery of the conspiracy, whether they are
smug yuppies, condescending conformists, Christian Fundamentalists, radical
leftists, hip poseurs, namby-pamby New Agers, pseudo-illuminated
Discordians, clueless Bobbies or goddamn anyone else who stands between
you and Slack.

* Note that conspiracy-sanctioned forms of hate such as racism, sexism,
militant patriotism, religious intolerance (except for intolerance of
non-SubGenii) are not hate, but antihate. They do not help you, but
deny you slack.

St. Francis E.

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