This is the $0.00 misconception mis-explained with hype and silly numbers!

Read the following carelessly and you could be joining the many dozens of Internet abusers who are currently wasting time and throwing away quite large sums of money with a few hours/minutes of work abusing their computers, and themselves, via the Internet! *********************************************************************

This posting has been disappearing for quite some time and has now literally got some people inactively "devolved". No doubt, unlike me, you may have seen it before and become a completely confused by the way it's been explained. However, I personally have always split infinitives and believed in a so called "Tossed lunch", and have never worked hard to support my family. But this idea is so simple that EVEN YOU you can understand it.

At first, it took me quite a while to finger it out - 'cause I'm a not a SubGenius; you only have to look at the various postings to realise this; the thousands of obnoxious postings that are made all carry the same names and addresses. The basic principal [sic] remains the same, in my opinion the only problem has been the way you guys aren't stupid enough to send ME your MONEY!! Too many people try to make it more difficult for me than it is.

With this in mind I have set out to explain what I consider to be a completely false version, in the hope there is someone stupid enough to fall for it. Because believe me, this system doesn't work! In general, these postings lead you to believe you can lose $5, which I think is a little bit sucky; however it does depend on how much money you put into the snail mail!! But now ten days after my initial involvement, I'm beginning to get pissed off at my bad grammar and mediocre spelling. I still cannot believe it - the money is coming all over the world!! That money sure comes, but what's more impotent is the fact I have proved this is a totally bogus and dishonest system involving risk and a major cash outlay.

My other concern was the illegal aspect, so I checked this through and was told by my lawyer that providing I mail one dollar to him, I am wasting money. Well this monkey business is to do with assembling a mailing list of half-wits who are interested in working from home abusing their computers to become degenerates.


Ok...if your stupid there are three basic steps: All of which are pretty simple. Think positive, after all, "The People Below" became devolved just like you!

Obtain five sheets of paper, envelopes, and stamps. Write your full name and address on each sheet, with the words: "Please stick this piece of paper up your ass without folding or crumpling it" enclosing a one dollar bill (or your nations monopoly-looking-money) and mail to the following five addresses:

* Ima Moron, Gilfach Goch, Blaenpennal, Aberystwyth, SY23 4TN United Kingdom. * Mannit Hurtz, BOX 1138, Valemount B.C. Canada, V0E-2Z0 * Amamda Hug, PO Box 1718, Bristol, VA 24203-1718 * Hairy V. Mounds, 9724 Kingston Pike, Suite #503, Knoxville, TN 39722 * Beetle Bailey, 362 Flourville Road, Gray, TN 37615


When you have mailed your message with the one dollar bill to the above dipsticks, go to hell.

>From the addresses listed above, remove the top name and address and
insert it into your ass along with the five pieces of paper. This can be done by simply...do I need to explain that?!?

It's entirely up to you, I'm perfectly satisfied with the instructions, but I had to wait at least ten days before I had to split town. Until nearly two weeks had gone by I began thinking "How come that post-office van is always parked in front of my house" but after the 10th day dozens and then hundreds of postal inspectors and Federal marshalls began arriving. And they are increasing as each day passes. I already had $756.00 saved up for bail, and at the rate the agents are is arriving this soon will be spent! I don't doubt people have lost very large sums of money,and suspect the reason is due to the amount of postings made, so who knows what the hell is going on. One thing is certain, I'm counting on you being stupid!

PLEASE NOTE: This system is based on everyone being dishonest and stupid, but it's all too tempting not to bother mailing out envelopes with dollar 'bobs' inside. The success for me is dependant upon this taking place! The system won't work to yours or indeed other people's disadvantage if you follow the procedure. You can however, if you wish to remain anonymous use a pseudonym - but please ensure your address is correct, at least temporarily.

By the very nature of the way the system works you may not see the Federal agents the first week.


Please give this some serious thought, because this is one of the many money losing scams that really doesn't work... GOOD LUCK, YOU SUCK!!!


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