HALLOWEEN: Little Normal, Little Worlds

an email exchange regarding Halloween, between Rev. Stang and Dr. Onan Canobite

>It's Halloween. I don't want to go out. I only want to dub the Columbus tapes and make weird gooey artwork from the frame grabs. Why must this so-called "real world" INFRINGE???

What does it say about the SubGenius, that Halloween is the 'real world' that infringes? It says the 'weird' and 'spooky' of the Normal is... not... the 'weird' and 'spooky' of the SubGenius. Halloween is the day Normals go in SubGenius drag... but we go in Normal drag for years on end. How unfair. How sad. SAD FOR THEM! Our final trickrtreat is coming... soon.

I wanted to give out candy to the children at my girlfriend's house, but she wanted to go to a non-Onan (ie fralcoholic) party, so instead I'm going to go to the Internet Arena downtown and play DOOM or QUAKE or something.


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