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Subject: Thank you for your cooperation to answer Q!

The Investigation Result of the Questionnaire on Ascension & UFO Abduction

Thank you very much for getting cooperation of everybody. We think that some of them are seriously answering and others are answering with the joke mixing. We are happy even a little if this will become a reference for everybody. Since we couldn't get the answers partially from them, please acknowledge that the total figure of cooperators is figurally different from that of questionnaire answers.

1. Your Age & Sex:
Male - 23, Female - 2, Neutral - 1
10-age's - 1, 20-age's - 5, 30-age's - 8, 40-age's - 4,
50-age's - , 60-age's - 1, 70-age's - , 100-age's - 1

2. Today, UFOs are seen all over the world. Do you think whether any
UFOs are spaceships from other planets in the universe or not? (Yes or No)
YES - 20, NO - 5

3. Do you think whether any spacemen come from other planets in the
universe to our earth or not? (Yes or No)
YES - 20, NO - 5

4. To whom answered "Yes" on Question 3: For what, do you think, do
spacemen from other planets in the universe come to our earth?

(1) Research, observations, investigations, explorations, and sightseeing on
the earth and the earth persons.
(2) Help for the earth and the earth persons to evolve. (3) To prevent the adverse influence around the earth by the nuclear test etc. (4) The 12th planet will return in 2003 and space aliens improve our
(5) Space aliens call to get this earth again as a true owner. (6) To damage the woman, to do the advertisement activity like Jesus 2,000
years ago, and to change the earth human race to the slave actually, wisely, ..
(7) To be interested in the evolution of the earth and to help. (8) For the research and the experiment on gene engineering. (9) For a personal reason.
(10) To punish us.

5. Have you ever seen or met a spaceman directly? (Yes or No)
YES - 8, NO - 16

6. To whom answered "Yes" on Question 5: How was his/her appearance?
And where in the universe , did he/she say, did he/she come from?

(1) Appearance
Japanese, White, a man in a businessman suit with two navy blue buttons, balanced beautiful style, strong, beautiful energy and aura, too strong bright light for us not to see his face, a space alien like Jesus, a person who is attractive with long light brown color hair and beard, a quiet man, an ordinary person putting on well dressed with gorgeous watch and suit, very foolish man with interesting characters.

(2) Their Home Planets
Pluto, Mars, the Pleiades, Massillon, Uranus, somewhere in the Milky Way.

7. Have you ever communicated with spacemen by telepathy indirectly?
And how was it?
YES - 6, NO - 19

(1) It is the same as speaking with the earth persons. (2) The future of the earth was spoken with the space alien. (3) The part of Bob's head comes into a head as an image and it said, “Go
as all are good".
(4) I got various messages from Pleiadeans, good Sirius persons, and the
commander of a spaceship.
(5) I got information on the cancer.
(6) The pain which was winding like a wave was directly accompanied to the
head with telepathy like a radio.

8. Many people were abducted by spacemen all over the world. Have
you ever been abducted by spacemen? (Yes or No)
YES - 4, NO - 20

9. To whom answered "Yes" on Question 8: What experience did
you have? Please describe it minutely. (What was the appearance of the spacemen? Where did they come from? Were you given a medical experimentation on your body by them? Were you taken into a spaceship by them? Or did spacemen come into your bedroom? Were you implanted by them? In which part of your body were you implanted? Were you scared by them very much? Were you hurt by them?)

(1) When I was sleeping at night, one scene of consecutive dream in feeling by
which the nightmare was seen like the flash in the photograph. The wound damaged with the needle was in the arm when I awoke in the morning. I was put on the examination stand and I was being excluded by three persons' faces in the light for the shining examination.

(2) Anything was not seen except a lot of eyes. I was walked from the bedroom
to the main room in the house at the age of seven and a lot of eyes of them were seen. However, I was made to faint by one person who had been standing behind me.

(3) In the New Jersey coast in July, 1975, I had the missing time. I was
implanted at the right of the throat, lying on the table like the examination stand by the left hand. The hole was being made by the throat with something which became beep-beep. It was at once accurately in the same place when I awoke in the bed. It is possible that I was implanted also at the left of the root of a right shin and the spine, too. There is straight line scar and dry square macula scar of X and on the head of penis in two stripe and the left and it does not go out for a long time.

10. At present, our civilization in the earth are going up to the 4th step
from the 3rd step on the evolution level of the civilization. Do you think whether "Ascension," which means that the civilization level goes up, will occur actually in our future? (Yes or No)
YES - 17, NO - 4

11. What, do you think, should we do for Ascension?

(1) The behavior which is pleased with “Neighborly love and unconditional
(2) I do not understand.
(3) Consideration revolution.
(4) The core is arranging put into order to have the will led in various,
good directions.
(5) I myself am harmonized with the current state without resisting and
(6) Have the soul of pure innocence and act. (7) Since the ascension is very wonderful for all the persons, similar to what
a woman accompanies with the pain to bear a baby, we should educate the other persons strongly and severely however strangers resist and dread. (8) It is necessary to read the book on ascension until noticing.

12. And what do you actually do for Ascension every day?

(1) Milk packing and recycling such as trays. (2) Contribution of collections such as used telephone cards and stamps
to volunteer groups.
(3) Collection such as empty cans thrown away. (4) Food is given to the animal which lives in the vicinity. (5) The nature such as the flower and trees is seen consciously and
each beauty is recognized better.
(6) The effort to deepen the belief is done. (7) Information is obtained from the Internet. (8) I meditate three times a day.
(9) My spiritual growth is always aimed at following the guardian deity. (10) The balance in woman respect and man respect is taken and I live. (11) All own various respects are made to be integrated. (12) Prayer and meditation.
(13) The service activity of mental treatment and the consultation is done
for necessary persons.

13. How, do you think, will our earth society become after Ascension?

(1) I do not think that there are changes very much. (2) Since the consideration and the idea of man change, the life, such as
shortening the working hour, is also changed till then. (3) Everyone becomes equal.
(4) Advanced communism society or democratic society. (5) The earth person raises the level mentally. (6) The world will become to harmonize better and be more peaceful. (7) The peaceful world which returns more naturally and be harmonized
with the nature
(8) When we accept the responsibility for the earth, space aliens will also
help to clean the soil, water, and air, and to regain beauty and prosperity in the earth.
(9) The people will liquidize.
(10) More wonderful community and cooperation system. True democracy starts. (11) There are neither a religion nor a science before to harmonize together,
and the earth rules all this solar system. (12) It is a start which becomes the complete cycle as well as a new age of
a wonderful glory.
(13) The free society without wars.

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