From: Mark Smith <>

Friends, I know that life can get you down sometimes.

Did you ever wonder why everyone you meet seems like an idiot?
Odd, isn't it? Especially when you know for a fact that you're
an idiot yourself. How do you learn to tolerate people who are

Why is the world in such a mess? Is there any hope for mankind?
Were we put here for a purpose, and if so, are we already running
way behind schedule? Does anything matter, and so what if it

If you're plagued with questions, I'm here to help. What I have
here will answer anything you ever wanted to know, relieve your
doubts, and give your life meaning. All of life's mysteries will
become crystal clear, thanks to ... Oh, crap, what did I do with
that thing? Swear to Christ, it was RIGHT HERE. Damn. Maybe
it's still in the car.

Let me get back to you on this. Damn.

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