SUBGENIUS CIRCA 1898 -- Amazing Historical Document

The following is a faithful transcription of an authenticated SubGenius Foundation promotional flyer, circa 1898.

- Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite, The SubGenius Answer Man

- - -

Keeping them abreast of the advance of the greatest of all sciences, is
The CHURCH of the Sub-Genius
A Magnificently Illustrated Publication.
Subscription in U. S. or other countries, $30.00
The Medium of the Industry
"The World Ends To-Morrow and You May Die!"
Price, $1.00

This book was written with the endeavor to bring the matter down to the level of those whose opportunities for gaining information on the subject have been limited.

Many of the most successful people made their first start in the bosom of the
and added other religions as their business warranted.

The influential purchasing power of 273,000 homes is reached through this one faith.

Experience proves that the best thing a seeker can do, or has ever been known to do, is to get up a plan the seeker would like to accomplish, and then for a reasonable length of time carry it out to the letter.

NO FREE CIRCULATION. The leading industrial religion in the world. Splendid rates. If interested in slack or the conspiracy you should become one of our regular subscribers at once. We do not accept advertisements of "bucket shops," "oil prospects" or "fake" schemes of any kind.

The Sub-Genius district is now so well known that a detailed description is unnecessary. The output of slack from this district has increased steadily year by year. The great reduction in freight and passenger rates brought about by the completion of the underman railroad has enabled our missionaries to work many claims which previously could not be worked with a profit. For information about routes, rates, tickets, maps or printed matter, address

Why not have the Best? In direct competition with the world, it is the Sub-Genius. The Highest Grade and Purest Made, on sale at Clubs, Hotels, Cafes and by leading Purveyors. We will, on the receipt of one dollar, send (charges prepaid to any address) our Family Case of medicated "Pamphlet Number One" containing one year's supply for the average family. The finest ever made.

The Adopted Brand of Connoisseurs Throughout the Land. Every issue bearing J. R. "Bob" Dobbs' name is guaranteed to be exactly as represented. Manufactured expressly for those interested in going to heaven before physical death. Always open: no one ever tires of the beautiful Church of the Sub-Genius, which is the Common Entrance to the Great Unknown. The scenery in the Church of the Sub-Genius, along the outskirts of the Meat Plane, is a thing of wonder. Has been patronized by Royalty and the Best Families. Your father will be proud of you as never before.

In the center of the sales and religion portion is the Church of the Sub-Genius, first class cult-by-mail and connection. No mosquitos or flies. In this life you will find television, automobiles, and large buildings. The merry, jingling tunes of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs are heard from the farm to the slaughterhouse to your private booth at every Sub-Genius franchise restaurant.

$1.00 to Sub-Genius, Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214 USA

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