Frop Question

From: (Sternodox)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996

Does anybody know how much 'frop it takes to, like, really party down
with? Like, how much you'd have to take to TOTALLY party? Does it take a
lot or, like, how much? I talked to Janor on the phone once. Hey man .....
SLACK! Hey ...... like, PRAISE "BOB" totally!!!! I have two Doktors for
"Bob" tapes .... wanna come over and FUCK ME RUNNIN' with 87,456,122
dead CHIHUAHUA dicks hanging a fucking ZIRCONIUM pack up the whole
fucking PLANET's ASS?! Huh!??? You better fucking ANSWER ME Jack, or I'll
stiff yer ziff with a MOON-PANTS quiff --- you'll be smokin' a stone sluice
turd in front of Beelzebub's SISTER in NO TIME, you STUPID SHITZ!

Wuzzamatta witchu anyhow? You fucking CRAZY or some shit? I'll RAM a
GONAD-SPRING right up yer soup-chute you pucker-faced NOBODIES. Jesus X.
Keeeerist, you gotta MOVE 'n GROP it fore BOBBY gets home from the TUCKER
TELEPHONE FACTORY. You think you gonna be MAIN 'n ABLE enuff to spunk
when the wad's flushed with anti-VICTORY? HA! You'll be puffin' piss-
soaked WINSTON LIGHTS while we're sailin' lit Chesterfield's off yer Mama's
fucking BUNG HOLE. You think we won't? You just WATCH you fucking

Rev. Sternodox

B.H.A.P.L.S --- Launching the Head
Since 1981


From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

On 04-11-96, wrote:
> Does anybody know how much 'frop it takes to, like, really party down
> with?


Three will have you squirtin' in fear out of every hole and pore while
your brain is floating near the ceiling of an X-ist ship watching them
stick radioactive probes up your body's ass lying down there on a table.
If'n three don't do that for you, you must be sticking to the imported
shit rather than my mutated strain. I had to clone several incarnations of
Dali Lama to keep enough shit around to grow it. Three will unravel the
strings in all your subatomic particles like a Taiwanese sweater and will
make you count in imaginary numbers.

I won't touch the shit myself. It scares me.

Doktor DynaSoar Iridium -- -- Punctuator of Evolution

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