It will never work

From: (NENSLO)
Date: 30 Jul 1995

Listen to me. Listen to me.
Read this twice to make sure you understand.

It won't work. Your plan will not work, and there is nothing you
can do about it. The cause is inherent in your nature. Your essential
nature is at odds with the simulated "reality" others are more successful
at pretending to believe.

Only UNBELIEVABLE AND IMPOSSIBLE LUCK can help you. You cannot
work for luck. You cannot make luck, or make it happen. The ONLY way to
get the IMPOSSIBLE MIRACULOUS LUCK which is the only thing that can ever
help you is to GIVE UP. Stop trying. Relax, and float along.
-Copyright NENSLO KDV 1995-
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From: (David Lynch)

Fuck you, Nenslo. As usual, you've got my motivations all wrong. The only
way my plan won't work is if I get bored with it, which won't happen for
a long, long time. This isn't even the kind of plan that needs to work.
See, this scheme is just a way to pass the time, to keep myself and
others amused until the big day arrives. And if I do get bored, I'll pull
myself out and start a new, stupider, more entertaining plan.

You can 86 that luck bullshit, too. Luck is fate is caprice is nothing.
And if I wanted to stop trying, I'd have to start trying first. That's
why this scheme is so great. If you don't have a master plan, you can't
be disappointed when it falls through. So why don't you quit trying to
second-guess my machinations and worry about getting your own house in
order before it all turns into shit? Trust me, that's where your real
concerns should be. You'll see.

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