Man steals, eats cremated remains

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Date: 11 Apr 1996

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CHICO, Calif. (AP) -- A man suspected of stealing and eating
the cremated remains of four people in hopes of attaining
"everlasting life" has been arrested.

Rodney Hines, 36, told police he snorted some of the ashes
and sprinkled others on his food because he wanted to live

Police had been investigating the thefts of urns from the
Chico Cemetary since early July, when they disappeared.

A man who knows Hines contacted police Sept. 1 to report
that the suspect had been bragging about having ashes.
Lt. Tony Aeilts said.

"These ashes were interred recently," Aeilts said. "They
have not been there for 50 years or something."

-- The Morning Journal, 9/9/95, Lorain, Ohio, USA --

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