By (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
Date: 4 May 1996 07:22:24 GMT

It's legal and NOT A DRUG.

Calea zacatechichi is an herb, specifically a mint, that grows wild in
Chiapas, Mexico. The people there are the last of the Maya. They drink this
stuff. They call it Dream Herb. Here's my recipe.

3 cups water boiled, add 2 tablespoons Calea to make tea. Let sit for an

1 pint cranberry juice. Strain the tea into the cranberry juice.

Before you try it, the taste sucks. It's like Extract of Soap would taste.
That's why the cranberry. It covers it better than anything. But it still
sucks. You'll have to choke it down. You'll probably also want some gum or
something to get rid of the taste when you've done it.

The natives of course don't use cranberry. They just drink it. And smoke
some while they're waiting. I guess you can get used to about anything given
several hundred years.

Mild soporific -- makes you a little drowsy. Other than that, not much in
the way of effect. Until you go to sleep. Hot diggity ram bam pow you ain't
never SEEN such stuff in dreams. It's DREAMS on ACID. But you can wake up at
any time and shut it off.

Perfect for playing in the neural playground when you don't have the time to
waste from your busy day. As with many things, there's a learning curve with
it. SOmetimes it takes a few tries before the effects get going.

Me, I use it to make up for the lack of REM I get from my apnea.

The company ...of the jungle imports it directly from the native growers, so
as not to disturb their culture and provide income to them. Thoughtful

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