My dream last night...

From: (Pee Kitty)
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995

I had a dream last night that I felt like sharing with all of you. I
swear this is an actual's the one I had just before waking
up, actually.

(Note: I leave the quotes off because I wasn't sure if they were
talking about a Bob or "Bob" until the very end.)

I was walking around Ybor (the 'cool' city with all the clubs and
freaks) and saw two lines: One that was half a block long and led to
this woman at a table, and one that was fucking wrapped around
a full block and back. So I got in the long one, out of curiosity. A
minute later, I heard the people in my line, and the people just milling
around, talking. "Bob gives the best blowjobs." "Yeah, I went to that
chick, but she wasn't nothing compared to Bob." "No kidding." The line
kept moving, and then I rounded one corner and heard a voice: "
friends, there's a good Bob and a bad Bob...a nice Bob and a mean Bob...
and a Bob who's tired of saying 'No'! So come on down, children...come
on down..." I moved forward enough in the line that I could see the man
who was just talking [no one that I recognized; just a guy from my
catalog of dream extras, I guess], and I heard a pleasant, baritone
voice, clear as day, reply, "Okay, Mr. Puffy, who's next?" I get to the
next curve in the line, and see "Bob" himself finishing up someone. One
of my friends (a Discordian one, actually) steps up, next in line, and
whips his out.....and at that point, two guys in gladiator costumes stab
him with swords, and a guy dressed like Spartacus starts yelling things
from the top of a building. That ended the dream--possibly because it
started to get entirely too silly (when my dreams become TOO unbeliev-
able, I usually realize it and wake up, whether I want to or not).

Anyone feel like psychoanalyzing or spiritually interpreting this


Rev. Pee Kitty, of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian

From: (Pee Kitty)

Zachie and Lisanne ( wrote:

: "Bob" was definitely trying to tell you something. And you muffed it
: up by waking. There was more to the dream, but when it got "too silly" for :you, you bowed out.

Whoa! Waitasec. I didn't "bow out because it got too silly"! It works
like this: The dream gets really silly, and I suddenly REALIZE that it's
a dream. When THAT happens, I wake up. I cannot stay asleep, dreaming,
once I realize that I'm in a's just something in my brain.

: Perhaps your Discordian friend is starting to do things UNERISLIKE.

Is that possible?

Since he was in the
: line to be blown by "Bob", mayhaps he is following in YOUR footsteps.

Well, it was a choice between some chick and "Bob"...if she was Eris, you
might be right...

Perhaps he is
: backsliding in his Discordian beliefs in order to be more like YOU!

Why? I rule!

: Discordian beliefs is his path, then following YOUR path will lead to
his downfall.

Yeah, but it'll be one hell of a journey down!

: So turn off your computer immediately! Don't even respond to this
message! It's far too important! Go to sleep! No excuses and pray that "Bob" isn't PISSED off that you woke up on him!

I'm not tired!

: You're welcome. Glad I could help.

Thanks...I hope I manage to redream it. Last night I dreamt that I was
reading a book...the WHOLE dream was just me reading a book. Not even a
really good book.

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